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  • Hey there jazzsinger,

    When I finally got back to this Scorpio thang and read your tale, I had to say--finally! Another Scorp ( and a woman!), that is for some reason around the airy people! I'm so sorry to hear of your Aquarian passing...I know you're right about him wishing you to move along tho. My Moms an Aquarius, and she is very much of that mindset! As for the Geminis, well they've been around me my whole life. I still cannot figure it out-in almost all cases, they drive me crazy! But they will not go away!!! I have fallen for 2 ( of course! ) Geminis, they both hurt me deeply, yet they are " friends for life-yikes! I've tried to get away, but no way they're letting that I don't care much for them. When I was in love-they ran for the hills!!!! Maybe thats a good insight for your sitch with Mr Gemini? But I am not a game player and it sounds like you may not be into that crap either!? Well I'm babbling here, better get some shut-eye! Just wanted to say Hello, and say yah, the air sign thing, huh???

    Take Good Care,


  • Hello Lisa! Yes, I was quite drawn to this Gemini. I have 2 Gemini sisters and my mother is one too. We all get along really well. Men are a different breed though, aren't they? He seems to need to know that he can still do what he likes to do alone, but when he's with me he's completely with me. As a Scorpio, that is IMPERATIVE! Yes? I must be the center of his world when he is with me, but I can release him after. I mean we Scorpios need our space too, right? I am just so intense sometimes, I even scare myself! I am quite surprised by his intensity though too. He is quite traditional on the surface, but my Scorpian passion has connected with his, and holy moly! We are smoking! At 44 (he's 41 on June 4th), I am quite pleased with the renewed excitement in my life! You definitely gave me some insight about them running for the hills! I think we can be a bit possessive at times, so I know I will have to give him some room to regroup as I hear Geminis need to do. I am not a game player either. In fact, I absolutely hate any type of headgames whatsoever. I am very honest, and so is he. I think it'll be worth the effort... Thanks again for your input!

  • oh, honey, i just met a scorpio man and i'm thinking he's the man of my dreams. i'm cancer and we just about drive each other nuts. while he is very ,shall we say mental, i am precognizant and psychic. he thinks some kinky stuff and when i tell him about it wheeeee!!!!!!! please enjoy your scorpio because i sure am enjoying mine

  • Hi Jazzsinger! Just wanted to let you know I was also born Nov. 1st on a Sunday. I, myself have never been able to relate to a Gemini. They seem to be too scattered (must be the "Twin" thing?). Anyway, glad to meet another Scorp born on the same day!

  • I guess I am an a-typical Scorpio. Not all Scorps are manipulative. All signs can manipulate in their own way. Some of the most manipulative people I have known in my life were other signs and they manipulated me, not me them. In fact, I am so often "accused" of being "nice". Aries shouts, Taurus bulldozes you over, Cancer pinches and pinches, Leo roars, Virgo criticizes, Libra judges and weighs you out loud, Scorpio tells it like it is or isn't and stings, Sagitarius inserts foot in mouth and insults right and left and laughs about it, Capricorn gets all disapproving and stern and gives you the silent treatment immovable as Saturn itself, Aquarius nags and complains and badgers, and Pisces lets the wrong thing slip out or become as evident as a slippery fish. Are we all jealous sometimes? I think so. When Aries gets jealous it rams it's head. When Cancer gets jealous it pinches your skin, grabs on and clings for dear life--ouch! When Leo gets jealous, it roars. Sag could care less so rarely gets jealous but if made insecure will just figure you're not worth it. When Libra gets jealous, you will be on trial as Libra weighs your love. When Aquarius is jealous, it might throw things (air) or start channeling all the gripes they have ever had about you. When Pisces is jealous, it won't really show it but might sulk or cry---I think Pisces is a LOT more mysterious than Scorpio. When Scorpio is jealous, sure it stings, he/she is mad. At least Scorp will let you know. Even if it's not really a spade, if they see a spade they will call it a spade--along their perspective. We are very observant and can read people and into things, like a psychologist I guess...We can't go around saying everything we see all the time, it just wouldn't be right or proper for us. We are more sensitive to you than that. We leave that to Sag! The only times we are not sensitive to you is when you fail to be sensitive to us, and it takes a lot to ruffle our feathers so that is saying a lot. We will treat you like the king or queen or brother or sister you are to us in our love relationships and in our friendships and if all we get in return is putdowns or insults we will yes sting in time---it will take several times before this happens because we are patient, and also because we just don't know how to respond to things outside our usual personal behavior towards others code...We believe in the Golden Rule and I must say as a Scorpio I am often flabbergasted and dumbfounded over insult-slinging and other such abuses of friendships. We keep the good ones, and we will be your ever-loyal friend for life when we find someone on the same wavelength. Point is, we all have similar human strengths and weaknesses and none of us are perfect. Scorp always gets such bad press. We all have our vices and virtues; we just express them in different ways/behaviors.

