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  • WOw!.........Where were all you Scorpios when I needed you? LOL

    I had posted on here before about me and this guy....of course it is a compicated situation. It does not help the fact that I am a Sag with my venus in scorpio. and his Sun is Scorpio...that aspect seems to make me a bit too intense and very obsessive...which of course I hide very well. it likely for Scorpio guys to be sweet and affectionate with someone if their feelings dont run deep? ?? According to what i have read..scorps dont have experience luke-warm feelings...only HOT....

    The reason I dont know is because this particular guy has alot of craziness going on in his life and he doesnt want to be heavily involved with me right now....neither of us will open up about our feelings for eachother and we play alot of "games".....but when we are together its amazing because we are like magnets to one another.

    We dated previously and he chased me...i played some games with him just because i didnt want him to think i was always waiting around for him...and when i saw he would not give up...i came around and things were great for a few months...we started getting really close but i still refrained from giving him all of me because i did not know how he felt either......then he just stopped trying to hang out with me and we left it at that....

    Now we have been seeing eachother again, and apparently he thought i hated him so i guess thats why he did not contact me. Now its so different he wont call me or contact me...he pops up at our friends house when im there and we get our time in then.

    I admire the way he can put his love life aside to focus on whats really important right now...alot of people tell me to be patient with this scorpio and that it takes them a long time to committ....but if i do that i will have the best man ever...........

    Is this really true? I am scared to put time and energy into someone if they will never come around. He also has only had one relationship and that was 5 years ago.

    I think him and i are a match made in heaven...honestly...the vibes between us are very sweet and intense...everything is eye contact...and that is how we communicate...we laugh alot together about everything...he observes everything i do and say and makes a joke out of it.......which i think is funny and cute....unfortunately we are so alike that we both have a need to control our emotions.. and hide our deep feelings...we play things very cool with eachother....but its all in the eyes....he sees it in mine and sometimes calls me out....i play it off........and when i see it in his eyes i pretend not to......dont wanna put him on the spot...

    I feel that when his life is more where he wants and needs it to be and we are spending more time together (which i hope is whats going to happen)......then i would like to open up the lines of communication more....i know that if i open up he will also to some degree..........

    Can anyone give me some input about this situation??

    Thanks...Iove my scorps!....I have alot of Scorpio friends, male and female.......we have the best time together....i understand them better than most peope...but i will never FULLY understand everything about you guys..............which is cool.......I need my space and i def have my secrets and many silences that my ex boyfriends could never understand either......

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  • Hi Silana,

    I am a Scorpio woman, and was involved for a few months with a very dear Scorpio man. He too had been alone for awhile, and so it was hard to get a commitment from him. I think it's easier for Scorpio men to be alone than Scorpio women... He was difficult to pinpoint on his emotions, but we too had amazing eye contact and a strong psychic connection. It was very hot and heavy for awhile. I think too hot for him! (As it would be for two Scorpios!) Although it didn't work out between us, we will always remain friends.

    I do believe you need some patience in dealing with Scorpio men. I also agree with laithano that you cannot play games with us. We are very into loyalty and honesty, and yet we also enjoy a challenge. I think there are plenty of ways to lead the chase, but not be deceptive along the way. We can get the wrong impression (like his thinking you hated him)...

    Try initiating an open discussion with him about your feelings, hopes an expectations. If you open up to him, he may just do the same. It's all about trust though with Scorps. You have to gain it by being trustworthy, and if you deceive us we are very likely to walk away and never look back.

    Good luck to you with your complex and challenging (and hopefully worthy) Scorpio man!

  • Laithano:

    Thank you for your input...I dont really think it was "games" as much as just being unavailable sometimes...and i think it worked for him...or maybe it only works for HIM to be unavailable and for me to deal with it by letting him have his space.

    Although I am a Sag Sun, if I love someone (which doesnt happen easily)....I am totally comitted and loyal.


