Cali or Bust???

  • I need a reading on a current relationship… I have been dating a great guy since May, 5. At first I was thinking it was just going to be (for a lack of a better term) a booty call. The reason I was thinking booty call is because he wants to move back to California at the end of the summer. His work is mostly in California and Chicago.

    I was heading to a friends birthday party & I was late getting to the party. Of course by the time I showed up, every one as drunk. I walked around the party for a little bit & ended up in one of the back rooms where a group was playing their guitars. That is where I seen Bo. We ended up being the only 2 sober people at this party. It was like there was a huge attraction right away. Some people talked us into playing beer pong (& we were on the same team lol). The deal was that if the other team made the ball in one of our cups then they would drink for us. So we played beer pong. After the party had died down a small group of us went outside & chatted a little. Bo told me to get his number from a mutual of ours. I got his number right away from our friend & texted him that night. We texted a little that night, & we decided that we would go out together that next day. We went out, we talked about how he had been in the hospital & he told me his plans to move back to California. I didn’t want to get attached, but it seems like that was the first thing that happened. With in the first month, it was like we became a couple. We never talked about it, it just happened.

    My problem is I really like him, I know he likes me too, but I also know he’s moving. I really feel that there is something more than just a booty call or just a summer fling. If he asked me to go with him I would go. It would take me a little time to get there. I do need to have a job before I go.

    I guess I need insight on IF he feels the same as I do & IF he would ask me to go. I really feel like it would crush me for a while if it just ended, but I have also been warned & I know to expect him leaving. I am just hoping I would some how be added to the move. What should my next move be? Is there a move? Is it just over once he’s gone?

    I had a reading done & the lady said that we were twin flames & was 50/50 on what would happen. She also saidwomen are like microwaves & men are like crock pots. I get the comparison & her reason for it, but our reading ran short & I was left with questions. Can some one please help me with this? It’s really eating at me.

    My birthday: 11/02/1981 Adrienne

    His Birthday: 06/02/1982 Bo

  • How odd that, instead of giving you his phone number, he made you get it from a friend! Was he trying to make you work for it? This may be a sign or warning bell of the emotional power struggles that can go on in this relationship. Certainly it is most difficult to make a longterm relationship last with all the instability, aggression, and conflict that can occur here in a love relationship. You are like two magnets on alternating currents who can attract each other strongly one minute, then repel each other the next.

    The focus will be on who takes the role of leader here. Being both big on asserting your priorities, the only solution would be to trade off dominant roles in different areas of the relationship - for example, you would handle money matters while he deals with social interactions. You tend to make strong demands on your partners and friends, which he will not like, preferring a lighter, less possessive and suspicious relationship. You can be especially severe in matters of morality and intention - your friend is usually less concerned with the motives behind his actions and tends to transcend conventional morality when it suits him, which can incur your strong disapproval. He can also wound you with his sarcasm and innuendo.

    Overall the relationship is better suited to friendship than love and certainly you would have to be a lot surer of your partner if you are going to give up everything you have to move closer to him.

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