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  • Hi Aquarian2U!

    I am trying to have a sense of humor about the unexpected "bath!!" Rubbing it down with tissue, etc. didn't seem to help so I'll have to get a new one! But that cellphone (it was on sale) didn't give me the Internet access it was supposed to, so if I can get the same model and it works with that, it would be an improvement!!

    I strongly recommend Robert Lee Camp's "Love Cards" book for really powerful feedback about why we are attracted to who we are attracted to, what areas our partners are dealing with karmically in their relationships with us and vice versa, and even what to expect in the future from these relationships. An amazing book, indeed!!

  • thank you for doing the chart... It kinda does describe him in a way... Thanks again and congrats on the job

  • Hi, I was wondering if you couldhelp me, as you are a scorpio male and if anyone else can help an give insight on what this scorpio of mine is thinking and doing please tell me.

    Well here it goes.... i have know this scorpio guy for many years but he was married and has two little boys but knew him through family and hi hello and that and we know all his family, well lest year his wife died which was very upsetting... this year end of August we were at two weddings we were both attending he was being very friendly with me and started to get close but i didnt think anything of it i didnt realise what he was doing to be honest and then he started texing me and after that we got involved how it happened i dont know we also see each other every week at this congregation we go to, well he was on text to me 24/7 on my case asking everything where im going, who with, why and all that and even asking me if i ve ad breakfast lunch and dinner every day and said he wanted to get to know me i said fine as i started to like him..... he then asked me if down the line we wanted to get married would it bother me as he has two kids I said NO and then he said what about my parents (by the way i am an indian and our parents have to agree to marriage aswell) I told him they would never accept. Even after that we still continued as i couldnt back off and he was still on my case and when he wouldnt see me he would be missing me and saying this on his texts he would also say to me " you will end up falling in love with so be carefull lol" also what was strange when he was swimming lessons with his kids for few hours and i wouldn text he would say "did you not miss me"and things like that then he wanted to meet up and we decided a day, day before we were going to meet up he cancelled it saying that " i dont think we should meet as if down that line we want to get married we cant coz of my parents and we would both end up hurt" so he broke it off I said fine, he didnt text me and i didnt text him after a week we saw each other at the congregation that we go to and he then sent me a text afterwards saying " it was nice to see me today and that he didnt realise how much he missed me" we started off again with texting and that and getting close we then finally met up and were trying to find the solution of what to do with my parents and the situation but werent able to solve it after that on the 31st october it was his wife's first death anniversary and i saw him that congration i was feeling abit embarrased because day before i went out with my friends and drink and that i texted him sayin " I love him" but he was responding very well on that day as i wasnt to sure how he would react as he hasnt told me he loves me. The next day he didnt text and i didnt as he was grieving coz of his wife and taht i though not good to text plus i dont think he wanted to either .... eveentually taht nite i texted himto ask if he was ok, he started to ask me if i was drunk when i sent him that text of i love you and i told him i wasnt he said okay, i then changed the subject after that for few days we werent in touch he wasnt in the mood to text then he texted it was baiscally on and off last week aswell, he had told me he was going away on holiday for 4 weeks so he said would be nice ot meet up before going he were suppose to meet me this monday as he was flying on wednesday this week, well just before that on text he started asking me that he wants a mother to his kids who treat them as there own and someone he can relate to as i asked what he wants......... to which i told him i will and he can judge for himself he then said " he knows i will" I then said to him as what situation hes goign thorugh my dad went through the same I also lost my mum and he knows that, i can understand very well what the kids are going through and him. well just for my reassurance and said to him end of the day i need to have a place in his heart he said " YES I DO" which i was very happy about, but i had to ask him he then just said that " I have to get your parents to agree and thats it". In his texts it always seems as he is aksing me qusetions to see how i feel and think about him WHY? cant he see it in my actions?. he als came around my house on saturday for tea with his cousins, generally as my family and his family know each other, but the reason he came over was just to start getting close to them if you know what i mean coz its my parents that will have the issue, which was very nice of him...... next day on sunday he cancelled the meet up for monday sayin hes busy and has alot of things on his mind, i was upset as you can imagine. I didnt text him on monday and tuesday, late on tuesday nite i texted him as he was going away next morning saying wish him safe journey and all that he responded to that, the next morning i didnt text at all and he texted me saying " Hey u okay, we about to take off, will see you when im back, you take care" and then another texted message saying " be good lol, bye " what did he mean by be good lol?????????. he has gone away now for 4 weeks.

