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  • I had to text my fiance before we were to go to a workshop together because of the "crowd" atmosphere, about his encouragement of female attention (and the confusion that results). He claimed he enjoyed that he was 'no longer scared of women' and that if I got male attention that was 'healthy...' Knowing his definition/excuses of "healthy" (erotic), I simply stated I didn't 'need' that as much as my own good feeling about myself to begin with, and that I set boundaries if they didn't 'get' that I already cherished what I had with him. I wish he would depend more on himself to feel adequate, so he didn't 'need' this "validation" but at least he agreed on setting boundaries...I thought he didn't give a damn, since he doesn't think it is 'necessary' to say he is engaged.

  • I'd love to know the answer to your question.

    I have to start out by saying, until about 6 months ago I didn't even believe in the whole horoscope thing, I kinda thought it was hocus pocus... Until two very good friends of mine pointed out that I was classic to my sign. It's gotten my interest sparked... I can't help but wonder if it's a chemical reaction that occurs within the womb sponsored by the pull of gravity during the different times of the year. Just a thought lol...

    Im an Aqua and my Scorpio just dumped me out of the blue after a year... no explanations, no goodbye. He Always ran hot and cold towards me, or so I felt... He always said it was to keep my interest peaked. He was intense, and very passionate... I'd never known I could feel so alive, or love so deeply until I met him. He seemed to get a thrill out of playing mind games with me. -I'm a pretty typical Aqua in that I base almost everything from a logical standpoint and he said more than once he loved to mess with my head. I fell into a pattern of playing his games, it was painful and yet intensely pleasurable and exhilarating. It got to a point where I told him if it was ever more than a game, or one of his tests to prove I loved him... that he just needed to tell me in a direct manner that he was through and no longer interested.

    Everyone knows Scorps are moody and go between intensely withdrawn and outgoing behavior... I spent the better part of the last year trying to figure out the game and play by the rules. Apparently, and Scorps, I'd love an answer lol... their are no set rules? They change on the fly??

    So, we got into a habit... he would want to be intensly close, then pull away and turn cold and distant... I got in the habit of pursuing him when he did that... he would come back and we would both get uh, rather intense with each other... then same thing over again.... over and over...

    I wish I knew this last time around if he was just playing another game, or if he really is finished. Im still in love with him, although Im a bit afraid of him now, so much pain in the last few months... We've spoken and "hung out" twice since he summarily "dumped" me back in July.

    SO please, any, and I do mean ANY insight is not only welcome but needed. I want to move on but I can't seem to until I can have an understanding of what the hell happened! * lol, ya ya 😛 typical Aquarian I know... I've heard it more than once 😉

  • Hi Aquarian2U!

    I've been in at least three Scorpio guy relationships and I must say, these guys are intriguing.

    We Aquarians are naturally curious about weird people and they can really fit the bill!! I think it also a perverse sort of attraction to what is our opposite...these guys tend to operate on the emotional level, and being guys, they are not going to admit it! In my experience, they feel they must appear "intellectual" despite the emotional irrationality of their behavior...even more so because as men they are not 'supposed' to not make sense. It's immaturity. But if it works in their favor, it's 'logical' and certainly ties in with the Scorpio 'matter of life and death' attitude.

    It's their "survival!"

    It's much easier to take the Aquarian approach that is non-defensive and less egotistical...we have less to 'lose' because we are not as emotionally invested in 'do or die'. Natural self-confidence, and it freaks them out because it doesn't fit into the Scorpio "power over" agenda!

    Well, I would just do what you do for yourself and let him be the one to come to you...that is what intrigues him and earns his respect in the long run.

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • p.s. I do charts to help in understanding what and how things can be worked on, if possible.

    Do you have the birthdate of your guy, and yours?

