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  • So much to say, so lazy about typing! Must be my Taurus rising & moon! Lol!

    I am a Scorp female, married to a Scorp male...20 yrs & 2 teens later, he's making me crazy sometimes. I do not and will not raise him like a child, he is my damn partner. Yes, our family has had a really really rough 3 years now...too long a story! But, crap! I'm still standing! IMO, Scorpio men are like "dark" Leos!!!! So prima Donna !!!! Selfish. Moody and act like a spoilt child. He is so capable of being the most creative person, but man when things aren't his way, boo-frickin hoo. Wah, wah!!!

    Sorry, Scorpio men out there!

    Jazzsinger is so right, one needs the whole natal chart. Not just Sun sign...

    And apologies for the rant! Guess I needed to blow steam. As the Mom, it's been a heavy load.

    Now I sound like a whiner. Ok, enough!!!

    BTW, the Pisces forum is at 32 pages!!!! Cmon Scorpios!!!! Let's rally, or is that all my Libra in my chart talking? Librans, please!!!!!! 😮

    have fun, y'all!

    Lisa <<<<

  • Meow!

    I have the worst luck with guys....I am always being described as sexy scarry and I am attracted to scorpio's, gemini's, libra's and aries guys.....isn't that bad????

  • Hey Score! Good to see you back on here too... It's funny how men are so different from us, even when we share the same sign! My Moon is in Libra, and my rising sign is Gemini-hence my duality! My little guy is a Libra, with Taurus rising and his Moon in Pisces (which you said makes him psychic, and he is!), and Mike, my husband, was a triple Aquarius!! That really explained why he was the way he was... Our birth charts will define so much about our personalities. The bottom line is though, that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus! Totally different planets! Right? I have to get that book... : D

  • Being a scorpio woman, I can tell you, I have no toleramce for deceit of any kind. You will lose me as a friend or lover. I am the type that expects truth and honesty. I find it hard to ever trust you again. I don't seek revenge, I just disappear from your life.

  • I am a Scorpio as well, and to be honest with you, I have to agree with Scorpionette, we do not have tolerance for these things, however, we will give all to what we believe in, sometimes to the point of not taking us into consideration. But when we have had enough, we walk away, and never look back.

  • What does it mean when a Sun in Scorpio has his Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, and Mercury in Scorpio? Does the Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio mean there is a sexual desire in friendships? Does it mean he can't communicate openly because of the Mercury in Scorpio?

    I have my Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer, and Mercury in Aquarius. Because of the Moon in Cancer, I am more sentimental. But I find it easier to talk about things openly and logically. He seems to become more detached emotionally and be more close-mouthed when there are things to discuss.

    His relations with other women--even friends--take on sexual overtones with lots of touching, etc. I am really confused about this!

  • One thing I can say for sure is that men and women are fundamentally different! We can share the same sun sign, but all the other planetary locations effect us, and so does our gender. I also believe that a relationship with a man of a specific sign can be completely different from another man of that same sign. It must have to do with the other planetary influences, as well as their origins. It's the big Nature vs. Nurture debate, and although I have found that they both influence us, the bottom line is you can't fight your true Nature!

    My late husband was a triple Aquarius(sun/moon/rising), and although he could be cold and critical at times, I always knew where I stood with him. Honest and trustworthy to a fault, extremely creative and imaginative, a true intellect and a wonderful father. The guy I just broke up with was a Gemini, Sag rising, Virgo moon, and was a hell of a challenge! It was just too exhausting to figure him out, and to play his games. I never really knew where I stood with him. I would have tried to work with him, but he ran instead. Oh well, his loss... He just wouldn't have been right for my little psychic empath of a son who is a Libra with Taurus rising, and a Pisces moon!

  • Good for you, Christine!

    His loss is right!

    I agree completely. As my Aquarius Mom always said,"Men are different, they can't help it."



    Lisa (((((xo)))))

  • I agree.....I am Scorpio that can't tolerate lies. I am all about honesty.

  • 2Deep,

    hey I am a Scorp too, my husband is 11/13 like u!

    I've been not current, so just caught by chance!, ur response.

    Thank you.

    Please post back! I'm so sorry I didn't catch it quicker! 😮

    and Scorpionteeth,


    Love u all, my fellow Scorps!

