• Hi shuabby how are you? I was hoping to see if you could give me a reading? You have me a reading a while back and here it is. I remember about it a few a days ago to which am trying to come into conclusion.


    I feel you are holding your breath waiting for something to happen in your relationship. I'm sorry dear it will not at this time. It seems that you feel more deeply than he does in this time frame and there is something that does not mesh well with you two handling a permanant relationship.

    I see an aquarius coming toward you and he is dark haired and bubbles are all around him so that tells me that he is just full of life and ready to go and have some fun, he will really keep you going in such good ways that you will be bursting with joy before long.

    As to the relationship I am I don't think it will change since I have been told this other women that is in the middle won't leave him alone but anyways you said I was gonna meet an Aquarius dark hair I know an Aquarius guy just as you describe. I known him for a few years now and I recently saw him again after maybe 4 years that I hadn't seen him. Was that who you were talking about? He was my first "love" as I like to call it that I actually felt something for but we never had a relationship or anything it was more of just friends but his married now. I will appreciate if you can give me a reading.

    Thank you

  • Sag Girl

    The aquarius man that I meantion in the reading above is one in which you have fond memories of, but he is not the one that you will involve yourself with. There is another one on his way after you release the man with the woman hanging on to him for dear life.

    When your heart and mind are free than you will meet this man in whom I discribed in the reading. Let me know when this happens , as I know you will be happy with him and forget all about the other man in whom you felt you were in love with.


  • Shuabby how are you? Hope everything has been going well with you. Well I went bank to your reading and just wanted to let you know that I finally let go of the man 3 months ago. I feel a bit relief.

  • Shuabby how are you? Just wanted to see if you can give me an updated reading I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

    Happy holidays

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