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  • Mysterious. Sensual. Dark. Magnetic.

    These are some of the more compelling words to describe a Scorpio, and many Scorpions love taking on those traits. But as a Scorpio, who are you really? Is there a simple and straightforward side that you long to show? Is your confidence not always as sturdy as it seems? Or do you live the Scorpio life to a tee?

    If you're a non-Scorpio, this is the place to uncover the inner workings of those enigmatic Scorpios in your life. Get some advice from the masters on how to make an impression on the most secretive and suave of all signs.

  • I'm in a relationship with a scorpio man for 5 months now. I'm Aquarius with scorpio rising. I would like to understand him better like why he goes so hot and cold with me and why the head games? I know he loves me and I love him but I'm so scared of getting hurt> I feel I'm becoming obsessed wit him. Any advice would be great! Thanks.

  • I don't have any advice but your sign combination is similar to mine I'm virgo with scorpio rising and have been in love with an Aquarius for a little more than 3 years. The bad part about it is we have had no physical contact in more than two years and a year ago he decided he didn't want to talk with me anymore but before this we ( or so I thought) were head over heels in love.

    I need an aquarian perspective ??

  • I'm married to a Scorpio (I'm Leo) and it has been a wild ride! He is very intense, sexual, loving, jealous, generous if he feels the person/people truly deserve his help or have an excellent reason for needing his help, a hard worker, secretive with his feelings, and lord help the fool who ticks him off! He will remember any offense and will let it simmer and stew until the perfect moment, and then he'll sting you, and sting you good!

    I see our being together as opposites attract, with each of us bringing to our relationship what the other is missing....he is definetly more grounded and practical than I'll ever be (or want to be!)....and we have become each other's 'rock' when either of us become too beat up from life's challenges.

    The only difficulty I'm having with him now, is that he is at a point in life where he wants/needs to be with me as much as he possibly can be, while at times I feel a bit smoothered and need my personal alone time. But we'll find the solution to make both of us happy, though it will probably take several trials and errors before we do.

    I still joke with him that when I met him for the first time, the little voice in my head said that he was dangerous, but very intriguing 😉

  • i am a libra with scorpio rising. i just got through (at least for now) after7 years with a scorpio and i must say its been magnetic as well as distasteful. what i have learned is we are creatures of very similar forces and i will try to control the darkness within me. a less evolved scorpio is dangerous, manipulative and sneaky. forget the mystery, its only to hide the deep seated lack of comfort with self. through her i was able to see where i must go. i do miss the intense pleasures and i hope that will not allure me back into the web of deceit that this pairing produced.

  • I'm an Aquarian too (Leo asc/Scorp Moon!) but, after nearly 25 years of marriage to a Sun Scorpio, I still don't understand him!! & I've come to the conclusion that only they themselves have any hope of doing that!! WhataI can say is that, after not only all these years of marriage to one, previous Scorpio male friends, plus A Scorp mother, a very close female friend of even more years, every single Scorp' I've ever known has to: a) control all aspects of their life, one way or another, & b) they always have a hidden agenda!! So, my advice is, never just take what they say at face value, even in an argument, as what they complain of, is rarely what they they actually feel & as far as their reputation for passion goes, from what I've seen actual physical sex is often a problem for them, particularly female Scorps, who can either have very bad hang-ups, or simply won't! The males also seem to have problems & again need to take control of the situation or they will retreat! so unless you're a person able to handle that, go find somebody less complicated!! I'd be interested to know if others have observed that too & why do we Aquarians seem to find them so attractive, our overwhelming curiosity or what???

  • I have To saY That I am A Flattered and B VerY inTerested In whAt waS saID abOUt mY sIgN

    Yes I aM vErY seXXXY aND mYstrIOus, anD Even ConfuSing.