    Could you please tell me what his going on thorugh his mind, what his feelings are and what he is doing exactly? i cant understand???

    I know it is bad phase at mo as its his wifes first death anniversay and probably having flash backs and that but still woudl be good to know what his going throught this Scorpion males mind and heart, as I have fallen in love with him.

    Oh also my parents and his family basically no one knows we seeing each other but if we wanted to get married his family would have no issues just my parents that is the problem.


  • Dear Riya001,

    I have a Scorpio fiance I've been able to understand better through astrology and cartomancy. Would you like me to do a chart on your Scorpio guy? All I need is his birthdate and I can do that for you. If you want a combination chart on your relationship, include your birthdate as well.

  • hi i would love a combination chart on my relationship if you wouldnt mind? I am a scorpio 1/111/76 and he is a taurus 29/4/76 x

  • Hi, Yes I would like you to that for me that would be most appreciated his birth date: 12/11/1978 and mine 23/06/1983.

    Also if you could tell me more about them and hwat he is trying to do as im so confused.

    thank you.


  • Dear Riya001 and Scorpio33,

    Of course!! I wasn't sure since I didn't see any responses on that before now. Stay tuned!!

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Here are the charts for Scorpio33 and her guy...

    First, Scorpio33: You are sensitive, intuitive, with an instinct for the right thing. You can see through people without a word, and know the value of physical gestures in letting them know what they may not want you to see. Romantic and imaginative, but also capable of fits of gloom and despondency; you will tend to retire into yourself at those times. You can fear the worst without it necessarily happening, so use your imagination creatively when that happens. You have an investigative mind. A freedom-loving attitude to life; life as a personal adventure both literally and figuratively. A need to carefully channel your energy when you are angry is wise; focus on mental discipline with your already strong will. Trust your fine intuition and try to be less reactive in relationships. Receptivity with wisdom instead of fear. You have a wonderful passion for living in your social life.

    Second, his chart: His stubbornness as a child has developed into resourcefulness as an adult.

    In being obedient, he has determination to be the authority himself. Hard-headed. Ardent lover and imperious in this as well. Can lose his energies in personal pride and temperament, but also capable of patience and calm otherwise, and is willing to wait a long time to get what he needs.

    Can hold grudges. He needs to cultivate more objectivity in his relations with others. A methodical thinker. A good challenge turns him on more than ready availability in a relationship; the chase rather than the catch. He covers his actions to be self-protective. Is not necessarily attracted to a conventional relationship. He needs a sense of adventure in his relationships to lose the idea of "feeling limited" in that area.

    Your combined relationship can benefit from creativity and 'living in the moment'. Honesty in communication and integrity in actions mutually is vital to its success.

  • Hope this helps! Stay tuned for your chart and that of your guy, Riya 001!!

  • Hi cuspglyph

    Would you do a chart for me please? I'm an aquarian and guess what I really like this scorpion. I'm interested to see what you come up with. That's if you have time. My dob is 19th feb 1986 and he's 19 nov 1988.


  • thank you so much cuspglyph i can relate to what you have said about me and my partner xxx

  • I'm more than happy to help you, AW86!! I enjoy doing these charts because astrology and cartomancy have helped me so much in understanding my own relationship dynamics. Your charts will appear after I've done the ones for Riya 001!

    Love, Cuspglyph

    p.s. Glad you feel better, Scorpio33...that's what it's all about.

  • Riya 001, here are the charts for you and your guy...