  • Delitefuldee... I, too, am a Scorpio (DOB 11-12-77) born on the same day as your daughter. My scenario is just like yours on the flipside. I have been married to a Sag for almost twelve years. I have been the TOTALLY LOYAL, FAITHFUL one, while he has been the lying, cheating manipulator. I feel the same way you feel about your ex (he's the worst Sag I ever met & I wish I'd never met him!); we have five children, so that makes it complicated. I agree with someone else who posted not to blame it on his sign, it's a matter of his own underdevelopment. Also, I honestly believe that the Scorpio/Saggitarius combo is better off in the the "friend" zone.

    As far as your daughter is concerned, please be patient and bare with her. She is probably in a space where she knows that she's powerful, yet she hasn't learned to harness that power in a healthy way. My Mom is an Aquarius, too, and I know she had a helluva time rearing me. Especially in my teenage years. We tend to keep so much inside if we have no one that we feel can really overstand us/our situations. That's sooo dangerous. Rebeling is a defense mechanism that may or may not make things better. We commit to things wholeheartedly, whether it makes sense to others or not. Try not to push her further away. Trust is the biggest issue with us. If it makes you feel any better, most of my children are blaming me for leaving & taking out their frustrations on me, even though I've been true & dependable from the beginning! Children will be just that. Don't let it stress you out and take you out of your element and who you naturally are as a person. I'm learning so much through my experiences, but the sun still shines! Enjoy your life and don't let false people (they come in all signs) take away your joy! Your daughter (with nurturing) will turn out to be the most dependable true friend you could ever imagine!

  • Hey Everyone!..Hope that life is treating ya'll righ!:)t....alright well me i'm 21 years old and a Scorpio with Moon in Cancer n Rising in Pisces!...and i must say, with all those sensible sign rarely combine! IT'S REALLY HARD BEING ME!....i need life advice!:S....i feel like i ain't understand..i have only one deep friends in my life because others from this world are all sooo corrupted....i feel so compressed on myself! cause i can't find love....n you know when you feel and know that this world is changing rapidly its are to see the's also Hard to find tru love around. i'm so loving but girls are kinda scared of that cause guyz tempt to use dem. i am attache with girls cause i feel that i need trust n love to evolve but nobody seems to want of my love.without being cocky, i'm a good lookin guy but don't have a job for now...n girls only want a guy whom good money n dress like everybody else n are materialistic, but they ain't looking for they essential : LOVE!!!!...they CAN'T see a man who is wiling to love if you gave it a is ruling everybody mind and that's the change that scares me! i'm tired of this:S:S:S:S any ADVICES PLEASE....

  • Delite,

    I am so sorry for your divorce. I am a product of divorced parents who were both Pisces. I share your daughter's birthday. I too was born on 11-12. I am a Scorpio like no other. I will be honest with you. Your daughter holds resentment toward parents, and so did I. I played my parents all through my teens. I tested them, watched them, stayed VERY distant from all who were involved. Do not let her scare you, she will see it, smell it, and use it to her advantage. Do not show her any weaknesses at this point. She will use those weaknesses against you. Now I know you are afraid, she knows it too. And trust me, she senses the distrust and negativity you have for her. You better get positive quick or it will get even worse. Stand your ground with her. Rise above it like an eagle to the Sun and clouds.Once she sees you rise above the petty, she will eventually rise above it also. You see, Scorpio's can either be the scorpion, in the depths of hell in which the scorpon was and is the guardian to the gates of Hades in mythology, or an eagle and rise above the ashes like a phoenix. She has been taught by her dad to be the scorpion side. To be vengeful, mean, hateful, deceptive, obstinate, bad tempered, involking anger, unloyal, etc. Everything is to the extreme with her right now. She is also be very secretive and jealousy issues may be clouding her emotions at times. At the age of 17, I was going through the same things. She is dealing the best way she knows how too. Plus, being a seer is probably scaring her half to death. Scorpio's are all emotion and intuition. She is probably trying to learn how to control her gifts. That also will make her more emotional than most teens. I was hell on my parents, and it passes. Welcome to the teenage female mood swinging Scorpio teen. It is a roller coaster ride from hell, for both you, and her. I had my grandfather, who was born 11-2, and was a Scorpio also. He helped me until his passing in 84. I was only 13 and just coming into my gifts full strength. I struggled with loss, of family, friends, etc. With my parents divorce I could not trust either parent. They pulled me back and forth with verbal, physical,and mental abuse . It did not help that my parents divorced in late 83. Just prior to my grandfather's passing. With the parents tug-of-war, it was bad, real bad. I had no one to turn to, except for drugs and alcohol. The highs numbed my gifts so I could sleep in peace. Yes, my parents had no clue that from age 13 to 19, I was usually high or intoxicated with something. I was running from my gifts. No one told me the gifts could be used for good, most of the time the visions were horrid. I would wake screaming, shaking, in a cold sweat, pulse pounding etc. I had the same visions when awake too. I could not escape them at all. Like your daughter, no one taught me the good side to being a Scorpio female. I ran into a Crone, who taught me to look inward instead of outward. I became a loner for a long time, trying to figure out who I was and which path in life I should take. The one thing that Crone did good, was give me my first astrology book. I soaked it up like a sponge to water. Now here is some advice that will work......

