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  • Hello soulsisters Score and scorpioblonde! Wow, we are all very much alike! I hear myself in both of you to a tee! Lisa, I too have never had any female Scorpio friends, and have felt quite lonely in my own little world. I have 2 Gemini sisters, 1 Capricorn, and my Mom is a Gemini too. I absolutely have trust issues scorpioblonde, and my Mom drives me crazy for a whole host of other reasons! She butts her nose in uninvited, all the time! And I am very chatty with people I like! I think being a born performer helps with that too though.

    Things are so steamy with this Gemini, I'm afraid we're going to burn out! I do love to keep things exciting and interesting though, which Geminis love. Although I'm hearing some of them stray, this "witchy" hot-blooded Scorpian will see to it that he'll never feel the need to! tee hee...

    I am the same about letting people into my world. I absolutely have to have the same level of commitment and loyalty from people before I will accept them completely into my world. Once thay disappoint me too deeply, I will turn my back forever. Maybe that's not so great sometimes though, huh?... We are so intense and passionate about everything, aren't we? Sometimes I even scare myself! LOL

    Oh Lisa and sweette1398, I was involved for a short time with a Scorpian man, a friend that was there for me after my husband died. We were extremely psychically connected! We also connected in other ways too. I think I blew his mind a bit though, and he backed off. He would come back, and it was absolutely like he was under my "spell" sweette1398! Then he would go back to his reality, and I would be "out of sight out of mind". I would always have to draw him back to me with a little "spell" again... Too many games for me! I wanted someone who wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with him, and because he really wanted me, not because I was casting a spell on him! You should expect the same from your Scorpio I think...

  • Jazzsinger, Scorpio Cyber gal-pal!!!

    How's that kooky Mr. Gemini treating you?!?!! Hahaha! Bet he's excited and perhaps a teeny bit nervous about June 4th!!! Us Scorps can have that affect...? And boy do I ever understand about the Gemini " butting in". Oh yes! My " friend for life" Gemini-now that I said " don't really need you "

    is forever butting in...then when I start talking-she says " you've told me this hundreds of times!" it drives me ( and my Scorp hubby) bonkers!!! Oh well, only human, right?

    Hey, the Cappy in your fam must be trying to hang on for dear life...though Caps tend to be able to hold their own! My Dad and oldest son are Caps. My next son, I call him my son-shine, is a Sag and we are soooo close. I've been crying all year cox he's going to college in the Fall!!! I'm going to miss him beyond words-my heart actually aches. Then there's my "baby", my Pisces girl. Well! Those Pisces...whew! Strong and so creative and very psychic!!! And finally, God love her, my Mom the Aquarius. Um, talk about clashing!!!! Yikes! But fantastic to talk about Big Ideas with! Wow, yah-I am chatty. I read once that chatty Scorps are using the chatter as a disguise... Enough about my stuff! So! If I may ask, do you have kids? If it's too personal, that's OK, I understand-I'm just's really refreshing having some Scorps to relate to!!!

    Oh, Scorpiobonde! People are always telling me their secrets!!! They know they're safe with me. I may talk a lot, but would not ever blab someones secrets...I mean like this happens all the time!!! it's funny you brought that up...wonder if other Scorps find that's true for them? Don't you feel like the Keeper of Secrets???!!! Guess it's a high compliment. I do NOT chat about my secrets though!

    Well, even I'm talked out now...

    You two take Good Care of your sexy selves!!!


  • Hey Lisa! Yes, he is intrigued, but I'm sure a wee bit nervous too! He should be! I've got a few surprises in store for him. Mmmmm... He's on a motorcycle trip in Tennessee with the guys this weekend. He called me last night though and told me he was happy to talk to me. I think this trip might make him appreciate me even more!

