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  • Dear Sweette1398,

    I'm a Scorpio with Aries rising and moon in Scorpio. I find with my mom being a Virgo it is impossible for us to see eye to eye because she is sooooo overbearing and we are both stubborn. Because she is mom I understand she means well, but it is her nature as a Virgo to be very criticizing which doesn't help at all with my sarcastic tongue. We always hit a speed bump no matter how long it may seem like we were cruising. It's like Virgos know how to make us tick like no other sign if they know us well enough. Scorpios feel the need to be in control we run if it feels like that person is going to cause a problem with our logic which is a business mind over an emotional one. Most Scorpios want that balanced. We are very emotional people by nature so we NEED someone that brings that out in personal endeavors but also can manage when we are wrapped up in a work project. Don't push anymore you have made yourself available. If he can't appreciate to h-e- double-l with him!

  • I am a libra, I have been with a scorpio for the last 7 years. It has been one wild ride. He is very

    Indecisive all of the time. Things always have to be his way! He is very selfish, all about him self. Now all of a suddon after 7 years he wants to end the relationship and have us go our seperate ways. He has been back and forth with me, one minute he wants to be with me the next he doesn't. I am very confused on WHY he would not want to try and work things out, rather have to start over again after all of this time. I still after being with him this long can NOT understand his way of thinking! I am so super in love with him and want to be with him, but his stubborn ways, his selfishness, his unappreciativeness, his it's all about me....there is nothing wrong with me, it's all you. Being blamed for everything all of the time, his lies and sneakiness with his computer, cell phone has all gotten out of hand. If someone has any advice for me, please help me! I do not want to lose this man....but think that he has already closed the door one me.

  • I'm a scorpio girl and my capricorn guy wants to spend every minute with me and I like some alone private peaceful time to clear my head.

  • Libra and Scorpios are a interesting pair and MY ex was a libra. I am scorpio girl and we seem to mix better as friends than lovers.

    It can be opposite but very fun.

    Sometimes its not the sign but the individual to look at. Is your boyfriend just needing space and time. Maybe you should give him that and if he misses you, he will do anything to get you back. Has the relationship become less romantic and intimate? Me and my current capricorn lost some of that and that is a big killer for any scorpio. Is your boyfriend just being private or do you think something more is going on? Scorpios can be private even with the ones they love but it's not always something bad because we are very loyal to the ones we love and who love us.

    Good luck.

  • Questions for all the Scorps out there. DO you guys have conversations with people in your head? I'm curious because I do it all of the time. I run over possible conversations with peope I could have if I sometime in the future run into them. I had a Scorp friend who would do something similar where she would say "(whatever name) would say......... if she was here."

    Is this a common Scorpio thing?

  • Thanks I belive you're right. I just don't see it working and I suppose he does too. He still wants to remain friends. Ii have no problems with that, however, I'm still going to do my thing and he is no longer #1. I don't think he can handle that! Soo it may be best if we just end the whole relationship. I've appreciated all of the feedback.

  • I am a scorpio woman. I have everything of a scorpion trait posses. I am Mysterious when it comes to myself in general, everyone wants to know how I work and what I think. Sensual that I am, especially when it comes to the bedroom. I'm the soft spoken, light touching, candles lite everywhere, oils and incents burning, and don't forget that we scorpios love to have sex LOTS of sex.

    Dark...I can be dark at times and say whatever to you and not care if it hurts you, but that is only when I have to defend myself. I don't like when people get in my face and try to put me down. If my back is against the wall I will strick...just ask my husband he's an Aries. I just don't like to be a dark person it's not good and I hate when the dark side come out.

    Magnitic..I am a very easy going person, everyone loves to come up and talk to me, I'm always with a smile and plus I have dimples so people that knows me always want to see my dimples. I treat everyone with respect and I treat them the way I would like to be treated. I have no hate towards anybody no matter what their race or relign is.

    My confidence is not always sturdy and I question myself all the time seeing if I'm doing the right thing and is it going to hurt the people around me or myself. I am secretive about myself but if you ask the right question I will tell you because I'm straightforward and sometimes you might not like the answer that I give you.

    One more thing, if you are with a scorpio make them feel like a queen/king, be willing to have sex all the time. To show that you really care, do little small things like write a letter, a card, pick a flower from a garden, remember you don't have to always spend money to impress a scorpio.

  • wow you really nailed it. I am scorpio girl and I have trouble sometimes understanding myself but I keep trying. Thats a great definition.

