Help with Pisces guy!

  • Hi! Long time I haven't been here, but I need help with a Pisces guy, cause I have nooo idea about them, never met one before.

    His natal chart looks like:






    He is working weekly 3 days at the place I work. Once he started to talk to me and we got into long conversations and suddenly I realized that whenever he is there at work, most of the time he spends around me, talking to me (while all the other fun people are in another room). We talk about a lot of things, work, life, goals in life, relationships etc...

    He started to gradually somehow get closer to me. He would step into my intim zone, touching shoulders and tease me with boxing and stuff. (he is really musculous).

    Last saturday night, we started to exchange messages online. I was the one who initiated, cause earlier that day i told him about a fitness program and wanted to know his opinion. But he didnt knwo it, so i sent him a link. And we started to write back and forth, it is going on constantly for the 3-4th day now. Daily at least 2 mails. He is telling me about his day and always asks about mine.

    Since we talk online I have not met him in person. Next time i was supposed to see him on Thursday. But today (tuesday), he was suddenly there. He just checked in... (he never ever did that before)... my friend who was with me and was walking behind me said that when he (the guy) saw me coming he did not take his eyes off me.

    so what I would like to know, in case someone has a good input about guys with these astrological parameters... is what i should think about this all? He does not exactly flirt with me, he is rather teasing me nicely, and is very caring and kind in his behavior...

    for me he does not seem like a player, he doesn't act or talk like one, but I've never met a Pisces before and i dont wanna get overwhelmed with emotions and then get a punch in the face...

    thanks in advance for any good advice, opinion! 🙂

  • Katie1982

    Just saw this and don't know if your still around but I understand the dilemma. Given what you've written about his behavior towards you, he is interested. The small bit of general info on his chart lines up nicely with what you've described --- long conversations, teasing, caring and kindness. He will probably be slowly determined, like 'shiny objects' and act like a little boy too. Again, general info. My advice is not to rush anything and let him keep seeking you out. Right now, he's testing the waters, seeing if you can 'pal around' and if you like him. You'll know when he's interested in more-- don't play it too cool, just be yourself. I never dated a Pisces, until destiny brought us together ... and then I married himl! He has the same sun, moon and mercury. Enjoy!

  • Hey Laie4! Thank you so much for answering. I posted some time ago and no one cared at all, so i just came to check in now again. Im so happy that i can exchange some info about him with someone, cause really i have no idea about pisces.

    He definitely looks like approaching slow. Though he came again on a day when he was not supposed to be at my workplace. I took his arm for a moment cause i wanted to tell him something and he took mine and gave me two kisses. Took me totally off guard cause he never gives kisses to anyone for greeting...

    I feel consant electicity between us, like we light up in each others company. He is exactly how you described it. He behaves like an innocent shy little boy. Not childish, but not macho at all. I am completely myself, it is not hard with him cause he is so open, so kind. Like i don't feel with him that i have to play games or show something i am not...

    i really start to like him, he has sooo many values that are similar to mind and thoughts about the world and life in general.

    So you say, if i just give myself and am kind and interested and let things go their way, he will lead? He is just slow and testing? i just dont wanna lose his interest, but i dont wanna be (and am not as a person) pushy or anything. I want HIM to come to ME and not the opposite. 🙂

    Thank you sooo much! 🙂 Are you sometimes around if there is something i would like to ask you? What sign are you?

    Im an Aqua with very strong Virgo (earth) influence. My ascendant and moon are Virgo, my Venus is Capricorn. 🙂

  • you are very welcome Katie! I haven't forgotten what that electricity feels like, lol! Yes, he has to come to u is what i wrote and He Did -- yeah! I too am Aqua (stellium)/. double Leo If you click on my avatar you can find me. Continue to be you and relax into this .... its just begun & who knows? Have fun getting to know each other!

  • Thank you again Laie4! I will go on enjoying it! He is sooo damn hot and attractive as a personality. Like a magnet I'm drawn to him. 🙂 I search you when something more happens and i need advice. 🙂

  • I understand that magnetic quality and the excitement mixed in with nervous feelings : > ) You'll be Okay, trust yourself. Blessings. ~ Laie

  • Hi Laie4! I just need a bit of reasurance about the Pisces guy. I wanted to asks anyways, you as an Aquarius... how could you bear the slow motion they are doing? LOL I mean i started to like him and then I think now I am already pretty much 'crazy' for him. I mean, I KNOW I like him and would date him. And I am so impatient...

