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  • Petahgree - When I was young I was very quiet. Now I am sometimes quiet and sometimes talkative (probably due to my Sagitarrian Moon and Ascendant). People who are more social and outgoing -- generally Leos, Aquarians, Sagittarians, Librans, and Arians -- sometimes tend to see the Scorpio as somewhat aloof or 'stuck up'. Your not wanting to engage in idle chit-chat probably is a Scorpio trait. I am like this, too. If there's something of importance to discuss, I'm all for it and participate willingly, but I hate gossip, busines meetings (let me do my job and send me the minutes, please), and soap operas (my life has enough drama, I sure don't need to watch someone else's made up smut). Like you, people approach me alot in public and when I was younger people were always 'unloading' on me. Being something of an empath, I have gotten so I keep myself a bit distant now. And yes, this adds to the 'stuck up' perception.

    I hope you enjoy finding out about yourself from your chart. You probably have more than just your Sun in the sign of Scorpio. Knowing our gifts and our achilles tendons, and why people may react to us as they do is always enlightening and helpful.

  • First let me say, I am so, so sorry you had to endure the immense pain and agony of pure betrayal., I really am.

    It's a very disturbing & sad fact that 1 out of 3 men cheat, but unfortunately sometimes men are just men, and you can't just assume now that ALL Scorpio's are... basically what you're saying, is "EVIL".

    Your ex-S***head did a horrible, horrible thing,

    But you cannot take that out on your Daughter, no matter how old she is, She is your baby, your child, your little girl ......You can't Justify anything by saying "she's sneaky & just like her father."

    All kids are "sneaky" & all kids rebel at some point, especially girls and especially under the circumstances of a family life that you yourself expressed was Traumatizing.

    If your Daughter is leaning towards her Father, try to remember that no matter what, She still sees her Daddy & she's trying to hold onto that, Especially if you are trying to Destroy it.

    Critisizing her is only going to make her feel Completely unwanted by BOTH of you & in this you will create...

    YOU will mold the future of a very sad, depressed, Abandoned, & Yes, Angry "Little girl".

    We all want to be loved and accepted & as you've heard "The people who are often the hardest to love, need it the most"...And we as women tend to run because we want to be catch us.

    If you give up on your Daughter, you give up on yourself...

    I think you may be so angry because you know this, but you're the Adult, so please go to your Daughter, you both need each other desperately. Of course it won't be easy, try to remember yourself at her age, try to imagine what SHE is going through....

    Do Not Allow his "Evil" to consume you, your life ,or Your Family any longer & that goes for bashing him as well. Remember YOU are her MOTHER, from YOU she was BORN...

    PROTECT HER as you have always wanted to.

  • You know whats really fun? Being a SEXTUPLE SCORPIO(6 scorpios 0_0) Both sun and ascendant are scorpio and 4 of my main planets are scorpio. For me, secrets are hard to get out, My best friend, only knows a little about me, because I dont like secrets getting out. Apparently my tongue hurts, because i can be mean and nice at the same time. Also, with a moon in aries, im very emotional, and i become hurt and withdrawn. Either im so much like scorpio i scare everyone off, or something, because i feel like i have no true friends except 1. Dont get me started with love. I still have lots of time left.

  • Hello I am a cancer and I and totally inpressed with a man born oct.23 libra scorpio cusp like you. I wasnt looking for a realtionship whatsoever and even publicly swore off sex. Then he seduced me and I have been hooked ever since. One night after we had got together he I ask him where we were going and he told me that he didnt want a relationship. I totally heart broken and I told him that we could still continue what we were doing. Now we see each other once a month and we talk about two or three times a week. So times when I call him he makes sure to let me know that he with the Mother of his child or sometimes when we are on the phone he lets me know that he has to go because shes on the other line. I really am into him because he is so poweful, capable, smart , funny and sexy. He inspires me to grow. Even though we do not have a label because he did not want one even though we only get together once a month I make sure that he knows that I am faithful to him. I am in nursing school and work two jobs so I really dont have much times myself but I feel that I have to earn the right to see him more. My question is if I continue to be faithful and honest and dont give up on us as far as not seeing him as much as I think we should at least once a week do you think that things will get better. To be honest he's worth the wait because I have never known a man as capable as him and I let him know it. When your dealing with the number 1 man in the zodiac why would you go anywhere else?