  • I've been reading some of the posts and decided to add my two cents worth. I'm a 43 y/o scorpio female with Gemini rising and a Pisces moon. I am one screwed up intense (scorpio) confused (gemini) emotional (pisces) mess. (sometimes). haha. I am somewhat true to the scorpio traits in that I am very intense in everything I feel. Unfortunately, I'm not as secretive as a scorpio is reported to be. I have no qualms in talking about most anything going on in my life to anyone, unless it concerns something that I really shouldn't be doing. I LOVE my freedom, which luckily, my sagittarius husband of 19 years understands. But.. him being a sagitarrius - our relationship lacks the intimacy that I crave. Sometimes he feels more like my father than my husband. He pretty much lets me do my own thing... go out with my friends, go shopping, etc etc. Being a Gemini rising, I feel confused about a lot of things and wonder why I feel one way on a particular day, and then just the opposite the next day. In my 30's I realized that I was bisexual... another part of the Gemini thing. I chose to stay with my husband because of our history and our 3 kids. I refused to let my sex life come before my kids. Hubby is not open to trying anything new sexually, so its the same old same old same old thing. While he is a good lover, it's very predictable, which i can't stand. So.. that's where keeping secrets can come in handy sometimes. You know... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. LOL As far as sex drive goes... I can't say that my libido is outrageous. I like sex and all, but really, an orgasm is an orgasm, and no one can do me like I can do me. Another scorpio part of me is that yes, I am very opinionated and pretty much say whats on my mind. (if I know you well enough). If I don't know you well enough, I pretty much don't say anything. I have women friends who are scorpio. I have a couple of best friends... one a scorpio and one an aries. The scorpio is a true scorpio. Has suffered addictions to many things and has overcome most of them. I have seen her tear her life apart on more than one occasion, and she always rises like a phoenix to rebuild and become a better person. She is truly an inspiration to me. My aries friend is very childlike and it's all about her her her. I give in to that mentality most of the time, but then, I count on the BFF thing and say what I think about her attitude and she generally takes it pretty well, even if we don't agree. our friendship will never end, and I hate to think of the day that could possibly come where I have to live without her due to death. So... that's my scorpio story.

  • What is this about the Scorpio intensity anyway, does anyone want to elaborate on this emotion and the whys of it all?

  • I am a Scorpio woman and was married very happily to an Aquarius man for 24 years. Went with him for 7 years prior. Our relationship was the very best. One disagreement in our married life. He was taken from me by cancer just 2 months shy of our 25th year. These two signs are totally compatible if you work at your marriage and respect each other. We were soul mates to the end.

  • Hi maggiedoodle... I had to post a reply, because I too was married to an Aquarius man (for 13 years, but knew him for 23), who died August 6th of last year. I thought that was just too coincidental to not write you...

    My marriage was not as perfect, but he was without a doubt my soul mate. We clashed in a battle of the minds I think, at times. Then we also had many moments of bliss... He was an amazing intellect, funny as hell, and SO talented and creative. We met in 1985 when I auditioned for his band. He was an amazing guitarist, and I sing. We connected immediately, and became fast friends. We were involved with other people though, and although we tried to be a couple after those relationships ended, we didn't get together for good until 1995 (married in 1997).

    With the anniversary of his death approaching, I am going through some intense grieving right now. I did meet another man in March, but he is a very confusing and elusive Gemini. I am having some trouble with his non-commital nature. We Scorpios don't tend to take things lightly, and I believe when we commit, we commit heart and soul. My husband did the same, and it is hard to be without that in my life.

    When did you lose your husband? I would like to share our loss together, if you would too. It would help me a great deal at this time...


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  • i am a 18 yr old leo girl in love with a 18 yr old scorpio boy . how do i find out that he loves me or not ?? i think he does love me coz i am the only girl he talks to . but sometimes he is too rude to me

    plzz ppl i need help..............

  • I am a 44 year old Scorpio woman born Nov.1st, with Gemini rising and a moon in Libra. I am really finding myself in such turmoil right now with my dual natures! I never realized just how much my rising sign could influence me! I find myself so contradictory at times. Independent and strong one minute, then needy and weak the next. At least I know now that it has a lot to due with my nature, and not just how I was nurtured...

    I am currently in a relationship with a Gemini man with Sag rising and a moon in Virgo. We click on some levels, and yet are so different on others. Being a very delving and analytical Scorpian has made it difficult for me to deal with his extremely dual and elusive Gemini nature. He runs hot and cold, and although I can too I mostly run hot! LOL...

    I would love to hear from other Scorps involved with Geminis. I have a few other streams going on here about this topic, so you may have spotted them.

  • Laithano- I'm a 45 year old Scorpio. I know it's hard but, stop worrying if you are the best you can be. At 27, no one is the best that they can be. I'm not the best I can be yet!! I'm certainly different then who I was at 27!! The more you learn, the more you realize how little you actually know! Don't let it get you down. If you are always learning, you are always growing!! Don't be afraid to explore the world and different subjects and different cultures. And don't be afraid to get to know you and accept the changes that your going to go thru. And don't think your a failure if you change your career path. I changed mine, worked in a different industry then, changed back to Medical but, a different area. I had been in financial and, I'm glad I HAD!! Your a passionate person because of your being a Latina and a!! lol Don't be ashamed when you cry, it doesn't mean your weak, it means you FEEL things soo deeply. When some one says Meeha Why you cry? you just say Cuz I feel soo deeply!! (Don't forget to hold the hands out and up!) I cry when I see sad or happy stories, I cry when I get mad sometimes too and then I can't talk. My boyfriend, he's a Cancer and he saw when an ex I thought that we were cool, turned mean. Ex was making me mad and I was telling the ex off. I started crying after and my current beau was in my apartment at the time ( he wasn't my boyfriend yet) and I just let the tears fall. It's not like you can stop it, you kind of have to learn to accept that part of you and carry paper towels all the time!! I don't apologize for it either. He's got a baby sister that a Scorpio too so, he's used to it. (she's 41) ( My ex got jealous because I was friends with my Cancer and I was happy)