    First, your chart: You set high goals for yourself. Imaginative, visionary, with foresight in the long-range. Warm, affectionate, sensitive to the needs of others. Despite diplomacy, people know where you stand. There's something of the poet/aesthete about you. Beware of flatterers in love. Make a point of setting goals for yourself that are more specific. Keep your integrity intact in partnerships.

    Second, his chart: His ambition is definite and highly personal. His loyalties are to people rather than to ideals. He is mentally quick, shrewd and highly protective. Ardent and passionate in love. He requires the ultimate in love and devotion. The more objective his viewpoint, the happier he will be. He needs to use his energy to be a force for positive growth. He needs to be able to follow through more on his big promises. He likes intense, all-or-nothing situations. Weak in follow-through on his goals. He needs to be more reflective in practice for self-awareness with others. May not be willing to give in return what he expects others to give to him in terms of consideration. Cannot be swayed personally unless it serves him in something.

    In your combined relationship: Focus on working more together as a team. Connect more emotionally for fulfillment between the two of you. See the value in what each of you can contribute to the relationship.

  • Classic135075


    I'm a scropio born 11/4/75 and my husband is a Virgo born 9/11/77

    Sometimes I find it hard to click even though we have been married for 12 yrs

    But then there are times we are like one. He has an issue with me and flirting but the thing us I don't do it on purpose it is just in my whole being. Sometimes I'm scared to open my mouth because I think the males that I made need to talk to. Think that I like them when I don't. I also feel like my husband and I don't have that spark that u have or should. I didn't even feel it when we first met. Please help me and tell me about us.

    Thank You 🙂

  • Hi Classic135O75!

    I would love to help you as well!! Stay tuned for your charts...

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Hi AW86!

    Here are the charts for you and your guy...

    First, your chart: You will yield when you should be firm, and stand your ground when the part of good sense is to give way. This is a result of fundamental lack of self-confidence. What you must learn is not to talk until your mind is made up. Considerable variety in the emotional life and some depression and dejection through it. Learn to make use of your creative imagination; you have the psychic intuitive mind of a natural poet. Check a tendency to be vague and forgetful of details. Be careful to look at the motives of others who appeal to your sympathies at times. Make sure to try to follow through on lofty goals. Watch a tendency to take unnecessary risks.

    Second, his chart: He has an instinct for 'the right thing'. He sees through people and has the ability to make his disapproval known without saying a word. If human companionship doesn't suit him, he is capable of retiring within himself. He may have a stinging wit and a gift for the cutting remark, with penetrating insight. He needs a patient and decisive partner. A great starter, but not necessarily around for the finish.

    Your relationship combo: Exercise mental compatibility in this relationship; mutual personal growth is important in this relationship for success.

  • Hi Classic135075!

    Here are the charts for you and your guy...

    First, your chart: When your devotion is fixed, you are capable of the extremes of loyalty. A sort of awareness of yourself and others is your outstanding quality, and you see through people with penetrating insight that makes you a force to be reckoned with. A born diplomat, you may vacillate in decisions while going through the pros and cons of a situation. You can be a teacher to others.

    You may have to overcome a fragile sense of security and trust in your creative strengths when expressing yourself.

    Second, his chart: He has plenty of faith in himself, but little faith in his ability to make other people see and appreciate his worth. Attention to details. First-class attention in large doses turns him on. Needs to be aware of flatterers in social situations. He'll keep things to himself and cover his actions, but he sees this as only being self-protective. Tends to take things too personally in general. He needs a partner who understands him inside and out.

    Your relationship combo: Be more with him 'in the moment' to reassure him. Make sure you make your boundaries with others clear to him, even if you want to share your playfulness in relating to others with him. Consistency is key in this area for the success of this relationship.

  • I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with friends and family, as well as with your loved one!!

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • and a happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    Thank you for the chart....very interesting indeed.

    Take Care

    AW86 🙂

  • dear cuspglyph,

    i was wondering if you could do a chart for me and my companion. his birthdate is 11-03-65 and mine is 9-23-67. any insight you could give into our relationship would be wonderful.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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