    Yeah my Mom always gives advise when I'm not asking for it! Being the honest to a fault Scorpio that I am though, I always set her straight! It works for us though. I try to be as tactful as I can! My Dad is a Capricorn too! So weird, huh? My late husband was an Aquarius. Very talented, creative and intellectual. Just a bit critical and emotionally distant. Also, never satisfied! We had 13 good years together though, after being friends for 10! We had one son together. He's 6, and a Libra (Oct. 16th). Sometimes I think he's channeling his Dad from the great beyond though! He is so much like him. I also have a stepdaughter that I am very close to. She is 25, and an Aries. We get along really well. She's getting married July 15th. Eloping though! Boo hoo. Oh well, that's what my husband and I did! sorry to hear about your college-bound one! I'm sure it'll be quite an adjustment for you.

    I've always been confided in by people to! I've kept many secrets over the years... I too am pretty private about my own though...

    I'm loving this contact! You take care too!


    P.S. Where do you live? I'm in Florida...

  • Am a lady Scorpio so can not say much about gentleman.

    The important thing for me is to understand basic element for to understand myself.

    The sun and the moon sign element for me is water that can be found underground on the ground in the higher ground in different forms and shapes.

    So, talking, asking questions about darkness, secrets and mystery is the easier part. For to live it and understand it have to be personal experience that teaches me to make a difference between being alive and just living. So can say that have not met many humans in my life only people. My be they take it a bit personally but it is ok. There is darkness everywhere, some try to sell not understandable as secrets and time to time impress you with a trick. The only real light is in you.

    Can also say that people are usually scared of me even afraid to avoid me but in a sick way wanting me to choose them and I never do. I dig only courage. That is why meeting people is pure egoistic thing, having fun and looking for new situation where can learn more about myself. That is why people can be found boring. But what fun and for how long can something be if I get it before you say it and still don’t get it. People are very attracted to what they choose to see but soon realize the gap between what they want and what they can handle.

    never to own only to love

  • HEY SCORPIOS! Let's get this forum going again! Let's not crawl under a rock and hide away! Let's show everyone we can be just as friendly and "chatty" as the rest of them!

    So, did any of you have trouble communicating with the Mercury Retrograde last month? I was a total mess because of it! I usually have no trouble communicating, but until it reversed itself I couldn't find the words to express myself. That is a first for me! It's great to understand why we have these troubles though, and this site has really helped me with that. Finding the influences of my Ascending and Moon signs really enlightened me as well. It's a relief to know that some of our traits are just in our nature. It takes some of the weight off of my shoulders!

    So let's get some stimulating conversations going on here again...

  • hot and cold

    shows right here in this forum

    I'm smiling as I read it...too many secrets let out time to regroup! I'm 47 and well in touch with my Scorpio nature. Its been a pleasure reading ya'alls evolution it was rather like reliving the past.

  • Hey Jazzy!!!

    Yeah, I'm on it...LOL


  • C-

    "feelin' lazzzzzy..."

    U suppose it's Taurus moon & t aurus rising???

    I dunno?!!???

    L πŸ™‚

  • TO: tradingthoughts,

    I always thought I was in touch with my Scorpian Nature, until I started doing more research on this site! I have learned so much more about myself, and am becoming more comfortable with who I really am. Understanding the celestial influences in our lives and personalities has done wonders for my peace of mind and serenity. It also helps to connect with others like me. I think we all continue to evolve throughout our lives. I am 44 years old, and am in a new relationship due to the sudden loss of my husband last August. That really threw me for a loop, and put me back out in "the field" definitely against my will! Not something Scorpians can handle too well. Being forced into something out of their control, huh? Thanks for sharing!

    TO: Lisa,

    Just thought I'd shake this forum up a bit! I love sharing with fellow Scorpians the best. I think I've figured out my Gemini to the best of my abilites for now. He is coming around, for sure! (He cannot resist!) I got an unexpected offer from my friend to babysit Eric for tonight, so we are getting together again! Yippee! A real date! (Not sure what we're doing yet.) Eric and I are taking a trip this week, so my man and I won't see each other again until we get back. It'll probably be good for us though!



