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  • Recently my mom and roommate noticed things like jewelry,change jar, baseball cards,etc missing from the house. my boyfriend and his friend were living with us for the last 6 months but moved out almost 2months ago. at first my family suspected my sisters boyfriend who she broke up with and recently has been kicked out. the police/detectives are looking into it but im not sure if they lifted prints yet. now myself ,boyfriend and pretty much ebveryone in hous has touched those items at some point, since our rommy had showed us his collection, and allowed me to take pic of some jewelry to put put on craigslist for him. but my family is hoping they will take prints from a plastic bag the jewelry was in and my moms jewelry box. cause our prints shouldnt be on those things, cause my roommate said the plastic bag came after he was showing my man what he had. the day my man and his friend moved out, my mans buddy did go back to my house alone with my car/keys to get his phone charger he forgotten, and my family said they came home home and saw him leaving there as well. while he was there my man and i was back at their new apartment getting it cleaned and such. and by the end of the day our roommate changed the locks. so it is looking suspucious for my boyfriends friend! cause he was there alone. and i helped my man unpack his stuff and i didnt see anything that wasnt his, and believe me my boyfriend owns only 1 box of stuff and 1 bag of clothes! I have been staying at their apartment since they moved, havnt slept at my house since. so if anyone in that house is guilty, those items never made it to the apartment. so again i wonder if our friend had something to do with this???? cause he couldve put things in his pocket b4 he got back to apartment i suppose?? he has stoled little things from stores b4, that my man has lectured him about. I dont discuss my suspicions with my man cause I dont want to "attack" anyone til we know for sure, or get some evidence. right now my family is suspecting both of them till things are proven, but it seems like our friend had the opportunity on moving day. we are pretty confident this wasnt a break in and it was someone we knew, who acces to the house, but who is it? our roommate had talked to my man earlier but i dont know what they talked about, i think my rommate was trying to give the person a chance to fess up. or he may call our friend as well. our roommate understands we all touched those items, but everyone is hoping the prints that can be lifted will be off my moms jewlry box cause no one had a good reason to be going through that but i dont know if prints can even be successfully lifted from that yet. I want to know whats going to happen here? how is this going to effect my relationship with my boyfriend if at all?? is this going to end happy for me? if his buddy is guilty the it will be interesting how my man will react or do since his friend,girlfriend and young boy is living with him right now. Please someone give me some answers to this crime mystery.?? thank you in advance

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  • Love is blind!!!

  • I never said that my guy couldnt be involved in some way. anything is possible in this world anymore. right now, the evidence is pointing to his buddy. thats why im asking for a reading to get the answers i need. and to see how this whole thing is going to play out. how will it end?

  • i had thought my family had the dtectives lift prints but it turned out that they didnt as of yet. so i dont know now if they came back yet to do so. so how will this crime be solved? what evidence will come into play?

  • I already told you that the police would not do much and doubted the finger printing thing. I also told you your family would be looking your way--and saw them accusing your boyfriend. It does not matter if it is the friend or the boyfriend as THEY see them together--they see no good at all from your boyfriend--they will continue to see him as a bad influence who brings nothing but trouble. You already know that. Your heart is way too in charge and you are not getting much feedback here for that reason. When the heart rules without a head no one can tell you anything. You need to hear something you want to hear but truth is no this is only going to get worse for you but if you allow your head to join your heart you will learn something. I do feel for you--you have such a big heart and you see into peoples souls. BUT you do not allow for the reality's of life as a human being. You were given excellent advice from Spirit when told it was best you stayed with your family while your boyfriend proved himself on his own. When we do not follow our higher voice life presents us with situations that altho uncomfortable push us back on path. I am going to say it point blank. This boyfriend is street wise in ways you can't even comprehend. To feel sorry for him will only pull you deeper into consequiences that you do not have to go through. You are LIVING HIS life. This drama right now is only the beginning--in your gut I know you feel this---there is a fear that is with you but you do not want to believe it. This man can ruin your life. I see a guided spirit intervention coming so please except that gift---the two of you will be homeless soon. Please go back to your family and start over. Get back on track with building your OWN way towards selfreliance--independance. A woman who will be able to take care of herself.. BLESSINGS!

  • I understand that things happen for a reason and I want to do the right things in life. The reason why im staying with my boyfriend right now is because Im happy and im able to concentrate at my studies while Im here. I want to know who really is responsible for this crime that happened, right now they dont having anything linking my boyfriend to the crime at all. so the suspects remain back at either my guy or his friend or possibly my sisters recent boyfriend who has admitted to selling drugs. So I understand that divination/tarot can answer questions to the things we do not know,but can you accuse someone of a crime without real world physical evidence. as we all know in the tarot world, the cards are not always 100% accurate. So for me to assume the worst in someone without a way of proving it makes me uneasy. Im not saying I do/dont believe,cause i do believe divination DOES work, but situations like this are way too serious to depend soley on tarot. I was hoping the thief would get discovered/caught. Other then that everything is going really well. Im making progress in work/school,etc.. My relationship with my boyfriend is doing better then ever, yes my mom still doesnt like him, I love my mom, but living with her is very stifling, and when Im there she makes it very difficult to live my life on my terms and see who i want. I understand she feels he isnt the right one for me, but isnt that up to me to decide who I want to be with? not her? Im aware of it being in my best interest to have positive influences in my life, and so far Iv been doing very well. actually Im doing better in school then ever. he encourages me to talk and work on my relationship with my mom. I needed help in getting back and forth to school and he make sure I got there. so he does want to see me succeed, as well as he has been working really hard at his job and he is getting his bills paid on time, and has offered me any help may need. so up to this point he hasnt steered me wrong,at least not yet. I dont know the future, if the crap is about to hit thfan and we are about to go through tough financial times, shouldnt we stick together? my mom doesnt really want me back, I dont even have a key to that house anymore. When we were staying at my moms place, we have already talked about getting a place together, I cant afford to live with my mom, the rent she needs to charge to keep her house running is more then I can afford, so where does that leave me? and the negativity there makes me miserable living there. Yes im still in school, but im a quarter away from being done, im 33yrs old and im ready to be living with a significant other, in which the apartment is his and he is doing a great job at budgeting and getting responsibilities done. You said something about us being homeless soon? A tragedy like a fire or something? losing our jobs? like you said, I need to become independent, now being a student i just cant afford to live in my own place by myself, I need to have a roommate of some sort, and most of people i know are in the same boat right now, where people have roommates to help split the costs of living. So the plan is for me to pay my own way, he will not be supporting me entirely, but cause living there is alot less chexpensive, ill will be more independent living with him then living at home. cause ill be paying my own bills, which i cant even do being at home cause I dont have enough money left over after giving my rent,etc..

  • If you are so secure why are you asking for help? If you are happy then everything is fine. Your posts go from fear to confident. Which is it? You ask for truth but then get defensive. It's like I said. No matter what anyone here tells you you only want to hear what you want to hear. I will not give you anything to defend again. Ignore my post please and I am a psychic medium and tarot had nothing to do with what I pick up. There are tarot readiers here who can read for you but tarot is not going to tell you who the thief is. They may pull a card that says there is someone dishonest around you. You can try asking for a card reading about your boyfriend--or ask for a card reading about the friend. If you want details you want a psychic and a psychic only sees what spirit gives them. Watergirl is an excellent psychic here although I think she's been away--try asking her for reading. Captain gives excellent relationship readings if you give her you and your boyfriends birthdates with the year.

  • ok thank-you so much. yes i know of both of them. blessings

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