    Lisa 10/30/55


  • Hi Everyone! I am new here and astrologically a Sag, but have more characteristics of Scorpio. (I am on the cusp). Years ago when I first read the characteristics of Sag, I wondered what was wrong with me, as very few characteristics seemed to fit...then somewhere read that if you were close to another sign, to read that as well, so I read Scorpio and BAM...I felt right at home!!! I seem to hang around on Scorp boards more than I do the Sag boards, because I feel it's a better 'fit'!!!

    I'm quiet and reserved, stubborn, secretive, ask probing questions, always investigating random subjects that pop into my head, love the color black, watch people(maybe that freaks people out, but hey..LOL)I've been told numerous times about my 'eyes' and the 'look'. I detest any dishonesty, I have been known to 'get back' at someone who has scorned me. I have felt the Scorpio jealousy as well as the deep intense emotions that couldn't be explained to anyone other than a Scorpio.

    As far as Sagittarius, the only trait I found I have, is I don't like to be fenced in!

    So can I play in the Scorp house???



  • Oh yeah!!! You sure can, and you ARE!!!

    PinkLady, Welcome!

    From me, Lisa, (10/30/55), and if I know my Scorps...

    From all of us. Btw, I sure don't like feeling fenced in either!


  • Too cute Pinklady. Scorp's are the best as least I think so....the jealousy thing, I have yet to experience. I guess it is because I always felt we as women each have something to offer, but nothing that we Scorps can offer. (lol)

  • Thank you for both for your warm welcome. Ah yes that Scorpio jealousy. I don't experience it often, but when I do, I feel it even as a physical burning in my stomach!!

    I can relate so well to all of the Scorp traits, it almost scary considering I am not a Scorp and I have no Scorp in my chart(except for 5th house). And I don't think that placement has any bearing on the personality.

    But I love having the Scorp traits...

  • Oh my god what a great site! Reading some of the comments genuinely makes me feel better about being a scorp male. What I would say about having a relationship with us is that it is a real rollercoaster..Every girl I've ever been with has been intensely in love and whether or not I have it's always ended in melodrama and tears ..except one my taurean wife of 10 years who is my rock and my best friend- I have been in love with others more than with her and it's always ended in tears for all!! Sex with fire signs is insane and amazing with geminis too but if you want long term raising a family etc there's nothing better - you may not swing from the chandeliers kissing each other but you won't get hurt and god knows when we are hurt we feel it don't we?! I'd never recommend a Capricorn scorp relationship they just don't have enough depth lovely and fun though they are! As for scorp ladies ooh never had a relationship so intense when you meet them you can feel it crackling in the air! Ha! Bless you all!! X

  • Oh my god I think you scorps ladies are intriguing I'm a scorp male born on the 5th so pretty typical I guess - I honestly find you girls so intense it's amazing meeting you but it's kind of a battle further down the line don't you think? The biggest thing about us is that underneath it all we are actually pretty insecure eh? Though weirdly we never show it nor let it stop us achieving more than very strange!! When people fall in love with us they are completely besotted!!

  • I'm a Gemini who has been in a relationship with a Scorpio for 6 years now and been married for 1 year. Many people believed it wouldn't work out and that our signs are doomed when put together... actually quite the opposite happened... we are like an Atomic Bomb when together and people are pulled to us and ask us all the time how we do what we do. Everyone we meet and know say it's so obvious we are into each other and nothing could come between us... but how do we do it? Simple... we respect each other as humans on all levels! My Scorpio man is a character, loves to wind people up, goes hot and cold with everyone including myself, very private, loyal, mysterious but I wouldn't want him any other way nor would I want to be married to any other sign!!!! Not a day goes by where I don't laugh! I experience every emotion with my husband! You must NOT take when he's hot then cold personally... the truth is as much as you see how he is on the outside I'm sure there is loads of thoughts and dialouge with himself on the inside...that's how they are!!!! DEEP DEEP THINKERS!!! Yet in the same span of 5 mins they can be very impulsive and not think things through... they are a very dynamic sign and you have to understand that... I'm not saying you have to jut accept how he is and not talk to him about how you feel. Believe me when I tell my Scorp hubby that what he has said, done, his actions etc has made me feel terrible, or hurt me... sometimes he's not even aware it would because he didn't mean for me to take it personal... and he DOES remember what I say and tries his hardest to make sure he wont hurt me again on accident.... Have you told your Scorp man about you noticing he goes hot and cold? have you told him how it makes you feel? i bet if you go and talk with him... he'll take it on board and will maybe even explain to you why he does go hot an cold...