    I am glad you can relate, having been invlolved with a scorpio like mine (who was alone for a long time). Most woman would have either given up by now, or would by now burst and end up telling the guy everything or trying to get him to talk and pry him open....which i think he would totally disappear and close off in that case.

    I dont think right now is a time to let him know exactly how i feel because it will put pressure on him to be responsible for my emotions.... i slipped the other night because earlier that day he wanted to hang out & go to the beach with me and he never called so i said to him "you didnt call me" and we had a communication break through!.... he said back " with the way things are right now, you wont be getting a call from me righ now, just to be real with you"..........i usually would have never said that , and the week before when he was leaving me he told me about 3 times he was going to call me and that he " just needs to figure his shit out first"............we ended up seeing eachother by default anyway which i think he wanted to delay until he had his things in order.

    I kind of think what happened before was similar..he starting making some progress on his goals and was starting to drift away from me but i would occassionally text him to let him know i was around and thinking of him....he would text me back (he didnt have a phone and he had to always use his brothers phone who is his roommate and bandmate and business partner)...maybe he thought i hated him because i stopped texting altogether, but i felt i was wasting my time because we didnt see eachother anymore. Then he heard i was seeing my ex again (through his friends im sure)...and thats probably why he didnt try again we are involved again, but i just need to be patient with him.

    The one and only thing missing for now is me knowing how he "sees" me...if he sees me as a woman he would want a future with at some point, or just as someone he likes to hang out with every now and then and also be intimate with.

    BUT if scorpios have such deep feelings...i would think he might for seems as though he does by the way he looks at me and the connection we have....buti gotta go striaght to the source to find out and i dnt want him to think i am rushing him into a relationship by trying to find that out.

    I respect and admire him if he has deep feelings for me and wants something out of it ...eventually, then he is worth the wait. I have rushed into relationships too many times and they never work out, so i am starting to think this "slow transition" (if thats what it is) wayyy better for a long-term relationship to be possible with anyone.

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  • Good for you Laithano...

    I think you should continue doing what you love!

    Also...Scorpios are known for being very able & determined people so whatever you decide to do, you will succeed if you really want it...and that also goes for any person of any sign.

    When it comes to things like that it is all up to you....relationships are another animal that you can't control because you are counting on another person as well.

    Good luck to you!

  • Wow, I hadn't realized my sign was so disliked. I'm a Scorpio and I am very loyal - to my detriment I think. I just got a divorce after over 30 yrs. with a Taurus. HE cheated on me, lied to me, controlled me then dumped me when I suddenly wasn't what he needed to be satisfied. I'm almost 55 and no career. I raised the kids, kept the house etc. while he worked - so now he has a nice salary and a nice home and I'm pinching pennies and looking for a job. I don't think I am the typical Scorpio. I was very introverted and shy as a child, afraid of my shadow most of the time. My older sister ruled the roost. I have fought depression my whole life and wonder why sometimes. But I have always been faithful with whomever I am with. I work hard at being nice to people (because I was bullied and teased as a child).

    I totally agree with Silana - relationships require you to trust and count on the other person being faithful and honest. When my ex wanted the divorce I not only lost my soulmate I lost my best friend. I realize now that I had been carrying the relationship for years. Once I could no longer do that, things fell apart. I also believe he couldn't handle me being ill. (I'm fine now most of the time)

    I'm at the point in my life where I really just want someone who I can trust and grow old with comfortably and reality is I'll probably grow old alone (which is fine - I have friends, just no one to warm up the bed at night).

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  • Thank you for the insight on Scorpios. Also, I agree with Sexe69. Aquarians are sexy!

  • I sorry. That should read: Aquarians are sexy.

  • that word should read sexxxy

  • Hello everyone. I have been lurking for a while but decided to join afterall.

    I am a 41 y/o Scorpio female with Aquarius rising and a Gemini moon. (Venus in Libra)

    Been on my own for the last 15 years with a Scorpio son (now also 15). This summer I wasn’t looking for love or anything. I ran into a Libra man that was able to see right through me. He automatically could tell me what makes me tick. Scary!!! I must say that my Gemini quality (chatty) was more in the foreground than my Scorpio traits.