  • Hi everyone,

    Just thought that I would put my 2 cents in there.. Yes, they do like to play games and you are the one that gets hurt in the long run.. I was in a relationship with a scorp for 15 months then out the blue a female from his past came back and he said that he needed time to think.. so we split even though I didn't want that.. I do still love him as well.. They are intense and all that has been mentioned in this thread...I still don't understand exactly what happened cause he told me he loved me and that he could spend the rest of his life with me and be happy and was happy with me..still confused about it all and it has been almost a year since we split.. The female that came into our lives is with him now and after being with him in the first 6-8 months, they were engaged and are suppose to get married some time next year.. Scorps are hard to figure out and to this day I still haven't figured them good luck to anyone that can....


    was wondering could you do one for me.. His is 11-02-71 and mine 10-22-69..Thank you if you would...

  • Cusglyp,

    thank you so much for the offer.

    yes, I do have the information on both birthdays. Do you need any other information? thank you!! 🙂

    His is 11/17/1963

    Mine 02/05/1974

  • libralady2008

    Sounds similar to what my scorp said to me... he and I were not ones to say I love you constantly, and when we did... we knew it meant a lot... last time he said it to me, and rather emphatically was two weeks before he checked out. I keep wondering if I bored him, or... Well, I honestly don't know and it drives me batty because I keep trying to figure it out. Sounds like your much in the same boat with your ex... have you begun dating anyone else?

    I don't know about you, but it just seems that after being burned by the scorpio "flame" everyone else seems paltry in comparison...

  • Hi Aquarian2U and Libralady2008,

    More than happy to help both of you with composite relationship charts. This sounds so typical, these guys giving you just enough to keep you 'hanging on'...and unless you know what they are holding onto you for, it's hard to know what to do!! Stayed tuned...I will get back to this site later.

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Wow, you certainly nailed it cuspglyph!, And yes you are correct!, Thank you very much, and I look forward to reading more from you.

    Thank you and have a lovely evening.

  • For starters...Aquarian2U and your guy: he is restless, curious, and eager to try new things. He can be indecisive. He is creative and likes to explore life, but can be a know-it-all at times. A little hypersensitive ego-wise. He worries too much about you for the wrong reasons. You are more confident than he is socially. He actually feels intimidated by you (but he seems paranoid to you). Thinks he wants "depth" but may be more self-absorbed in that goal.

    Libralady2008 and your guy: he has a problem with committing himself, using adventures as a way of avoiding facing that fact about himself. He sees himself as trying to clarify his values this way. He can't stand to be told what to do. You know what you like, but have a compassionate heart for others. Some conflict and tension in this relationship. Your differences may not compliment each because of misunderstandings about where you are coming from.

    More to come...

  • cuspglyph,

    An insight able to be offered on the future? wait on him or move on? Let him contact me, or send him something?

  • I also want to say thank you for doing the chart, it's the first time I've had something along those lines done. I appreciate it greatly!

  • I can do a more in-depth reading for your relationship(s); stay tuned!! Always happy to help...

  • thank you!

  • Hi Aqua and cusp,

    Thought that I would stop in and say hello..

    Aqua= yes, it is hard to move on because I still love him very much..It has been almost a year next month and I still have not dated or seen any one..Just have no desire to do so..

    Cusp=Thank you , would very much appreciate it. Any outlook towards the possibilities of the future would be nice... My kids miss him as well and have told me that they would like it if we got back together again. I have told them that if it is meant to be then it will happen but not holding my breath ( exhales) do love and miss him but one never really knows what the future may hold..I just go with the flow of everyday life and raise my kids the best that I can..

    take care and thank you again for your time...I guess my questions are the same as Aqua..Been trying to move on but I guess I haven't tried hard enough. Hard to do when you do love the person,I think I have let go ,but not totally and that may be the best for me to do cause I still hurt and feel broken inside at times when I think of him..or hear a song that reminds me of him or us...thanks again.. and take care...

  • I just got home to go to an interview for unexpected work--the e-mail assignment had gone into the Spam box, and now I had something to do in the city where I live! And of all things, after I called to confirm I would be available--my cellphone dropped into the toilet <lol>!!!