    As for giving your kids the best, as a parent, we always worry about that. One of the things kids need is your time and attention. My oldest great pride is that she can cook like her momma!! She knows how to make my lasagna that makes men fall in love and people rave about and clean the pan! They always ask for it whenever there is a pot luck. Both of my daughters can tell me anything. I know that sounds like that would be a great thing but, there are things as a parent, I really DON"T want to know. my oldest (she's 24 now)told me EVERYTHING. And with that kind of a relationship, I had to be non judgemental and use what she told me to guide her, while all the time my mind was going OHH MY GAWD!! She has no children but, she has a friend that has 6 by the time she was 22. All her friends that had bad relationships with their moms, had babies early. My 16 year old has some friends that are doing that too. I've never said they can't be friends with those girls because I want them to see how hard it is to have a baby alone. I use those times to talk about birth control. my 16 year old decided NOT to do IT at all. My daughters still remember when I would play dolls with them. Sometimes I would just be funny but, sometimes I would use the time to do life lessons, which can be funny!! Enjoy your kids, they are only little for 11 years and after that, you can't tell them squat if you haven't established whose in command. My 16 year old will say something smart sometimes and I will go "excuse me?" she will hurry up and change what she said. I have had to put her in her place a couple years ago. You know how us Scorpios can get and she remembers!! Don't let your kids walk on you. If you feed, clothe, keep a roof over their heads and have love an understanding, they are getting wayy more then a lot of kids are. Always keep track of what your kids are up to and who their friends are, let their friends come in when your home and listen to the conversations. My youngest has always had a friend that will talk to me when I fed them hot homemade cookies!! They don't get homemade goodies at home!!

    Life is exciting!! I might be more excited because I'm almost done being responsible for someone else. I'm getting happy feet and I'm ready to travel!!! my Beau travels all the time. Weekly for his job and every 2 months for family. In the winter he ski's. I plan on going on 2 of his trips. I don't ski but, I can explore the little town's and I will give him massages after he's done skiing!!

  • I have five scorpios in my chart (both sun and mercury) and 4 sags (moon). I am going to be honest on this forum even though it is uncomfortable for me (I like my secrets, like any scorp). Being me is not always easy, but I love myself anyway. Any aspect is liable to change at any moment! Lol.

    I feel like I am on a constant and sometimes rather extreme spiritual and physical journey. I think sometimes I seem hot and cold simply because I feel like I am never completely here on this plane. One of the few things that helps me feel completely connected to this plane is sex. I love it! I am unhappy without sex. But when I am into a "delving into the mysteries of the universe" phase, I can be completely...into myself. I never try to hurt others, but sometimes do.

    I am also very empathic and intuitive. This used to hurt me ALOT until I gained some control over it. I hate lies of any kind...mostly I think because they confuse me. Because I am intuitive and empathic, I can tell something is 'off' when someone lies, but I often can't pinpoint why. I honor trust and honesty above all, but others sometimes see me as deceitful because I have a tendency to see things from about 10 angles at once. I am not being deceitful...I am seeing something from a different angle maybe than before. I don't know if that makes sense.

    I am a gypsy. I love travelling and seeing new places. I am easily hurt, but don't show it. I admit I can be controlling. My journey is utmost to me. I would love to find someone to spend my life with, but WILL NOT settle for less than what I feel I deserve...or feel YOU deserve. Despite appearances to the contrary I think a lot of how others feel and want everyone around me to be as happy as possible. I have trouble committing because I know a lot of people can't take my intensity and I want to take the time to see if they will be happy with me. I would love to find someone to be able to give my whole too and that terrifies me. Because I so desire to feel the happiness of others I need my shell to protect myself so I don't get used. I have never cheated. I have had an open relationship, but was never really comfortable. If I honestly see things aren't working I don't want to waste either of our time. Life is too short.

    I think we scorpios have a tendancy to an 'all or nothing' attitude. That means that when we decide something is over, it is over. I have a strong sense of pride and if I feel you are messing around with me you are gone, but give me something worth fighting for and I will do anything! I analyze everything/one. I can't help it. I wish I didn't sometimes. I often wish I could be lighter hearted and have tried to develop that side of myself.

    Obviously, it is impossible to pigeon-hole anyone based simply on the month of their birth. There are too many other factors. I just thought I would put this out there in case it helps anyone. I sometimes have a very hard time communicating what I mean to others - hence the whole mystery thing - so if it makes no sense, I apologize.

  • hummm??? I would say that the summary for Scorpios, is .... we rock!

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