Hi Captain, your insight please?

  • Hi Captain,

    I have been looking for a job for such a longggg time. I'm getting so frustrated and impatient. I'm wondering if you can shed me some light on how I can change this situation. What should I do to get outta this bad situation?? Do you see if I can find a job soon? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hll, I can't remember if you have ever told me what sort of job you are looking for, but I get this strong sense of truth and justice about you that would suit law enforcement, the armed forces, or justice system, or anything to do with fighting for or defending people's rights. I also hear the word 'catering' but I cannot tell if that means the actual business of catering or that you should cater more to what other people want rather than being too inflexible or uncompromising. I do know you need to follow your values to find a real career. I also sense a talent with money - when you focus on ways by which you can make money on your own - self-employment? - and are comfortable with it, you will find an appropriate profession. You are in fact best when you can do your own thing in your work. Don't let any false feelings of inferiority hold you back from going for what you want or settling for less than you deserve.

    So are you first of all looking for work that is your passion and that suits you? If you are not, this could be the reason why you haven't found anything.

  • Hi Captain, i am doing accounting. But its just my start. I wanna get enough accounting working experience, so when i pass the CPA exam, I can get the license. But its just my short term goal, eventually I wanna have my own business, altho I dont know what kind of business I wanna do yet.. SO any insight on finding an accounting job at present? Thanks!

  • justice-- could it be auditing? it sounds related...

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