    Well, I managed to make it on time and am thankful to finally have work again! I am glad I can also continue doing these charts for both of you. Fortunately, I have the rest of this day off to do just that...</lol>

  • Aqua2U, here is the continuation of your charts...

    His chart: He is an unusual person; idealistic and somewhat aloof in life, in his viewpoint. He tends to live in a philosophic world of his own. Unable to understand why others are not eager to help him. Proud and conscious of his own worth. Does best in some idealistic pursuit. Would rebel about something that smacks of the business world approach to life. He is hardened somewhat, and easily aggressive. A tendency to expound and be dogmatic about his own interests for others. Can be tactless. Needs a reality check on promises not delivered. Likes a casual atmosphere. Freedom-loving attitude towards life. A hot temper, can take unnecessary risks. Likes to be on the move. Can be indecisive, and needs to pay attention to operating with integrity in what he is doing and saying with others. Needs to approach relationships from a place of honesty if he wants to experience fulfillment. Feels challenged by commitment and sameness, often preferring lovers to mates. Afraid to be vulnerable in love. Needs to give himself permission to be courageous in intimacy. Needs to be taught or learn the meaning of boundaries in relationships.

    Your chart: Social, very sensitive both in your own feelings and perceptions of others. You are able to appeal to others by being yourself in this manner. Tactful in speech. Your visionary ideas also bear the stamp of good sense. You are a romantic, and a personal adventurous feeling underlies all you say or do or think. You have the intuitive mind of a natural poet. Learn to make good use of your creative imagination. Try not to be vague or forgetful of details. No fly-by-night relationships for you; substance in relationships is important to you. You need a responsible partner. Slow, steady concentrated energy gives you the power to last until the finish line. It is important to keep good company for balance in your relationships. Be very careful about how you use your energy to find the right partner.

    Your relationship combo: This is an emotionally-charged relationship. Unstable because of this. Awareness and the decision to change behavior between yourselves is crucial for your relationship success.

    I combine cartomancy as well as astrology in these charts for you, Aqua2U.

  • Libralady2008,

    Your relationship charts will be posted here in more detail the next time I am online!

  • cuspglyph

    Thank you very much for the charts~ Sorry to hear of your cellphones unexpected bath 😉 Hopefully it will dry out quickly for you 😄

    Congrats on the job interview, and sounds like new employment 🙂

    On the first chart you said he worries about me for the wrong reasons, any idea what this could reference?

    Have a lovely day!

  • Libralady2008, here are your in-depth charts for you and your guy...

    For him: He is a realist, and the center of his world is himself, first, last and always. His ambition is definite and highly personal. He has little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy, or metaphysics in the abstract. He can get forceful and voluble when things involve him personally. Loves a good fight. Mentally quick, shrewd. Ardent and passionate in love, but not easy to live with. Demanding, exacting, and a bit vain. Requires the ultimate in devotion and consideration, which he by no means may be willing to give in return. Investigative mind stops at nothing to get the answers. Mysteries intrigue him. Intense, all-or-nothing situations add spice to his life. A drive to assert himself against the status quo. Enjoys provoking people and shocking them out of traditional views. Offbeat sex life. Harnessing his restless nature in relationships can be a challenge for him.

    Your chart: Your reserve and shyness are strengths, for in solitude you build up strength and inner poise. It lends your personality a peculiar charm. An air of mystery hangs around you that increases your interest. You are a born diplomat who can outguess almost anyone. Intuitive, you glean knowledge from observation. A student of human nature. You can be fooled by other people when under the spell of romance or adventure. Follow your hunches more. Be careful of moods that disturb your peace of mind. You feel the woes of the world keenly. You need to weigh the pros and cons of situations a lot, and may vacillate in decisions because of this. You can't abide an atmosphere of contention. You love doing things with a partner, but you need to choose someone who is patient with your decision-making processes and also you need to steer clear of argumentative types. You can also drive yourself too hard despite the odds of a situation.

    Your relationship combo: Work on what you are both willing to commit yourselves to in this relationship.

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