    Anyways I had some meaningful convo again with him Friday at work. We had like an hour convo, He told me that they invited him to Israel for a training camp. And I told him that is far. And then he asked me: "Why? You wouldn't visit me there?" And then I told him about my all time dream of going to Africa as a volunteer. And he got shocked and then he told me: "So if I want to see you, I will have to go till Africa?"

    Now I don't know whether these comments have any deeper meaning or not, but for me it felt like after the work season is done (we do seasonal work), he wants to see me still and not just walk away like two strangers...

    I work evenings from 4pm till midnight and he works from 11pm till 7am. Yesterday I did morning shift cause i wanted to go to party in the afternoon with friends. Later I went back to work and I ended up spending 4 hours there sitting with him (and another collegue) talking. He showed me photos of his family, he told me that I should get to know his sister. Then he told like: "Oh I dont have your phone number. What if I wanted to call you?" And he took my number, then without asking gave me a missed call that I have his too...

    Also he is all the time teasing me with things.

    Laie, sorry to disturb you with this. I just simply want to know whether these mean anything. I mean anything like he is veryyy slowly but moving forward?

    Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Your so not bothering me and I wish I had someone to turn to for advice way back when we started dating. I get how his slowness can drive you nuts, believe me! I think one reason mine asked me out was because we didn't live in the same state. Actually, you asking the question helps me too because after all these years, it still can irritate me : > ) It helps when I remember and take into account basic sun (ego) differences ….

    Aqua is a fixed sign. Aquarians tend to make decisions quickly and are ready to jump right away. We see all the choices and pick one. Most fixed signs do because we like a sense of knowing what's going on, whats expected. Overall, we tend to like a plan or structure --- Until we don't, lol! A key sentence for Aquas: " I Know." Aquas bring into consciousness with 'freedom' for everyone.

    Pisces is mutable. Pisces see every decision as correct And, incorrect. In other words, if he chooses one, he may miss something and so maybe he should choose the other. This indecision is hard to fathom for us; he sees the possibilities presented at every turn. Keep in mind the symbol of the fish swimming in both directions and this key sentence, " I don't know". When you know him better you may hear that often; he isn't being difficult. He is being honest and really doesn't know -- anything is possible. Pisces deals in unconsciousness with 'live and let live' for everyone.

    On a personal level, we cherish our freedom and like to be ourselves. When we meet someone we feel we can be ourselves with, we're interested in deepening the friendship. Other people say we give mixed signals when we are interested in someone and we think we are showing our true selves. Pisces senses whats below the surface and this can make him unsure or insecure. Hubby told me later he was worried that if he pushed too hard or too soon, I would've split. And, looking back, he was right. On a personal level, Pisces believes in no limits for himself. He doesn't want to commit too soon to someone unless he knows ( which takes forever!) and Feels with a degree of certainty. How can he know for sure about anything? For him there are to many variables with feeling anything. You asked if he was a player …. no, not in the way you meant it, but your overall instinct is probably correct. Pisces is Interested and Attracted to everyone.

    None of this is reassuring, god how feel for you!! It is part of why I said, " Continue to be you and relax into this ". Relaxing & going with the flow, a natural Pisces trait, isn't natural in any way, shape or form something Aquas are comfortable doing! He sounds like he is still testing you and weighing the variables. Don't you love the teasing part? Its too bad, you didn't say something like, " it would be nice to get to know your sister, but I'm interested in getting to know her brother first" : ) He likes to flirt ( he'll probably seem like he's flirting with everyone once you know him better) and will appreciate you doing the same and saying something witty or outrageous. There is still the possibility you can say something about the phone number exchange … playing around while showing him the missed call because he may have forgotten : ) say…. " hey …. I saw you called the other day --- were you going to ask me out or something?

    It might seem like a game but it might be easier for you, especially being seasonal. Or just be alert and the next time really tease him back by saying something so that you know he is in or out. Or if nothing changes and you can't handle not knowing, ask him to go somewhere, do something. I've no idea how long this has been going on but if its been a few months & if it gets to you, make some move. In general, with a Pisces male, you could end up waiting forever & on the flip side, his Aries moon may cause him to take a chance. Its hard to tell and thats from experience-ugh!

