Leo man all over the place, Help!

  • 7 months later and I am still confused… In January I meet this guy at school, we are both late 30’s, early 40’s. Both of us working on our 2nd degrees. He asked me to drinks several times before I gave in about a month later. After going for drinks after class 3 different times, we kissed. Things somewhat slowly progressed, the next month was really busy for both of us and we didn’t do anything together because we could not work the time out. We are now into April, and things started to pick up a bit. We were to the point that we were seeing each other at least once a week (keep in mind we both have kids). Things seem to be good and moving in the right direction. At the end of May things changed completely. My birthday is was the last Saturday in May this year, that Friday b/4 we both took off from work and had lunch and hung out for most of the day, was a good day. The next day being my b-day I thought I would hear from him, but NO! It wasn’t until 4 days later that I heard from him and it was a text message replying to a message that I left him when I called him on Sunday. He stated sorry for not getting back with me that he was going thru some things, bad timing. I did not respond to that as I really was not sure how to. A week later I sent him an inspirational email, nothing more than positive thoughts, and hope you are doing well. I heard back from him a week later thinking me for the email. He started contacting me again about 2 – 3 times a week again, but short. He got distance again, a week went by and he called one night I asked him to come over and his reply was ok and he was on his way over, but 5 mins later he called back saying that he wasn’t going to come over because he knows how he gets when he is around me and that he emotions would get involved and he would want to see me all the time and it would just complicate his life more. I left it at that. A week later he calls, tells me that he missed me and wanted to see me and asked me to come out with him and a few friends. I declined. I received texts from him all night, and around 5am asked if he could come over for a few mins b/4 work he just wanted to see me. I let him come over, but I kind of put him in his place per say. I told him I could not do whatever it is that we are doing and that we either do something or nothing but not this hot and cold thing. It seemed to have ended well. He was only over for about an hour cause we both had work. 5 days later I heard from him, he is on board with me. Things start moving faster than they ever had, two weeks into this and he was at my house during the week. (please keep in mind we have kids and we don’t want the kids to know anything yet) At 2am my child is knocking at my bedroom door. I go out to deal with my child and it turns into a 45 min fit because she cannot come back to my room. I get her back to bed and when I come back to bed, he gets up and says “all I want to do is go home” and he leaves. I get a message from him the next day saying interesting night, I am a bit confused and don’t know why, I reply back with apologies and try to explain what I was feeling and how he must have felt, and explained to him again that I am a single mom and dad, I do it all there is no dad around. There are going to be times that I have to deal with things. He replied back with “ I understand, but it I think it would be hard for her to share you with anyone, and I think for now you are all hers.” This was on Friday, I did not reply because to me, it said, “I am done, I don’t want to deal with that”. He called Sunday asking for some help with some school stuff, we don’t have the same classes, but I helped him we talked for 45 mins and all about school, but he ended the conversation with “bye pretty girl”. Then today I got an email that read. “Thanks so much for your help the other night. I think you’re neat. ” I did not reply. I don’t really know what to say to that or if I should. What does this guy want? I like this guy, but WOW, he is all over the place with me. Help please if you understand where this guy is.

    My B-day: May 26 1975, KY

    His B-day: Aug 9 1967, KY

    Help please if you understand where this guy is


  • Can anyone advise on this?

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