Awfully angry Gemini man, what should I do?

  • His birthday is june 17 1993 & mines is September 25 1996. He told me he loved me last year and I didn't take it seriously until this past May. I've always loved him and was ecstatic when things got serious. Things between us was very good up until last week. I was very depressed and he seemed distant, apparently someone needed his phone so he couldn't call me last sunday night. The next day I texted him & he didnt reply, I got angry because I thought he made up the entire thing as he seemed distant. I went off on him and said very hurtful things to him via text. When he replied he told me to fuck off because he thought I was angry because he didnt reply to me. However I was angry because I had a feeling that he's been faking having feelings for me the past 11 mons just so he won't hurt my feelings. We spoke yesterday and he said he hated me very much & I should stop contacting him. All of this hurts so much as I'm so misunderstood by him. I wrote him a letter apologising and telling him how much I love him...should i just move on? Any advice is appreciated. He's a gem sun, tarus moon & I'm a libra sun, Pisces moon.

  • Him

    Sun : Gemini

    Moon : Taurus

    Rising : virgo

    Mercury : cancer

    Venus : Taurus

    Mars : leo

    Jupiter : Libra

    Saturn: Pisces

    Uranus: Capricorn

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio


    Sun: Libra

    Moon: Pisces

    Rising: Sagittarius

    Mercury: Virgo

    Venus: Leo

    Mars: Leo

    Jupiter: Capricorn

    Saturn: Aries

    Uranus: Aquarius

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Sagittarius

  • Hi [Purplehazelnut]

    His Gemini, Gemini don't like confrontation, Back away, give him space and he will come around. Gemini do play a lot games and they know it so you don't need to apologize

    Believe your first instinct that he was playing a bite games with you regarding the issue of the phone for example

    so don't apologize

    Gemini lies badly, they lie but they lie like little children so you know when his lying

    next time he do that just give him the silence treatment, he will be running after you

    don't go all mad when his testing you like a small kid

    serious back away and try to take your focus out of him for a while as they can drive you nut

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