    All those normal, reassuring things that are involved in starting a new relationship like communicating with letters, talks, phone calls, always helped me feel comfortable getting to know someone. ( I've Mercury in Aqua.) With my hubby, his words and actions confused me ( Hubby has Mercury in Aqua Rx.) so I learned to trust what I felt from him. Now after all these years and getting to know him, I can say honestly, trusting what someone is feeling isn't easy when their feelings can change in a heartbeat. It is a true lesson in love. Relationships are tough to figure out when they just begin and no less difficult after years of being together. The years together just bring different challenges.

    This was a hard letter to write. : ) They can be turtle slow and then go backwards! LOL! A friendly relationship between Aqua and Pisces is natural for a lot of reasons, you've already pointed out some, but in moving it forward, both Aqua and Pisces might feel like they've entered alien territority for different reasons. Maybe in the meantime, if you haven't already : ) look at his mars & your venus; his sun & your moon and how they match up. Also, in matters of the heart, look at how your moons match up. Above all, Know what you feel and then Trust what you feel. Even if you knew nothing about astrology, it all comes down to what you feel and choices you both make.

    Be happy and enjoy! BTW, I love your avatar!

  • Hiii! You are so helpful! Well I checked the combos of Taurus Mars - Capricorn Venus and Pisces (his sun) - Virgo (my moon). Neither of them said we don't fit, in the contrary it said pretty good things.

    It is really hard for me, cause i am not really outcoming. I mean in convos I am straight forward honest and i have no problem telling him that he looks good. BUT i am not person to ask a guy out. I know it is stupid, but i cant make it. I am really afraid of rejection...

    And I also wish one time in my life the man has balls and I am important or interesting enough that he asks me out...

    I am trying to make tiny steps and he reacts on them really positively, but im not able to do more right now. I wanna let it play out... but GOD is it irritating that he is soooo slow. I would love to grab him already. LOLLLLLLLLLLll

    I am trying to trust what i feel about him and i do feel he likes me. I dont see him really putting that much effort into anyone around there in the workplace. I see he searches my company. And i like that we are really balanced, we have every occassion deep conversations about serious stuff, but I also realize that he starts showing his other side, the funny poking one... he didnt do anything like that before.

    What makes things harder is that i think we both mutually have an inferior complex towards each other. Me towards him cause he looks awesome, really worked out body and me not that much. Him towards me cause i speak 5 languages and am (or seem to be) very determined and self confident, i work with tons of clients on a daily basis etc. and he is a security guard who speaks only his own mother tongue.

    so I am sure if something will come out of this... it will take time. I did not mention we have an age difference, i am some years older than he is. Which does not bother me and i think him either, he judged me like 5 years younger than i am really.

    Since he only works seasonal work (there is incredibly hard to get a job here in winter), he works like 2-3 jobs, and he works at night, so he basically works and sleeps... he is not happy with this, he told it more times. And don't know whether it was a hidden msg or not, but last time he told me: "so during the season i cant at all be with my friends or anything else..."

    Well, I'll see what comes out of it. My only 'problem' is that i am sooo attracted to him (to his personality mainly) and Im afraid I start to have feelings. Cause it is inevitable how he teases me and looks at me.... he is like a bad little child... 🙂

    Thank you and i will update or/and scream for help if anything happens. 🙂

    Ps: I love my avatar too! I had several before this, but when i finally found it, i stayed with it. 🙂

  • Hey Laie! If you are around...

    So this guy makes me insane. Whenever he has a workday here, he hangs around me and he is getting like more and more playful and childlike. He is so much attention-seeking, that while I am talking to another work mate he starts to hit my head with a paper constantly and teasing me all the time...

    He surprised me and dropped by again this week on tuesday when he had his patrolling day... then when he left he said goodbye to all and then separately to me and you know with those looongg looks into my eyes. I mean you normally look into the other person's eyes for a moment. But he kept his eyes there in mine...

