• I've been feeling like smething has happened between my husband and a close friend of mine. Both deny anything but something just ins't right. I usually create very clear spreads, but when i ask my cards it's even more confusing. Please help. my cards are as folllows:

    1. The Magician

    2. The Moon

    3.The Empress

  • In my experience, the more emotionally charged your inquiry, the harder it is to read for yourself! 🙂 I don't know what spread you're using or what the positions were, but at first glance, it looks to me like the Tarot is telling you something about yourself, not your husband / friend.

    I see an emphasis on control (or feeling like you need to control) from the Magician. The Moon signifies the unknown, especially the subconscious - your own "feeling" that something is happening might be a projection of greater feelings of uncertainty, nagging doubt in general, feeling distance in the relationship and not knowing why, etc. Or it could be a hint to dive in and try to reconnect - maybe with yourself, maybe your husband - maybe both. Who knows, learning more about yourself / your husband might strengthen your relationship and push the doubts away. The presence of the Empress seems to hint at that outcome, with her promise of love, joy and creative power.

    Hope that helps. 🙂


  • Sorry to say you know what you know. If you feel it most likely it true.Don't think they will come out with it. You should never have to feel this from two people you love and trust. Even if it's all in your mind it will never be repaired.

  • Hi-

    sorry to tell you but your instincts are correct based on the cards you posted.

    The magician is your husband trying to hide it from you. The Empress is the other woman and the relationship that is between them- which is kind of strong not just sexual. And the moon is the deception- it is the darkness where they want to keep you.

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