    I loVe people,i lOve UnderStandinG PeoPle, anD I lOve watcHIng PeoplE

    WE arE CharMinG Because we Know WhaT tO saY tO chaRm yoU

    wE liSteN anD we waTch MOrE thaN you ThiNK

    AnD we KNow a heLL oF alot More Than we let oN.TheSe aRE Our GOod traits.

    The baD ONes aRe that we ManiPulate VeRY weLL and UsuaLLy get whaT we want From YOu

    wiTHOut yOu knOwiNg iT.

    We're harD To get cloSe To.

    aNd OuR evEry mOve is StrageY.

    we Love haRd We Fuck hard and FIGht tO KiLL

    DoNt YOu Just LOVE Us!!!

    ps Aquarians are sexxxy:)


  • I'm a proud scorpion... It tickles me that you said "a less evolved scorpio is dangerous, manipulative and sneaky"... We aren't entirely manipulative... and the other poster who stated that we always have a hidden agenda... That's all just crazy talk!! We are more passionate about things... even dogmatic to a fault at times... Scorpions are known for a vivid, wide youth but become much more sedated and mature with age... Catch a scorpion nearing his/her 40th birthday and you will be in heaven! Mature scorpions have a much younger aspect and zeal for life... we also crave a passion for intimacy...

    Don't judge a Scorpion at it's most immature and intense... we do grow up to be pretty honest, decent people... with a swift stinger... 🙂

  • I am a scorpio and very very proud of it you know we're sneaky when need be and we can be secretive about alot of things but what I have come to realize is that whatever we do when it comes down to it we are very PASSIONATE about ANY and EVERYTHING we do because it is in our nature.

  • I agree that lesser evolved Scorpios operate in our sign's worst traits.

    I do usually have an agenda -- not because I'm evil, but because Scorpios are natural strategists. They are stealth in their operations. I don't apologize for that...why should every one be privy to my agenda. It's private. It's personal. Scorps love what you call sneaky we just call nun of yur bizness! ha ha.

    And as far as an "agenda' I would hope people have motivations for their actions. We are quite aware of ours and like I said, we strategize to maximize opportunities. This is a great skill that I'm proud of.

    I choose friends carefully and will release them and not look back if there is a transgression. But once I invite someone into my inner circle I generallly try to do everything possible to keep the bond strong.

    I love Aquas and Leo...oh my. My fav signs in the world for boyfriends.

  • I'm a Scorpio/sun. Pisces/moon, and Scorpio/rising; sometimes I wish I wasn't that way. Im sometimes so closed off that I seem heartless. Only two people truely know me. If my girl came on here, Capricorn, she would tell you to stay true to your Scorpio.

    We may have moments where we seem too "attached" to someone. That's only because of how passionate we are when we make a decision with in ourself's. If in our mind we have it that we truely love someone, it seems that only death can separate us from that which we love. Stubbornness is a second friend with most Scorpios. We do tend to use people to get what we want; even if its for the best. Not that im saying Scorpios are evil and get what they want. I have found that im using my girl to escape my troubles from everyday life. Focusing on her and her alone.

    As scorpios we make an analysis about anything and everything. The ability to read people is so amazing, and when asked what we think about someone. We usually can't answer that question. Being that a water sign runs through our vains we most often can put our feelings into words that make sence. When my girl and I started this relationship she was so interested in getting to know me. She wanted to me to open up more and let her get to know me. And let me tell you it wasn't pretty. When a true Scorpio opens up and the companion can't keep up, the pressures of life crash down. And the scorpio feels vulnerable. Lucky for me she "swooped" in and closed that gap. For me making that love even stronger.

    For ther person that said "Catch a scorpio near 40 years old and you'll be in heaven" That varies among different individuals. Scorpios go though a transformation. Scorpion, eagle, and dove. The 40 year old is the ever loving peaceful dove. Someone of my age, 17, would still be the scorpion. I've matured and reached the eagle with high perspective. I can achieve inner peace and become a dove in my early 20's. So that 40 year old can be of any age. The younger scorpion is foolish and unaware of his indiscretions. I know im at my "eagle" because I know what is bad about me and I can control it. I can know if I'm being too competative, heartless, or anything thing that can turn people away from me.