    I seriously don't know what to do with him. I know that I sound whiny and impatient, but it makes me frustrated and sad, cause I feel like we are going in circles... it makes me have such moodswings, cause I think with my own head and personality and I say, if I liked someone I would act. And if I don't act for so long, that means I am not interested... and I am as far as pushing him away with some negative behavior, cause it really makes me sad... but it is so hard to even think of pushing him away...

  • Hey, been really busy, read this earlier and just posting what I wrote ... Hope the day goes better!

    awww, Katie, reading your post brought me back to the start of my relationship. It's awful feeling whiny, impatient and that is when the negative behavior begins - Been there, done that. : / Sorry to read you're struggling with the same thing.

    I told hubby this morning about your dilemma and he said immediately, if he hasn't asked her, she should ask him. You mentioned in a prior post that you wished guys that were interested in you would 'grow some' … well, lots of guys are intimidated by Aqua females & can't figure them out … After I laid it our for him, he said tell her just to ask him out for coffee or something simple.Think about taking hubby's advice.

    Everything you've written so far tells me you are More than interested in him: > ) You're making yourself cuckoo because you're not seeing anything progress with him. It comes down to a.) being true to yourself, b.) knowing what you really want, And, the big One ---- C.) Taking Action. Nothing makes an Aquarian crankier than doing Nothing, lol ! especially when their attention is drawn to someone or something! Their gut is telling them to do something, to act and they don't. I can't tell you how many Aquas I've seen "freeze up or in limbo" who then act badly or make the wrong decision by becoming cold-hearted and turning away.

    Sorry, but you are going in circles! : ) Above I wrote, " Keep in mind the symbol of the fish swimming in both directions.." that is how the Fish swims. I haven't found anything to contradict that even in my marriage, boy does it takes some getting use to! From what you said about seasonal, you still have time, if you choose to do something, but you shouldn't torture yourself. Besides, what's the worse that could happen? : )

    Blessings, Laie

  • Hey Laie! Thank you for the kind words and advice. Good to know btw that I am not paranoic and that really a lot of men feel intimidated by us... It is hard for me to handle that, it was always hard, cause me I perceive myself like a really kind and easy going girl who is not hard to approach... but then again how many times I heard from people that I am (seem) so self confident... when actually inside me, I am absolutely not....

    Yes, you are feeling it right. I am more than simply attracted to him. He triggers feelings in me that I am afraid to let be triggered... I hardly call it falling in love yet, BUT I am attracted to him in many levels...

    About this asking him out for a coffee... I can't do that... I know I might should... but I can't bring myself there... not in the complex and hard situation we are in...

    1. we work together, so whatever the outcome is.... I have to see him 3 times a week for several weeks still...

    2. have I mentioned that my ex works at the same company? No they are not BFFs but they obviously know each other. Pisces knows the situation between us, knows that I broke up with my ex 2 years ago and have no intention to get back with him ever again. But still...

    3. we are different nationality and we are doing a summer job, so these are circumstances that are everything but NOT a fix surronding... everything is soooo complicated...

    But still I feel that he keeps coming around and he always triggers topics in me... that go really deep down... we always arrive to a point where I tell tons of things about my past and myself and my feelings about my life or the world...

    Don't know whether it means anything good but today he told me that 'Oh God, you are so innocent! Like nothing I knew before. How can you survive life like this?"

    One positive thing though, that he has a big motorbike and I LOVE bikes. We talked about it more times and I told him today that end of the season when we have time again... he have to bring me for a ride. And he said he will...

    I don't know. we'll see... I try to see now how he behaves and try to somehow put myself a bit further from him cause he drives me nuts... and as I said in right now's circumstances... I can't act so obvious as to ask him out...

  • Pisces men and women are very deep. He looks at you as a new interest. We don't seek a partner that we don't want a relationship with so he is thinking of you in those terms. However, there's a catch..We're very elusive and we love our freedom. But then again, we love to belong to someone, so in order for that to happen, you have to make us feel safe & secure..Period!

    Even if you're not our "dream" partner, we'll still try until we feel you're a waste of our time. It's all about the "attention" you give us when it comes to Pisces. If you're giving us a ton of attention, we're onboard. Once you pull that away, we get upset. We will cheat. Except that as a given unless yo totally complete us. We are super loyal, the most loyal if you give us your soul. Pisces want your heart, all of it. We want total dedication or we're unhappy. It's not at all about control. It's about love. We're all about true love and we seek it constantly. We're not about the "grass is greener" like Gemini or Virgo. We're willing to except flaws, imperfections, we forgive everything..You're lucky to have his attention..He's a catch and knows it..