    All I can say is this... some people just don't get Scorps and never will... those who do WILL NOT let go and have the knowing already deep inside their soul!

    Scorps are their own creature in their own right ... anyone must get this in their heads!!! They need freedom, attention, intellect, sex, romance, they need it all... EVERYTHING...

    But that's only when they truly trust who they are with... if they don't you will never see the true sides of their characters

    Watching them in action is like something so mystical and wonderful.

    You need a whole slew of characteristics to love and keep a Scorp man! Thick skin is an important one and I told you why before...

    Sorry I know I seemed to ramble but it's to hard to explain... all i'm saying is those who truley belong with a Scorp already have the Knowing built into their souls.... and need a bit of hands on my case this is me... Just talk to him... and by what he says will tell you loads about your relationship with him... like how he views you and you and him ..even if he speaks just a sentence... look at his body language, tone, his eyes, the way he's sitting... all these things are crucial in listening and figuring out what Scorpo is really saying!

    Good Luck!

  • I Almost forgot to say... I've had relationships with Sagittarius, Taurus & Virgo signs... no offense to anyone but they couldn't keep up with me... Now that I'm with a Scorp... he keeps right up and sometimes I'm the one who has to try to keep up!!! NEVER IN A MILLION DID I EVER THINK I WOULD HAVE TO BE TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH ANYONE!!! LOL..Plus I'm really spontaneous... and no one could keep up with that... well let me tell you MY SCORP MAN is worse than I am and forgets that hey... I can't get ready in 5 mins!!! lol...however I am getting better at that!

    I LOVE YOU HUBBY!!! Thanks for a brilliant relationship!!! Happy Early Birthday you Halloween Baby!

  • I just loved your post, for so many reasons Gemini/Scorpio! First for your descriptive style, and second for your obvious love of your Scorpio husband. I can tell you that in MY dealings with a Gemini MAN (up until 2 months ago when I ended it for good), were almost hellish! Yes, we were steamy as hell in the bedroom, but connecting on any other level was near impossible! Mind you, it had to do with our personalities and beliefs too, but it was such a chore dealing with his little games. I have heard my exact story on here countless numbers of times! His duality was just too much for this Scorp to handle! (And my rising sign is Gemini!)

    So, I've come to the conclusion that of course, there are many factors that determine true compatibility, but the sex of the person with a particular sign most definitely plays a big part. I love hearing positive things about Scorpios too, because YES, we can be very difficult to deal with at times, for all the reasons you listed.

    Since the end of that failed paring, I have reconnected with an old acquaintance from high school who is a Pisces. So far, I really love where he's coming from. I have never been involved with someone who seems to be very much like me in so many ways. So maybe at this point in my life I'm ready for that, versus the whole "Opposites attract" scenario!

    I'm hoping for some feedback from any Scorpios who are involved with a Pisces (or vice versa).

    Thanks for your very positive and heartwarming post!

    P.S. My birthday is Nov. 1st...

  • I am a Scorpio dating a scorpio and wow it can get so intense, complicated, and mysteriouis all at once. I am 5 yrs older than my scorpio man and I think that helps our relationship alot. I am 43 and him 38 and I feel 5-10yrs ago we would had never been able to date. He is so mysterious, secertive, and loving all at once, Me I am more on the detective, private, sexual side. We are different with our feelings, emotions, He likes to talk about us, me I listen and watch he actions and that pisses him off so much. He likes people around, me I would rather it just be him and me alone.I am very sexual very, and him well it seems he would rather show his affection by talking, me I would rather show him I love him with sex. Now the sex we do have is so intense, passionate, it just takes my breath away and he says we have the best sex he could had ever imagined. Its WOW. I love this man and I think he loves me but with both of us being Scorpios it is a hard road to go down but I am gonna learn to talk about my feelings. I have a very hard time trusting anyone and I mean anyone and thats why i have a hard time talking but if I dont I am gonna lose this man.

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