Help! would like an update from anyone who can help with current serious situati

  • Recently my mom and roommate noticed things like jewelry,change jar, baseball cards,etc missing from the house. my boyfriend and his friend were living with us for the last 6 months but moved out almost 2months ago. at first my family suspected my sisters boyfriend who she broke up with and recently has been kicked out. the police/detectives are looking into it but im not sure if they lifted prints yet. now myself ,boyfriend and pretty much ebveryone in hous has touched those items at some point, since our rommy had showed us his collection, and allowed me to take pic of some jewelry to put put on craigslist for him. but my family is hoping they will take prints from a plastic bag the jewelry was in and my moms jewelry box. cause our prints shouldnt be on those things, cause my roommate said the plastic bag came after he was showing my man what he had. the day my man and his friend moved out, my mans buddy did go back to my house alone with my car/keys to get his phone charger he forgotten, and my family said they came home home and saw him leaving there as well. while he was there my man and i was back at their new apartment getting it cleaned and such. and by the end of the day our roommate changed the locks. so it is looking suspucious for my boyfriends friend! cause he was there alone. and i helped my man unpack his stuff and i didnt see anything that wasnt his, and believe me my boyfriend owns only 1 box of stuff and 1 bag of clothes! I have been staying at their apartment since they moved, havnt slept at my house since. so if anyone in that house is guilty, those items never made it to the apartment. so again i wonder if our friend had something to do with this???? cause he couldve put things in his pocket b4 he got back to apartment i suppose?? he has stoled little things from stores b4, that my man has lectured him about. I dont discuss my suspicions with my man cause I dont want to "attack" anyone til we know for sure, or get some evidence. right now my family is suspecting both of them till things are proven, but it seems like our friend had the opportunity on moving day. we are pretty confident this wasnt a break in and it was someone we knew, who acces to the house, but who is it? our roommate had talked to my man earlier but i dont know what they talked about, i think my rommate was trying to give the person a chance to fess up. or he may call our friend as well. our roommate understands we all touched those items, but everyone is hoping the prints that can be lifted will be off my moms jewlry box cause no one had a good reason to be going through that but i dont know if prints can even be successfully lifted from that yet. I want to know whats going to happen here? how is this going to effect my relationship with my boyfriend if at all?? is this going to end happy for me? if his buddy is guilty the it will be interesting how my man will react or do since his friend,girlfriend and young boy is living with him right now. Please someone give me some answers to this crime mystery.?? thank you in advance

  • When psychics do not answer it's because they know it's useless. You will only hear what you want to hear. But it will be over soon.

  • I just want the truth as to what happened. so what is going to happen between my boyfriend and I? is this going to effect our relationship? did his buddy have something to do with it?

  • I just want to know the truth, not knowing it costing me sleep. and i want to know the outlokk for my relations with my man. to have an idea where things are headed.

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