  • Hi SeaSiren!

    Thank you for your comment and input. I appreciate it. He does look deep and also very closed up. Though he sometimes opens to me a bit and tells stuff about himself. Otherwise I think I tell much more about myself than he about himself. I know for a fact that he is not a happy person. He told me so, when I told him that I am not a happy one, that I have my doubts and things I'm missing from my life...

    He basically does not do anything else but works and sleeps, very rarely goes out with his friends. He is working since he was 13, so he is a really determined and tough person. He has a lot to his past, which he didn't tell me yet, but he always touches the topic on the surface that he had a fxcked up childhood. His father is military person, so he has I' guessing compared to being a Pisces a very repressed emotional life. His father is not the huggy type, in the opposite, all kinds of showing of emotions is gay... so you can imagine.

    I sometimes think (it looks like that) that he is interested in me cause I am not a typical girl. I mean I have tons of struggles and dark phases and lots of outstanding ideas about life that fascinate or interest him.

    Anyways, i am struggling with him all the time... I am trying to push him away, but somehow he is there always...

    My ex is a big issue too, cause I think he perceives something from us liking each other... and he always brings up topics about Pisces guy and then today he told me just like that... that he thinks Pisces guy likes a lot one of our work mates... I'm not sure, but I think my ex told me this to make me feel bad and not to think that Pisces liked me.... and of course I already start to eat my head about it... what if he likes that girl? etc.

    I only know that he does not talk about such deep-serious topics with that other girl and he does not tease her, like he teases me... I don't know... anyways... I guess I'll see... :-S

  • Hi!

    Okay, let's see ....where to start? Alright, forget asking him out and wait for him. (chuckle) Got to tell you with my hubby, I was so tied up in knots about everything I was feeling that I wouldn't have asked him or made any move either. : ) Sometimes, I still don't and just ride it out. : )

    But, that might be the catch .... He makes you feel Everything! And, it is hard for you to figure it all out .... I appreciate and understand your list ( the 3 points) but that, although valid, is trying to rationalize what you are feeling. Does that make sense? I made lists too of reasons why I should just forget about him (hubby) but my heart (feelings) kept over riding all logical rationale. Super charged magnet, LOL! Go with the flow, Katie, if you're feeling it. This is the tough stage-- getting something moving --- but once it does ... you'll touch heaven!

    He is someone who will be attracted to you outward confidence ( wether you feel confident or not,: ) ), your sweetness ( innocence) but Most of All your enthusiasm for life! The bike ride was a perfect connection! Bet you he'll be daydreaming about that day, lol!

    Have a great weekend! ~ Laie

  • hey katie! guess, you were here while i was typing ..... the ex is messing with you. ignore it.

  • Hi Laie! Yes, you are so right in what you say...

    The whole week while I don't see him, I am trying with all my force to build up rational reasons why not to like him and build up my strenght and make plans how I wanna push him away.... I even tried to find negative things in him, things I don't like (I could not find any! LOL)... and then thursday comes and he with those seeing-through-me eyes and big smile, stands arm to arm next to me and asks how I am doing and all crumbles and falls apart... I am sooo deep in this that I am freaking out...

    I also thought through what I said before... that I am moving much faster and I know what I want and make steps for it... and then I told myself: 'what do you mean? you are maybe cooking inside like insane... but outside you are not doing ANY obvious moves!' And then I thought those eyes... how he looks into my eyes with them... what if he is the same way cooking inside, he is just not yet able to do any obvious steps?

    Today... I was on edge at work. Not because of him, I generally carry a week long down already and I can't seem to get myself out of it... moreover I feel I haven't even hit rock bottom yet...

    anyways... today when my shift was over I hid away and cried. He did not see me really crying, but I'm guessing my face later when I met him was obvious... then I left the hotel and went next door to have a drink with workmates. Later I went back to pick up my stuff and call a cab.

