AstraAngel, I am desperate for clarity and answers

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    I am a Pisces female "dating" an Aquarian male. I know they are so elusive and I am trying very hard to be patient with him. We finally made a major breakthrough only for him to go back into hiding. He admitted to being in love with me, then I followed suit. But, it's a quagmire of angst, anger, dread and heaven knows what else. He can be so sweet, and turn on me like a viper.

    I've tried doing my own on-line readings which I know you are not supposed to do. I only end up more confused. A female earth sign and a female fire sign keep turning up in his readings. One, I believe to be the mother of his children, the other, I hate to think - another lover. He swears he is not seeing anyone else but trust is so hard after being with a Cancerian who is pathological liar.

    Help me to see if he is deceitful or truthful, faithful or fake.


  • cateyes36

    I feel that you are the road block to your hearts desire. When you carry emotional baggage into a new relationship without giving yourself the proper time for healing , it can become as you have stated above. He turns on you like a viper because he doesn't like how you come at him with questions you ask that let him know you have no trust in him at all.

    He has to have contact with the mother of his children. The other woman may be a co-worker or even a sister. Keep in mind here that you are dating him not engaged to him. Enjoy your time with him and look for the positive first, than if he gives you cause to think he is a louse, or fake . Let us know.


  • Shuabby,

    I don't know if this is a tarot reading or an intuitive reading. Just wondering

    I don't come at him with direct questions regarding his past, or other woman or even the mother. I accept that he has to deal with her because he looks after their children 2-3 days a week. He can be very crude and hurtful when critizing me, which I don't care for. I do my best to tactfully let him know when he's crude, then he'll apologize.

    I know I am just dating but we don't take these things casually, we are both looking for a partner who we can trust. Otherwise, I wouldn't be involved. You don't have to be engaged or married to be committed to one another.

    Thanks for the interpretation.

  • Hi cateyes36 and Shuabby...

    I thought your comment on commitment not requiring marriage was nice... that sounds like your heart cateyes, you are really wanting to see love be real and that carry you rather than necessarily needed a more formal declaration.

    I will draw a few cards..

    King of Wands. That must be him, creative, fiery passionate man.

    5 of Pentacles, there is some sort of setting or physical changes going on here.

    9 of Wands shows some courage... valour... \

    The Empress - nurturing, this is a very warm card, feminine nurturing energy.

    Queen of Cups. THis must be you... three of swords, yes... some pain, some mental arranging and sorting perhaps...

    The Wheel. That winds up the reading I think.

    So, from what I can see based simply on these cards cateys, this guy looks to be legit. Going through some sort of physical change of setting, or there is something about the material physical side of the relationship that is trying to change, develop. The 9 of wands must be his position right now in his path, holding his own, courageous, standing, strong and could be defensive... some walls maybe to overcome.

    The Empress I think is a very nurturing, kind energy principle he could be developing more in? Like he is really really wanting to be more caring and sweet and think before he talks.

    You are working through some 3 swords energy which can go into whatever realm you want - nice or painful. Swords are simply thinking, and 3's can be miracles! So don't let your mind get too carried away on however he is behaving perhaps? I would stay focused on yourself, nice wishes and I would look for some very nice changes.. the wheel turns and we have to wait while that is turning... to see where it lands... until then I would listen to your heart how you feel about him and focus on love, tender embraces even when you are apart...

    I hope that gives you something, thanks Shuabby for your help too...



  • Thank you Astra Angel for your insight. It's funny that he turns up at the King of Wands. I know his moon is in Aries.

  • AA,

    He is currently living in his parents house while his mother lives in Florida for 9 months out of the year. He recently told his mother that if he lands this new job that he'll be moving out. I've wondered if he's been wanting to move in with me since he reminds me of all the renovations I need to make in my apartment. He also wanted to know if kids go to the pool in my building complex. He was twins going on 5 so may be he's looking for a place to bring them on the days he looks after them. I don't dwell too much on that, it's still way too soon to think about.

    Thanks again.

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