    1. Buy yourself some astrology books and begin reading them, study them, your sign and hers heavily. Make sure your daughter sees you reading these books. She will be a lil curious, Scorpio's are highly fascinated with the occult sciences. If she asks why are you reading that stuff, tell her you are trying to find yourself. Remember curiousity will eventually sink her. Make sure these books are laying where she can pick them up and read them also. And yes, she will read them, study them.

    2. Buy a deck of tarot cards and a few books on how to use them. Study them, leave them within sight. She will also be drawn to them. Make sure you have a patterned reading out, she will watch from the shadows, and will listen from the walls to see if she can hear whats up with the cards and readings.

    3. Learn to meditate with wierd music (or at least she will think it's weird music). Meditation music is so relaxing. Scorpio's crave still waters. So be sure to do this when she is walking through to the kitchen for a soda or something. Her eyes will stay fixed on you instead of her drink. Burn some sandlewood inscense while meditating. After a few times she sees you doing this, invite her to have a seat and listen to the waves or weird music. Leave that line between you and her open at all times.

    4. Rune stones are another curiosity. You know what to do. Buy the runes and the book and start learning to read them.

    5. Buy a water fountain that drowns out any background noises. My friend put an outdoor fountain inside and ran it. That thing was loud, but very soothing to us water signs (her daughter was a Scorpio also). She will be calmer in time.

    6. Buy several books on psychic stuff and Shamanism. Both will have visions in them as topics. She will gravitate toward them if you leave them open to the vision section while you go to the restroom (whether you have to go or not, take a lil extra five or ten mins). That way she will think she is being secretive and sneaky. How appealing to her that will be!

    The more occult sciences you leave around the house, the less she will think of the dark side of the Scorpian and she will rise like the Eagle. Trust me, you can show no emotions about this. Do not let her moods affect you. Listen to her but ignore her an extent. She has to find her own way, which is something no one can help her with. You have to be the best damn actress in front of her, cause if you don't and she thinks you are being sneaky....the gloves will come off and all hell will break loose. Good luck hun. Hope this helps you and your daughter. Once she does come to you, you will have a loyality like none other.

  • Hello Scorpioblonde! Same birthday huh? That's wild! I've never really known any Scorpian women, let alone one with the same birthday! I'm meeting so many interesting people here.

    I am a little confused with my Gemini man, for sure! He is completely with me, when he's with me. When he's away though, I feel the distance. Hot and cold, the duality of the sign I guess. He is hot hot hot though! A real match for my steamy Scorpian libido (at 44 years old mind you!). He'll be 41 June 4th. I have some surprises in store for him! I have to keep his flighty mind focused now, don't I? tee hee...

  • Scorpios are evil, but only because they are so very intense about everything in life...its hard for them to live among us mere mortals, they feel everything they have learnt it all...Silly Scorpio!

    I'm an Aries whose very first boyfriend was a Scorpio, and we dated for 5 years. I still to this day am attracted to Scorpios.

    Damn you all!

  • Jazzsinger!

    Hi, I just checked in and want to say a lot, have to post tonite or tomorrow tho...

    I'm getting a kick thinking about you and Mr. Gemini on his BDay!!! Ha! He is gonna get it, huh??!!? Talk later when I grab some time-Take Care til then, lady!

    PS-your BDay is day after Halloween, mine day before!


  • Jazzsinger, Hope your Gemini knows he has his hands full with a Scorpio! Do all (or most) Scorpios have a high libido? Seems like the older I get, the more mine increases. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around! LOL!! Anyway, have fun on June 4th! Better bring an oxygen tank for your Gemini....