    We stayed alone for some minutes and then he immediately asked me what happened to me today and if I was okay... and I explained him that I'm completely worn out and for a week very down and I can't get myself out of it.

    And that it is already very hard to deal 8 hours a day with clients (hotel reception desk) pretending that I am all peachy... He was really worried for me and then I said goodbye and told, wow we see each other only in a week and since he goes to really baaaaddd places to work during the week, with very drunk and problematic clients, I just told him: 'Take care of yourself' And then he told me: "you take even more care of yourself!'

    Oh Laie, I am sorry I bore you always with details... I just need to share it and also cause of my non-believer nature... I need to collect these facts, these tiny signs that prove me somehow that he DOES like ME... 😞

    Also wanted to tell that my best friend here, I told her today morning what my ex told me and she was really doubting it. So today evening she said she observed them (Pisces guy and the other girl my ex was telling about) and she said that she already saw erlier how Pisces looks at me and it has nothing to do with how he looks at the other girl...

    I just wanted to ask you... do Pisces people flirt? He never openly flirts with me... He is so respectful and he rather behaves like children in primary school where the boy likes the girl so he grabs her ponytail and hits her and scares her etc. Is that considered flirting with them?

    You know except the difference with flirting, he approaches me totally the same way how the guy did that I dated after my ex... and that guy was a Crab... So somehow I attract water signs... and he was the same closed and slow and circling around me a lot. He had the same silent way of approaching me and also the pierce-through eyes... like he would see to the bottom of my soul... and the weirdest thing... he was the only person UNTIL THIS PISCES GUY, who told me that I am soo naive and childlike and that I am not of this planet. So probably you are right wit this innocence thing.

    Anyways... I am really grateful to have found you (or rather that you found me)... you help me a lot, cause Im struggling and trying to push him away and you always so firm in statements and convice me to go on. He is becoming really important to me... 😞

    Have a nice weekend too! 🙂

  • Katie,

    I'm so sorry to read everything got to you this week! It stinks to cry, but it lets you release some feelings and that Always helps. ( even if crying feels embarassing.) It was good to read that you went out with co-workers/friends later. You probably really needed it! I feel you'll have a much better week.

    The easy question first --- you wrote:

    "I just wanted to ask you... do Pisces people flirt? He never openly flirts with me... He is so respectful and he rather behaves like children in primary school where the boy likes the girl so he grabs her ponytail and hits her and scares her etc. Is that considered flirting with them?"

    Yes, a resounding Yes! LOL! In your heart, you know he is flirting, Trust what you feel, Katie. (I know I keep repeating that but it is true. No matter what advice I or anyone else gives you, it comes down to U.) Being respectful, kind and caring is as common to him as breathing so when he flirts those qualities still exist.

    Here is some of the things I wrote earlier about a Pisces/Aries with Taurean energy guy:

    A.) He will probably be slowly determined, like 'shiny objects' and act like a little boy too.

    B.) He likes to flirt ( he'll probably seem like he's flirting with everyone once you know him better) and will appreciate you doing the same and saying something witty or outrageous.

    To this one I should add that he, 'will appreciate you doing the same', With him. Meaning flirting back with him. : )

    C.) You asked if he was a player …. no, not in the way you meant it, but your overall instinct is probably correct. Pisces is Interested and Attracted to everyone.

    This is a man who truly Loves women and everything feminine about them from the way they smell to the way they dress. He is macho, but not in a negative connotation, more like he celebrates and acknowledges his masculinity and your femininity. And, he'll look for an independent and enthusiastic woman with whom he can establish a non-judgmental and empathetic relationship. He needs to know that he makes you Happy and that when he comes around you light up! Let him know, let him See how he makes dealing with clients all day easier! Next time, tell him he was the bright spot in a very long day … it can't be too hard to say to him, " I'm so glad you're here" and follow that up with why that is true …..even if it makes you blush! : > )

    Honestly, I can't figure out why he hasn't made a more overt move yet either. But, then again I couldn't understand the circles my hubby was doing either! Somedays I still can't, lol! I think you should take him at his word about what he said about working and not having any free time. I feel he is being straight with you about that. Still, I don't mean to worry you, but I feel there is something holding him back …. idk, age difference perhaps? or has he not fully let go of someone? … idk, Katie, just guessing. I'm not getting a clear message on why he's running like a hamster on a wheel. : )

    Anyway, I'm on your side and he better not mess it up! heehee



  • Hi Laie!

