May I have a reading please? Incredibly heartbroken :(

  • His birthday is june 17 1993 & mines is September 25 1996. He told me he loved me last year and I didn't take it seriously until this past May. I've always loved him and was ecstatic when things got serious. Things between us was very good up until last week. I was very depressed and he seemed distant, apparently someone needed his phone so he couldn't call me last sunday night. The next day I texted him & he didnt reply, I got angry because I thought he made up the entire thing as he seemed distant. I went off on him and said very hurtful things to him via text. When he replied he told me to fuck off because he thought I was angry because he didnt reply to me. However I was angry because I had a feeling that he's been faking having feelings for me the past 11 mons just so he won't hurt my feelings. We spoke yesterday and he said he hated me very much & I should stop contacting him. All of this hurts so much as I'm so misunderstood by him. I wrote him a letter apologising and telling him how much I love him...should i just move on? Any advice is appreciated. He's a gem sun, tarus moon & I'm a libra sun, Pisces moon.

  • This guy gets obsessed with his own thoughts and ideas, and tends to 'go away' into his own head, even when he is with other people. He is more turned on by himself than by other people. This was only ever meant to work as a friendship. A love affair here is guaranteed to be neurotic and unstable and would lead eventually to burnout. Dishonesty would be present - about being with other people and what happens when you are not together. This could never have been the great romance of your life.

    You will find someone who really loves you, once you let your dreams and hopes for this guy go. You were simply attracted by the love he professed to have for you. It was all a fantasy and would never have worked in reality. Chalk it up as a valuable lesson about love - or what is not love.

  • I agree with the Captain. This guy is playing games and enjoys the lead-up more than the actuality of a relationship. The situation comes across to me as a case of the old cat and mouse game; where once he's got you where he wants you, rather than going in for the kill, he backs off. It's like he was testing you, then after getting the result he wanted, he was satisfied and wants no more. I'm sorry you got caught up in this; he's taken your friendship and turned it into something you might not be able to salvage. Again, to further support the Captain's insights, I see that he values the methodical approach to things, rather than the feeling; like everything is planned to the last detail.

    But don't take this personally, or feel that you did anything to deserve it. You are deserving of love, not games, and this has been a lesson in that for you. He will end up someone who flits from one to another, never settling down and may one day die a lonely old man. But that won't happen to you.

    Try to pick up the pieces and move on from this. And remind yourself: you deserve much better than what he's given you.

    I hope this further helps you and again, I'm sorry you got caught up in this.



  • 😢 it felt so real..

  • First time always does. But when you have nothing to compare it with, it's confusing.

  • It would have felt real, as does the pain you're feeling now I'd imagine. You will heal from this and emerge with more sense of what you want and deserve to attract. Easy for me to say, as comfort probably seems a long way off for you at this point in time. Go easy on yourself 🙂

  • I've been in love once & had my heartbroken twice by Cancer & Aquarius males. Is there any hope for love near future?

  • There always is, but you need to look at what you have been attracting into your life and see where your mirror it in yourself. Once you identify that, you can heal it. It has little or nothing to do with star signs, but more what you believe you deserve which is buried deep inside. Do a bit of soul-searching on your own and see what you come up with. Are there abandonment issues in your earlier life?


  • Purplehazelnut, what you felt wasn't real love or it would have lasted. You are learning about the difference between crushes and true soulmate love. It will be so very helpful when you can tell the which is which.

    Feeling a close connection with someone is often misinterpeted as a sign of romantic attraction. But in fact we connect with people for so many different reasons - old karmic ties/debts and unresolved issues, to learn a lesson from them or to teach them, from a sharing of common goals or principles or direction, unsettled parent/child issues, social pressures, loneliness, the admiration of qualities in them we wish to emulate, etc.

    Before deciding that a new person is your romantic soulmate and rushing into to what may be a disastrous relationship, stop to consider other possibilities for your meeting. It may save you a lot of time and heartbreak in the long run.

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