Hi Captain

  • Dear Captain

    I just read your post on 13July

    "Feeling a close connection with someone is often misinterpeted as a sign of romantic possibility. But in fact we connect with people for so many different reasons - old karmic ties/debts and unresolved issues, to learn a lesson from them or to teach them, from a sharing of common goals or principles or direction, unsettled parent/child issues, loneliness, the admiration of qualities in them we wish to emulate, etc...."

    i experienced this weird feeling with someone I met on that same day. I interpreted it as a bit of a romantic sign, and that left me more baffled because of his age and current situation. Could you tell me more about why i felt what I felt? is it any of the above reasons you mentioned?

    thank you

  • I do sense an old karmic connection - one where you were father and child - and this drew you to this man because of the former close paternal connection. It is not a romantic signal.

  • Thank you Captain..

    About meeting people from our past lives.. are there any specific reasons why we meet them again (whether we are related in this life or just an acquaintance)? and how do we know? what do we do?

    thank you

  • We meet up again with those from our past lives when we feel in need of their guidance and support or if there are unresolved issues between us and them.

    And you knew because of the feeling of close connection that you felt to this man. You have to ask your inner guide (and the outer ones) if there is any issue you need to resolve with this person or if he was simply drawn to you because you need a father figure in your life to make you feel protected and supported. That means you do not believe in your own ability to love, protect and support yourself..

  • Dear Captain, this particular person is not in the best of health and I've thought of maybe helping to take care of him. (that's not to say that he really needs or wants it.)

    I'm also just feeling lost and scared about future directions as i'm leaving my current job, not knowing where i'm headed or where to look. any advise would be helpful...

    thank you

  • He would not appreciate you feeling that he needs care but you can send him positive vibes that will enliven his spirit and promote heaing. Just don't let him know you are doing it because he has his pride.

    Try to feel positive about your life changes - see your life as being clear now for new and exciting possibilities and opportunities to come in. Fear will only attract more negativity.

  • Dear Captain,

    yes, I'll do that for him. and I'll try to feel positive too about my life changes too.

    thank you!

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