    I may, at times, wish I was I wasn't the way I am. When you can be so quite, secretive, passionate, and be able to read people like looking at a clock you begin to contemplate many things in life and have doubts. I am, however, proud of who I am; and would not change a thing. Im so passionate about being a scorpio that I've made nearly 50 designs for a tattoo. Partially because Scorpios are mostly expressed through music and the arts.

    Only advice I have left is to be true with your scorpio, "Trust is a must," I like to say; and bare with them. Moods can change on a Scorpio like the winds in a hurricane.

  • My friend has a scorpio moon and his mom is a scorpio. She scares the heck out of me

  • I have been dating an Aquarius for going on a year. We have had or ups and downs, broken up many times and had our share of disagreements! It took us awhile, a year, to understand each other. I must say that our realionship coulnt be better. The key to our realionship, time apart, letting us be who we are without trying to change each other. Respcting each others mood swings( as a fellow scorpio we are VERY moody, mistrusting, suspicious, secertive) but we also are very loyal people with good intentions. I guess what im saying is you just have to grow on each other as well as leeting your realionship grow......give it some more time. If it doesnt get any better then rethink your situation.

  • Im a Scorpio. Moon sign Aquarius. Rising sign Cancer.

    I have found that i am very compatible with Capricorns and other Scorpios when it comes to romantic relationships.

    At the same time, since us Scorpios are so good at reading people, it always depends on how we feel about you, because we can not like you a second after meeting you for no reason, we just base it on the vibes we get from you.

    We follow our gut and our intuitive nature.

    If we end up likeing you in the first few seconds of knowing you then it's because we feel good from you.

    Dont ever cross us unless you are prepeared to deal with it.

    We either put our whole hearts into everything we do or we dont do it.

    As bad as it sounds, if you have a Scorpio as a friend or lover you should feel blessed because we will always be there for you.

    We respect people all the time so we want to be respected back.

    We are very very sexual and it shows in just about everything we do as does our natural mysteriousness. Alot of the attention we get from people is because of this.

    We intrigue everyone. We are so stubborn, cold and hard-shelled but are one of the softess people you will ever meet once you really truly get to know us.

    We have a reason for everything we do and its not so much strategy as it is common sense and natural smarts.

    We are not manipulative we just know people and what makes them tick so it is easier to use our words and as it allready is, we are very good talkers.

    Family is very important some way or another.

    We have a sturdy brick wall that few people can knock down so good luck because even after knowing us for numerous years, you will only know about half of us, if that.

    If we let you in we give you the choice to do what you wish with that information and i advise you use it wisely or not at all.

    We always have secrets. If we dont tell or do tell there is a reason for it. With us it is a game of trust. Trust is super important and once you enter our circle you are never permanently in but once you are out you will never re-enter.

    My advice to anyone in any kind of relationship with a Scorpio, be careful and even though it may seem like you are always walking on egg shells, you arent, we are sometimes ust so intense we make people uneasy. O and take of our love once you have recieved it.

  • How do you find your moon sign and rising sign? I am confused and new at this. Thanks for any help!

  • Hi my fellow Scorpion's, females and males!

    As a female Scorp...I agree with everyone, but the one I like the most is, Yes we are intense in everything! We love hard, we **** hard, we even argue hard, but most of all, if a Scorpion loves you, hold on! They love you back, it's til sting do you part.... lol!

    Experiences from other Scorpion female friends and myself;

    Libra men can't forget us.

    Gemini men keep us very happy in every aspect until the twin thinks we're getting too deep.

    Aries men are very sexual but don't really stimulate our minds.

    Taurus men, we love to control you in bed.

    Capricorn men keep us happy but with a twist of "what's up know" patients for that!

    Virgo men sometimes creep us out.

    Scorpion men are just as intense, but too competitive. Only room for one in the spot light!