    Ok, I can give you my guesses on why he is holding back (aside of the working and sleeping and not having a social life).

    1. Age difference... we have a 6 year difference. Though it could not count before cause he judged me 5 years less than what I am... generally no one believes my age (possibly cause I am mostly cute and childlike... call it innocent haha) and once we talked about something serious and I told him: "Yeah, with my age..." And he started to laugh and say: "what do you mean with your age, how old are you?" Then he judged it and when I told him to add 5 more to it, he basically got such a shock that he admitted loudly that he got shocked... he was like: "Ok, I got so surprised that I don't even know why I took out my phone from my pocket..." LOL

    Though have to add to it, that he is the same age as my ex... so he knows that I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH AGE DIFFERENCE.

    1. Seriously MY EX. 😞 Me and my ex have a normal relationship. Meaning that I always put a lot of emphasis on getting along good as "friends" after the separation. He is very possessive though still. I mean he gets angry if a client flirts with me or anything... And Pisces knows that and he told me more times already that he is on my side with this, that my ex is a really great guy but that he has no right controlling me anymore etc.

    And before you might ask me, PISCES is COUNTLESS TIMES ASSURED BY ME already that my ex has noooo chance with me in the future. So that part can't be an issue. Only that they get along well and Pisces guy is a verrryyy veryyy gentleman person. I mean... I rarely meet such a good hearted person. Example: he is in a good relation with his boss. But here in the island we only work in the season, and then the rest of the year we have to live from what we put aside. So it is important to put aside as much as possible... and now they offered him a job in a disco and a doorman. He would get like double so much money... and I asked him why doesn't he go then. And he said, cause my boss here is counting on me!!! So he is really a very very good person...

    And what I wanted to bring out from this is: that even if he knows that there is nothing more between me and my ex, and even if my ex is not his best friend of all times... I'm sure that he is kept back by it...

    For example, he only stands close to me or touches me or teases me, when my ex is not around...

    You know the most painful for me in this, is that I had a relationship after my ex with this Crab guy I mentioned you before. And it was the same story than this one with Pisces. That the guy belonged to a group that me and my ex got to know together... so I have already experience in the situation... 😞

    And call me paranoic, but sometimes when he looks at me, when I say goodbye to him, he has this sadness or longing in his eyes... like that it gives me the feeling in my guts that "I want you but I can't have you..." You know what I mean?

    1. and this one I'm not sure about. This is only a wild guess, but he is a man, and he is a proud man...

    So add to the age difference, that he speaks only his mother tongue (and a very little English) and he is without high education and security guard/door man. Don't misunderstand me, he is a very bright guy... so much that I told him already more times, he is way too intelligent to be a security guard.

    And compared to this, I'm older, have almost 2 university degrees, seem super self-confident and speak besides my mother tongue 4 other languages... these all do not count for me, and he knows that I am not a superficial person, but this all might be intimidating for him...

    Anyways... I just know one thing... that however I fight it, I like him a lot and if I put away my self doubting self-torturing part and simply be honest... how he looks at me I do feel that he likes me too, a lot actually... and of course for the hamster on a wheel situation, I feel that this evolves into a huge tragedy where words will be left unsaid and we just walk out of each others' life and I will be so heartbroken... so that is what scares me and for that are my attempts to run into the different direction, but until he is so attentive and sweet with me, that is basically impossible...

    and I am SOOO SORRY, cause I wrote a novel here again...

  • Katie, what is your male Pisces "Ascendant" or rising sign?

    Also, what is your Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign?

    Your Ascendant sign is different than your rising sign. In zodiacal terms, the "ascendant sign" and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event is known to be part of your true personality. Most astrologers believe that the "ascendant" sign signifies a person's awakening consciousness thus helps us understand what a person's true personality is all about instead of just focusing on their sun sign alone.

    For instance, I am a double Pisces/ Capricorn. Meaning...I am a Pisces born Sun, I am a Pisces born Ascendant and I am a Capricorn moon. That is my personality in a nut shell. My Venus is also involved but I use "free will" to make my choices in love..

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