    As soon I noticed he had taken a special interest in me I clammed up. Analyzed everything he said or did with me. This went on for a good 2 months. During this period our contact was intense. Not romantically. I met him at a health club and he was assisting me with exercises etc. We spoke on the phone on different occasion and I noticed he was trying to get to know me much better than I was ready for. I told him everything has a time and place because I was trying to figure out what I wanted with him besides acting out on my animal instincts.. hahaha.

    We had a little disagreement. And once more he spilled his guts out on whom and what he was about. I haven’t disclosed much about myself but agreed that the next time we meet I will open up a bit more.

    I suggested meeting outside the health club. Because other people noticed the chemistry we had and I didn’t want to open up with so much eyes and ears. He was going to check his agenda and would get back to me. He didn’t. I off course wasn’t too happy about it and after a week and half I called at a time that I knew he was busy but surely would pick up the phone. Once again said he would call back within an hour. That didn’t happen. I discussed the situation with a friend and she convinced me to call once more. To my surprise I got him on the phone and he wasn’t feeling to great that morning and disclosed what was wrong. He wanted to call me back a few hours later but I wasn’t available and agreed to call at the end of the day. You guessed it right he didn’t call.

    I must add that I threatened that if he doesn’t call. I am not going to call ever again. We are both too grown up for these kinds of games. He doesn’t know what exactly I want. He knows I like him (practically sniffed it out of me). I am not ready for a relationship and neither does he. I just want to be able to trust him enough for a long term friendship. I have issues with men after my last relationship and mutual male friends.

    I find he is worthy of my time since he has proven to be a human being underneath all the blah blah. But games I loathe. I miss the chats that we had for hours.

    Anybody has suggestion what to do next?

    PS. I haven’t been to the health club anymore ..too busy with work.

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  • how can i win a scorpio's heart?

  • Iam scorpio too. I realy realy know what you are saying.My husband lies to me all the time.I can feel it. I can see it.I don't know way? But all my trust is gone.I have to let him go can't stand it.But how do I get away from someone I love so much? Knowing he likes other ladys and doing things with them. If you know what I mean? When is the right time to say good-bye? I know Iam the only one that can figer that out. And Iam 40 years old. I know what you mean about that to.My life has become so much in to ho I realy am and what I want out of life.That is true about scorpio once we love some one we realy love them but if we get hurt its over for good.For me it is the pain in my heart that will not go away.But the good thing is I can keep going on and try again intell its right.Maybe one day I will have love and can give it back.Well there is a lot to say about being a scorpio just dont lie to us or hurt us.Or we can find away to get away.

  • I am a Scorpio/Sagittarian born Nov 20!!! I am boisterous and love to talk. I am extremely extroverted, unlike most Scorpios. Prob the Sag in me. I am Jealous and possessive- only if it's extremely, ext. important to me, otherwise I dont care. I dont trust many, am extremely passionate about things I love and have psychic dreams about things before they happen pretty much every night. Are there any otherscorp/sag cusps out there, that feel this is representative of their traits.

  • I am a Scorpio with a Pisces born on Feb 22, Im Nov 20 rising sag on the cusp. We are great but also opposite. Do you agree

  • I'm aquarian and recently broke off completely with a scorpio man. He seemed wonderful, christian values, loyal, and all my friends thought he was a "keeper". Then I started to see road rage, verbal abuse, impatience and intense anger management problem. I have since been told he is a heavy drinker, but he hid this. He was also becoming jealous and possessive. He is extremely handsome - a Tom Selleck look alike so he attracts a lot of women and he is an accomplished charmer. I don't care how pretty he appears to be, I immediately put anything he had at my home out on the front porch and ended the relationship right in the middle of loving him. I simply do not tolerate abusive behavior. This is the only scorpio I've ever had a relationship with, and the last.

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