  • Hi Lisa! Definitely keep writing! I'm really enjoying the contact. It really means a lot to correspond with likeminded/signed women.

    I told my guy last night that I have some surprises in store for his birthday, and he was quite "intrigued" to say the least! Some sexy stuff for sure, from Adam and Yes, I always loved Halloween because of my birthday right after, and I bet you did too! My mom used to throw great birthday/halloween parties for me. Homemade costumes too. At my age though, birthdays aren't as much fun anymore! At least my Gemini guy is helping me feel younger!

    Have a great day!


  • Hello scorpioblonde! Oh yeah, he has his hands full, all right! I'm 44, and my libido is sky high right now! I think we definitely "ripen" with age (tee hee). He has admitted that he has never experienced this with anyone else. (And he never would again, so he better stay put if he knows what's good for him!) The important thing with me is the "connection." It has to be there for true passion. An emotional, or spiritual connection between us. We seem to have it, and it makes for a great level of intimacy, that's for sure! Plus, Geminis are very youthful. He is like a 20 year old in a 40 year old body! (Yum!) I'm lovin' it!

  • Hi Jazzsinger! Are you sure we aren't twins separated at birth? LOL!! I also loved Halloween because my b-day was the day after & my mom would also throw b-day/halloween parties for me. I've been seeing a Cancer & he also admitted never experiencing anyone like me (wink, wink). I agree with needing a "connection" to have the passion there. He & I also have an emotional/spiritual connection. He claims I've cast a "spell" on him. Funny thing is, after I met him, my brother asked if I've cast my spell on this one! LOL!! Sure am glad I met you. We probably have alot of things in common.

  • I am a virgo. Moon is ini Gemini, with Rising Sigin in Pisces. I am in love with a Scorpion! When we first met he was so attentive, called constantly, dinner, breaksfasts, and even a trip out of town. calls, conversations were sporadic, seemed like I got on his nerves, disappeared for days, weeks at a time with no explanation. dates, dinners, and fantastic sex! Guess what? Nothing. Disappearing acts, no calls.......He says he loves me and ask that I be patient with him. He's dealing with some issues righ now but what am I waiting for? Does anybody know? He's driving me batty. He is sensuous, sexy, romantic and at times, lots of fun. What am I to do? Is it really worth it ? I've got my doubts but when he calls there I go. Virgos need more consistency. If we ever had to clash it would be disastrous.

  • I am taurs married to scorpio, he's cold , tight fisted & boring I want out of this. But I'm weary of him coz he controls all our money!

  • Hi Sweette1398...I was involved with an Aries that would do the EXACT same thing! It was beyond frustrating to me. I don't think it's because your guy is a Scorpio, I think it's just his way of doing things. Believe me, I would grab any crumb of attention I could get from this Aries. When I was reaching the end of my rope with him, a Cancer guy appeared on the scene at just the right time (we're together now). Aries guy keeps calling me, but I turn down his invitations. I think most guys love "the chase". I know it's hard to do this, but try being a little less available for him.

    Ampone - I would find a way out. Some Scorpio men can be this way....Good luck

  • WOW!!!

    Hello, my Scorp gal-pals!

    Lisa here...I've got soooo much in my head now after sneakin' a peek at forum--

    Still not the time to do a satisfying reply, however I can't go one second longer without atleast chiming in!!! I am so happy you two are part of my life, even if just cyber buddies! Ya know? I realized that I have only hung out with one Scorpio girl in my whole life! Whether female or male, (I'm married for 20 yrs to a Scorp guy ), it's true...we need that deep connection for ANYthing to happen!!! And I mean anything...

    Yes, my lovers have all said ( except Mr Scorpio hubby-hmmmmm ) that they'd never "had sex like this before" !!! My 2 Geminis-oh my! It was HOT!!!! I was with a Leo guy long ago-OMG!!! Anyway, I just love these chats and you girls are really gems, Thanks...

    Lisa ( to be continued...are either of you two chatty like me? People say to me " Scorpios aren't supposed to be chatty!")

  • Hi Score! I'm only chatty to a select few. In fact, I'm REALLY quiet when I first meet someone. I kind of like to "scope" them out first. There aren't many people I let into my world (don't know if it's trust issues or what). I think that's a Scorpio thing. But once someone gets to know me & I get to know them, I'm VERY chatty! LOL!! I do tend to be secretive. Lots of people have come to me with their secrets knowing it won't go any further. I figure as long as I know, that's all that matters. Are any of you Scorps that way too? I have always driven my mom crazy (she's a chatty/nosey Sag). She is constantly asking me questions & depending on my mood, I'll either go into great detail or not say much at all.

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