  • You guys seem to think it is strange for a girl who is Scorpio to have Scorpio friends?? I love my Scorpio friends very much. We are so sisterly that we know what the other is thinking without even speaking. I am Scorpio, I have two female friends who are Scorpio's, my grandfather was Scorpio, my stepbro was Scorpio, and the list goes on and on... I love it when me and my sister Scorpio's have a gathering. It makes us more powerful when we are combined. We love going out on the town together. We turn heads every place we go. We also seem to clear a room rather quickly when provoked. LOL You mess with one of us, and three of us nail your behind. We get along great even though we each have chosen a different path in life. Three strong personalities in the same room? Never know what you will get !!

    Now for our differences...I chose to marry twice. First husbnd was a Scor/Sag cusp. Loved when he was in Sag mode, but fought constantly when he was in Scorp mode. Second, or current hubby, is a Sun in Sag and a Moon in Gemini. We are so steamy when in each others company, that others tell us to get a room. LOL Now one of my Scorp gal pals is a single mother of two and a yr older than I. She chose not to marry, and relatively dated married or older men so there are no ties that bind so to speak. To this day, a man gets too close to her and she runs him off . She has had a few nut cases that took at least two of us to run off. But she loves being the loner though. Now my other Scorp gal pal is married to a Libra. Watching those two argue is like a laugh fest. They have a relationship that has lasted more than twenty yrs. She has chosen to farm and she is of my parents age.

    All three of us are VERY highly intelligent. One graduated nursing school, one quit school to get out of her home life, and one is in law school. So yes, you can have Scorpio female friends. Just think, someone who knows your secrets and never tells. A friend who knows you inside and out, and that you have so much in common with.

    Now the male Scorpio's are far from the females. With males, I have seen fighting over the leader roles. Fighting over mates, and stinging each other to death. I even dated a Scorpio once. The sex was crazy hot and dynamic, but torture in other areas of life. I didn't like the competition games that followed. Who wore the pants? I have no clue, but it was him who left rather quickly. πŸ™‚

  • I agree with you Synthia! As a scorpio fem with my moon in aries and rising and scorpio one may say I'm a scorpio to the tee! At 20yrs of age I find myself in the midst of one of my biggest transitions! No longer holding onto emotinal baggage and giving myself the opportunity to accept all that has happened good and bad because it all served a purpose! 'A wise man learns from a fools' mistakes!" "Your loss, is my gain!" "I can show you, better than I can tell you!" Just a few quotes that keep me goin........

    Life to me is the game of chess in short. Everything is a sacrifice, (gain or loss) it is a matter of how you set it up and when you are willing to let go. The queen has the most moves on the board as to where the king only has one. All other pieces are used to protect those main two. Play a game of chess with a person and you will see how they value life by how quick they make decisions, what other things they put at risk by being greedy and if their defense is any good.

    I was in a relationship with a Leo for about 4yrs now & the emotional rollercoasters we have been on, OMG!!!! I love the man to a tee, but the clingyness I could no longer stand.

    It's one thing to be in love but dayuum! Can I breathe? It got to the point I felt the clingyness was due to trust issues and who needs that because I'm so grand in spirit and he being the total opposite of a egotistical Leo (maybe we would mesh better) he's sooooo insecure.

    I find my magnet attracts capricorns, for they are mysterious in nature like ourselves, are alluring and self teachers and talk about the strageist?!

  • I really can relate to what you shared. Everyday is like an epiphany for me. People don't have enough passion for me these days. They do things for the love of money solely. Because who doesn't love money? I don't pride myself on it though. Difference! I work with kids because I love their energy and creativity. I also try my best to embed good morals in their head. Due to the demographics of NYC I try to help them see past the darkness in their homes and neigborhoods for their future will be only what they make it! Changing one heart at a time! We have eveything we need because the ones before us had less!!!! It's all about how you utilze what you have. My mom is a virgo and very cynical! Always told me I'm a user. I see it this way we all do at one point of time or another in a variety of ways. Its the way of the world. Why not take all the good one has to offer and use ut to better yourself?????????!!!!!