  • to MsSeventwelve. your going to have to let those feelings run their course until you decide you want a man that is available. He's pretty much telling you that he doesn't have time for you and your crush on him, is one way. You say you don't want a relationship anyway well, your right you don't have one, it more like a booty call. Find another Scorpio or someone else. He doesn't deserve you to be faithful, he's not to you. We usually want what we can't have and, if your building fantasies around a life with him, forget it. He's with his babies momma and he wants that family. Keep it in prospective, it gives you encouragement because he see that you have potential in the career you choose. That's not love that's honesty. He's a Libra and a Scorp. both blunt honest signs. Now if you had to see him everyday, you'd probably think differently about him. He's safe to want while he's unavailable.

  • to msseventwelve.... i am a sag/ cancer w libra moon. You are cutting yourself way to short. Staying in this type of arrangement is NOT healthy and you will start loosing your self-respect and self confidence. You will fall in the stuck in a rut mode and then before you know it, years go by and you WILL have a nervous meltdown.

    I have been there and done that with my "scorpion control freak" ...Always his terms, You will never get on with your life and find your true love. You will get caught in a vicious cycle. You will chase your tail, go around and around, cry yourself to sleep and basically be alone. He IS NOT worth the wait. Yes im sure he has taken you to that place where you lose yourself in him, its so passionate and hot and uninhibited. Took me years to finally put my foot down and stop. Its like an addiction. Now i can happily say that i am moving on from the experience. Unfortunately, you will start to feel like a call girl later on down the line.....

    Oh dont get me wrong, how i miss the passionate moments and the hot intimacy, but ya know what? You learn things about yourself, you learn what you want in a man and what works for you and the most important thing is what you will put up with and what you wont.

    Allow yourself to find that with someone else. The guessing game will be over and he will truly respect you for who you are. Take my advice.... PLEASE

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  • I've met a Scorpio man that is driving me crazy!!! He is on fire and then ice cold. He says he loves me but I don't talk to him on a regular basis. Is this normal???? I thought since he just got back from Iraq that he was dealing with that but he seems to be either extremely happy/funny or cold and distant. He says he wants a relationship but I'm scared to get involved. I'm a Cancer and very sensitive. I don't get over things easily. Anyone out there with some incite or advice. ............ Thank you 🙂

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  • Everybodyhopes, If you want some advice from another Cancarian 7/8 who has been with a Scorpion soldier 11/5 for well going on 10 years 6 of them married. If you truly have feelings for him take it slow he is being a true Scorpio with being very charming at times then being cold and distant. Plus the whole thing of him having been in Iraq he is probably having some issue's with that. Whether it be PTSD or just normalizing back into a non military society it can be a hard transition I know I've been through the latter with hubby. It's hard no matter what sign you are. So like I said if you truly have feelings for him take it slow, don't try and be his savior, But give him the attention he needs. I've found the best way to deal with my scorpio is to love Passionately but not obsessively don't hold him to tight. Keep communications open with him as he will talk when he is ready. Be honest with him no matter what and trust him because if he is as into you as he says he is then he will defend you to the death. Remember your both water babies, so your both emotionally charged he can be as deep as you, he just shows it differently. (One of the reasons I think both signs get a bad rap sometimes) but that's a different discussion.

    If on the other hand your not into him the same way let him know that too in as kind a way as you can, as Scorpio's are not ones that seem to take rejections well unless they are the ones who are doing it and have a tendency of retaliating. But if you do it right and before it goes to far you may find a fierce friend for life.

    No matter what though Take it Slow and be patient.

    No matter what anyone says I love my Scorpio he keeps me on my toes.

  • My daughter is a scorpio,don't get me wrong,I love her. They mean well,but they are often self centered. You have to weigh their truths,because they often tell one sided lies. They have so much energy,but can still be lazy at the same time. They always wants the last word and they want things their way,right now. To me they seems like a cross between the gemini.

