BLMOON :) Need to Know!

  • Helloo Blmoon I am curious to know if you have facebook. as poetic555 has createda speical group for tarot members i am not sure if you have it as i know you are a private peson of sorts and its okay to be. 🙂 But would like to know if you woud love to join us.. its called Golden Pathways and is a closed group if your interested let me know would be good to have you on board such a talented reader. We share a lot of number of things on the group. 🙂

    Blessing and Love Be xx

  • 🙂

  • Hello Bloom , & Poetic555, Does this mean she will not be posting on this forum as I truly look forward to all her posts on this site and especially the Divination forum . If it is private... of course I understand ... I am a senior and not always that great at this internet but I do my best to learn, ,,, I FEEL, BELIEVE . & I AM INSPIRED BY ALL TOPICS AND I WOULD MISS THEM . i HOPE YOU KEEP POSTING ON THIS SITE. ...... Leinida

  • No it doesnt mean that we just have a small group going there for anyone to join in 🙂

  • Hi Leinda I was going to stop didn't seem anyone was paying attention anymore, are you on Face Book? Can you join? I can still post though, lots of folks seem to be leaving here and they have made the Forum harder to find. Love You!

  • Poetic

    I do read just about everything you post. I would miss you (and others) a lot if you go away.

  • K, I'll keep on.. Peace, Light and Love!

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