  • Sneaky? LMAO!!!! I guess we can be when we are crossed. You prolly shouldn't do that lol. It's not good for your health. The rest of the time that you percieve us as sneaky we are just drawn into ourselves. We like privacy and thrive on our mysterious side. Don't be hatin' cause you don't draw the admirers that we do....Sorry, If you want to insult someone, you sould pick a sign that is less vinomous.

  • I'm interested in people's thoughts: we have managed to remain married and madly in love for 25 years - certainly not all perfect but always in love, 3 grown happy, responsible kids, can't wait for grand kids but none on the horizon yet and-

    Me: 47 yrs old, Sun: Scorpio, (11/22 - 2 hours 45 min later sun into sag, FYI: there's no such thing as being born on "the cusp")

    Rising: Virgo,

    Moon: Taurus

    Him: 48 years old, Sun: Scorpio (11/02)

    Rising: Capricorn

    Moon: Taurus

    Married: 2/18/1984

    Of course we have it all figured out....what do you think?

  • I am a Gemini sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo rising. I'm so terribly in love with a Scorpio whom, I thought, had finally opened up to me. He ran away! Blamed his feelings on me. I'm pretty sure we will never speak again. And I'm not quite sure why.

    Was it all just a Scorpio mind game? ..I don't know if I'll ever stop thinking about him..

  • He is a Scorpio sun in a Sagittarius moon.. almost contradicting?

  • Oh my!

    A Gem who can't stop thinking about a Scorp???!!!

    Well, let's u know your chart in full? Maybe just rising and moon?

    I see you do know your Scorp's moon. Hmmmmmm...yeah, that does seem like a strange combo!

    I'm a girl Scorpio, always Geminis around me and I don't know why I'm like a Gemini magnet!!!

    I've got no Gem in my whole chart either...

    So let me know if you find what your rising and moon are in? Or maybe you know already? I'm curious now!

    Lisa πŸ™‚

  • Ive got the same problem as Score....and I wish I could attract Cancer men. I guess its because I haven`t found him yet or him me.

  • Scorpioblonde;Jazzsinger, here I am again. Still on this rollercoaster ride with my Scorp! I agree with the "out of sight-out of mind" philosophy. We go on and off again for a couple of weeks and boom, we're suppose to meet, he doesn't call, doesn't show up. The next day when I confront him about it his explanation is that he got busy, forgot and that was that. Just a misunderstanding. Didn't feel that he owed me an explanation and Virgos see that as sort of a betrayal. Boy, was I hot. He apologized dogmatically, said he'd make it right and that I should just let it go. Gone again! One thing was right concerning the loyalty thing. Needed some help with my vehicle a week later (mind you now I hadn't seen or heard from him since), he was on his way out of town, but stopped, took out a couple of hours to help me. Said he'd all when he returned and it was eight days still no called. I called myself doing the noble thing and called to see how he was doing. Said he was find, was waiting on a call and would call me back (if that was okay) when he finished his business. guessed it......still no call. Can't take the games any longer. Will cut off my right hand before I call him again. Dating a Cancer (was dating him before the Scorp) who is attentive (almost suffocating), loving, compassionate, and a very passionate lover (more passionate, with feeling, than the Scorp. Very free with his finances BUT I still want to figure that Scorp out!!!!!!!! Moving on with my life but wonder??????????will he ever come back into my life again? Do you think he still thinks of me???or did that Virgo contravene run him away? Has anyone heard of a successful Virgo/Scorpio relationship? Its only been a week now but..........................HELP!

  • I'm a Taurus, moon in Cap, and asc. in Cap. I've been married to my Scorpio for 6 years, together 8. Everything I've read here totally seems true with him. He can lie to me like there's no tomorrow, secretive, does not share feelings, and just doesn't seem like he's "with" me even though he's right next to me. I can't figure him out, and still can't believe I don't know him at all. I crave emotional closeness and there is no such thing in our relationship. I feel like it's just impossible to hold "us" together anymore.

    Anyone have any advice for an emotional Taurus who simply needs love?????

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