  • Thank you purplemaeve 🙂 - Everybodyhopes

  • msseventwelve, i know you replied a while ago but hopefully you'll see this sometime.

    freakin wierd. my birthday is also july 12 and i was also involved with a scorpio man born on october 23.

    same scenario.

    ditch him. he's just a tease.

    it was seriously intense for us, but i don't ever see anything truly happening between us. i still have these outrageously vivid dreams where he's with me, and after having dreams with him that actually came into being, and it's very tempting. you could keep persisting but, if anything it will scare him away, and he'll disappear for a while and randomly call you up when he wants you.

    i know how awful/beautiful it is to feel such an affinity with someone that you don't want them to ever leave..... but do you really want to be "that" girl? i don't know about you but i desire a steady relationship over fleeting one night romances.

    all the space in between hurts.

  • The issue of running hot & cold sounds more like a typical male issue than something inherintely scorpio. The only possible thing that you may be taking for this would be the scorpio trait of going deeply into things. I know that sometimes I probably give of a hot/cold almost disinterested feeling but that is because scorpios are passionate people and ths applies to all we think & do. It could be that he is not always wanting to be centered in on you. Maybe his mind is off thousands of miles or in another part of the Universe.

    The negative scorpio can also be very stubborn & centered on their way of thinking or acting and if you don't fit that...........

    How can you build a better more cinstant relationship? Find out where his passionate thoughts, feelings and maybe even mission lay. See if you can also have those passions. But he will probably still be far off at times.


  • I totally agree Lopapillion! No one really knows obcession or passion until they have loved a scorpio!

    Obviously I am a prouud to be scorpio and have known intense passion in all things all of my life. The level of passion and obcession that I felt when I fell on love with another scorpio surprised even me.


  • Female Scorpio-my disguise isn't typical. I'm chatty, but really say nothing... I am envious of the more carefree signs. My rising and moon is Taurus, got 3 or so libra in there, I think my personal conflict is due to imbalances in natal chart.


  • Well, I'm so glad I found this forum! I am a Scorpio woman (Born Nov. 1st/on a Sunday) who has wished for other Scorpio women to relate too! I have been alone in a family of mainly female Geminis. I was married for 11 years to a very complex, intellectual and talented, yet emotionally distant and sometimes coldhearted Aquarian. He died suddenly last August, and I have felt quite lost without him. He was my soulmate, and we spent almost all of our time together. We were both very committed to each other, and despite our differences our love was forever. BUT, he would want me to be happy, and so I have opened my heart to another man recently. He is a Gemini (Born June 4th), and is wonderfully open and passionate like I am. We have connected amazingly in the passion department, but being used to a real commitment and being a pretty possessive Scorpio, I am craving a full commitment from him. It has only been 3 months though, so as men go (and Geminis apparently), he is not really ready yet. I don't want to squelch his free spirit because he is great, and yet my Scorpian nature wants to lock him away with me forever! How can I temper that instinct in me, and be more patient with him? I do not want to blow this! Any input from my fellow Scorpios, or any Gemini men would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hey, fellow Scorpios!

    Yeah, I'm a woman -10/30/55. Married, 2 kids wth a Scorpio man born 11/13/52.

    Anyone else 11/13/??...

    I have encountered an unusual amt of 11/13/?? B'Days!?!??!

    Appreciate any input!!!

    Lisa "Score"

  • I am a Libra women (10/14/64), married to a Scorpio man (11/4/60) for the last 16 years we've been together & oh what a trip it has been. Allowing his freedom was the number one issue he had before we got married after dating for 7 years. I truly had to convince this man that he could continue doing all that he did before we met, before he trusted me, then committed. He is still somewhat secretive, but all in all, he's come a long way from when we first starting dating. Trust & freedom to me seem to be Scorpio's biggest issues, but we both knew from our first date that we were made for each other. I divorced a Leo, ugh! Dated a Cancer for a long time, we are still really good friends. I seem to be most compatible to the Scorpio - oh & the sex is out of this world. Times have been up & down with my Scorpio man, he is faithful, but has an obsession for other women & porn. I now understand by reading all these posts that my Scorpio man needs a lot of respect to be able to respect someone, and now I'm beginning to see why he has such a hard time with my kids from a previous marriage (Picses, Taurus & Scorpio). We still have a long way to go, but I am willing & trying hard to understand this man, so we can live happily ever after. 🙂

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