    Aquarius men, major turn on....and sometimes major turn off.

    Cancer men, perfect match.

    Pisces men, lovely but sometimes boring.

    Leo men, they let us talk and they listen...but omg when they!

    Sagittarius men, we click and unclick. I feel these 2 signs are better off being friends.

    Enjoy your Scorpion....I know my guy just lovveeessss me 🙂

  • I have heard it said that you should either make love to a Scorpio, or kill!

    I just love this sign, and have naturally been attracted to them. I think it's all mly Capricorn influences...I can be as intense as they can be. I do know one thing, if I need advice I'll ask a Scorpio. I know they will be straight up with me.

  • scorpion rule is the greatest

    we control what others say,do or thinks---and you dont even know we do it ----even leos dont notice us until the sting

  • so there was this scorpio... and of course he was mysterious, and intelligent and talented and sexy... he blew me away, and i wish i would've stuck around. i just did the usual cancer thing and scuttled off because i was afraid that i liked it.... i was afraid it was too good to be true.

    we're still aware of each other even though i haven't talked to him in a long time. we haven't actually seen each other since last august... and before that it was five months since we were together. i'll have dreams with him for weeks, and then out of the blue he'll send me a message or call. the dreams are always vivid, like he's trying to get a hold of me, then i can't get him off my mind until i do something about it. before new year, i had this dream where he had put up new music on his myspace and the next more i went online, not thinking a thing about that and saw that he had put up a new new tune (with only one listen) and almost crapped my pants. we talked... he wanted to see me, then he disappeared. and i moved on. and of course, a month later, there he was again telling me about a dream he had of me and how sexy it was and how he wanted to see me again still.

    i almost punched myself in the face.

    i mean... i guess i had done it to him too. maybe it's just not our time. i just don't understand why being with someone for two weeks would linger so strongly after now, over a year of having not been with him, i still have this ache in my heart.

    i'd hate to just be a call girl. especially when i felt we had something special.

  • I'm a cusp girl--" I know !!"...A Libra / Scorpio or shall i say , Leebrium Leepio.

    I find myself smack in the middle of both signs and can be very confusing when in your younger years. I' ve evolved and matured so i can honestly tell you from my experiances what to watch for and how to deal with us folks.

    Trust--Loyalty -- Privacy and respect are the four main topics i have chosen simply because i find they are the most important aspects of a scorpio. We don't don't trust at the drop of a hat, it takes a long time to gain the trust of a scorpio be patient.

    Loyalty sits at the very top of our list , don't cheat a scorpio unless you wanna suffer our sting --keep in mind--we never sting unless its justified, doesn't matter if you think it is, only if we think it is.

    Privacy is key to a scorpio...and like said before--what others percieve as sneaky, we percieve it as none of your GD business its got nothing to do with being sneaky. Respect that. I can almost garentee you that if you trust to tell a scorpio a secret we will take it to our graves. Now if your lucky enough for a scorpio to tell you something private and u decide to spew it all over the place i CAN garentee you you've lost their friendship for good--your what i like to say WRITTEN OFF.

    Last but not least is respect, this is in our have to earn the respect of others to get it in return. We do not comprehend any other way....

    Now if your on the cusp like myself then we can be commanding, very intense but keep in mind we have a great sense of humor. There is a time and place for everything....

    We are extremely skilled at communication and abstract thinking and very motivated. We are very aware of our surroundings !!-- pretty much psychic most of the time....

    We don't settle for anything but the best. Compulsion can be evil so becareful, along with that watch out for self indulgence. We love nature....

    We are one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac and we know it. Use that that double edged sword we often have for tongues, we often say things harshly before we think. Not everyone has as thick skin as we do.

    If your drawn to the occult use your knowledge wisely---ALWAYS remember what you inflict upon others will come back on you ten fold. Its not meant for person gain at the expense of others.

    .....we see through lies and cant stand superficial people--so be honest and you will recieve that in return....and most of all be yourself.

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