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  • Saggie3Scorpio,

    It's ironic that as you write about this pairing, I have been having serious questions for myself regarding a relationship my Scorp has been having with a female friend who is a Sagittarius. I love her spontaneity and realness--a refreshing change from a more secretive female friend who seemed to take a hostile attitude towards me once she found out i was his fiance. I, the Saggie friend, and him are all mutual friends. But it does raise questions for me what appeals to him about her, since she seems the opposite of him in personality so much of the time. I will do your charts to help you in understanding your own relationship situation. All I know about my own situation is that our friend has her moon in Scorpio. In my relationship with my guy, he has his moon in Aquarius, which is my Sun sign. Stay tuned!! More than happy to help you.

  • Hi Saggie!

    Here is your chart: You have a charm and lift to your humor and an active social sense. A wide scope of vision and true spirit of leadership. You are noble even when acting impulsively. You want substance in life; no fly-by-night relationships for you! With a sensitive social antennae, make sure to give to yourself first, acknowledge your dreams, and give permission to your passions in balancing out work, fun, and love.

    Next, his chart: He has an awareness of the world around him, and much mental activity. He wants to make others think. Ardent and magnetic in his appeal. He appreciates the finer things in life. Motivated, caring, good at networking. He has an investigative mind. At his best when he is being useful. Attracted to those in need and teaching. He has a good sense of timing in his ambitions.

    Your combined relationship chart: There is a need for both of you to allow yourselves to be loved and vulnerable, with empathy. It's important that his emotional needs are met. Show support and interest when he is expressing himself. Do a reality check on promises you want to be able to deliver.

  • saggi3scorpio:

    I certainly can relate to your boyfriend on being married to a taker. My husband was the same way, all he did was take, take, take. The love making was boring, he was boring. I totally understand why your boyfriend would think the way he does toward his ex because I am the same way toward mine. Just remember, there is his truth and her truth and then there is the REAL TRUTH when it comes to the end of a marriage. As you said, you have also been married before.

    I do somehow doubt however that he was as miserable as he portrayed to you as he claims to be, you do not stay married 18 long years to an evil person who kept you miserable. Obviously he loved her very deeply and you need to respect that.

    I am sure you probably are the best lover he has ever had, sounds like you are the first relationship he has had out of the marriage. Love making is always better than with the ex, that is how it will be remembered forever. I think though you should be careful as to how much smoke you consume from him or how much smoke you blow out, because it looks like you're blowing out a lot of smoke from what this man has told you. He tells you these things to make you feel like you're a better person than his ex but in truth... you are either completely opposite (which is what my ex did. he went for someone psycho) or you are exactly alike... People usually fall for those exactly like their ex.

    Just do not believe everything he tells you okay? I would hate to see you hurt in the long run, all he says about his ex will eventually go back on you when you two end. Watch the way a man treats his mother and the people around him, that is exactly how he treats you even though you are too blind to see right now.

    A man who bad mouths his ex will also bad mouth you one day.. and if you play his game, so will his next victim (er girlfriend) when he is done with you.

    Just sending a reality check your way. Be careful to give your heart away.

  • Ok; new to the forums but a life-long and proud Scorpio! (30 this past year)...

    A few of the previous posters stated this, and I will agree that the lesser evolved Scorpios operate in our sign's worst traits.

    We'll always be sensitive, extremely deep, analytical yet irrational (to outsiders) at times and although I hate to admit this, the statement that we 'always have a secret agenda' does apply, when accurately translated: we are masters at hiding our emotions, so much so that we rarely address our actual concerns directly. To do so takes a tremendous amount of introspective work and many Scorps (the lesser-evolved) will simply act on impulse - stormy behavior, nastiness, silence, barbs. The rest of us who've chosen to relish in our signs fairer traits will think before we speak, act and consider what it is we truly feel before we communicate or try to express those feelings. I find that female Scorpios tend to be more flexible this way and male Scorpios (I've dated 4!!) like things their way.

    If you want a Scorpio's devotion, prove that you're devoted. If you want a Scorpio to express their true feelings, you'll need to create a safe environment for them to express said feelings. Communicate openly, but carefully consider how you relay your feelings as we will take what you say to heart and rarely forget it - which leads to trouble when trusting that what you say in the future is sincere.

    All that aside, I'm definitely a sexual person when I'm with someone, loyal, devoted and extremely deep. I love all things that require research, love to analyze people... I've been told a number of times that 'there's just something about me' which attracts people - magnetizes them. I seem to have no problem attracting the attention of large groups of people when out, even if I'm not seeking that (which we rarely are). I love long, interesting conversations; what's usually perceived to be the 'darker' side of life, anything supernatural or metaphysical and also love physics. I'm an artist, musician, designer and also a pretty savvy businesswoman. We also love our mysterious nature, although most often we feel like we appear to be an open book! We also value our uniqueness tremendously, so don't ever lump us into a 'category', or try to say we're 'like all men/women'. 😉

    Since this site is anon, I will say this: my feelings are easily hurt, but I've cultivated the ability to weigh the worth of the source, therefore cutting down on the emotional drain.

    We're so often misunderstood - coming across as cold, nasty, devious - all due to people misinterpreting our physical expression or the effort we put into hiding our feelings from the world. If I had a dollar for every time someone said "I thought you'd be a b***h, but as soon as I spoke to you, I realized you're so open!", I'd be a very rich woman. My bonds are deep and usually life-long. I'll do anything to help the people I love.

    To even begin to understand a Scorpio takes time, consistency, will, effort and patience. We don't trust easily, we are extremely selective when choosing a mate or friend and yes, we're very intense as we're probably the most passionate sign of the Zodiac... we try to understand our loved ones on the deepest level possible and won't ask for anything which we're not willing to give.

    As 'Saggie3Scorpio' said: he hears me even when it doesn't seem like he's listening...' that's because we read people so easily and if we actually care for that person in a deep way, we will read into your needs and wants and then actually want to provide that to you. Scorpios tend to be 'givers' by nature; sometimes to our detriment.

    Basically, in summation: if you find a true connection with a Scorpio, show them that you're sincere and take the time to try to understand them, they'll give you all that and more in return. Don't simply judge the book by its' cover when it comes to Scorps, as with our sign things run much, much deeper.

    I'm a little late here, but I hope this helped!

  • I'm bumping this up and then reading back on what everyone says.

    I'm a scopio woman with a Libra moon(got the wrong reading before creating this screen name of ScorpVirgo)

    I feel like I have a lot of Scorpio tendencies(jealousy, posessiveness, dark), but at the same time, I don't sting very often. I only sting those who have REALLY hurt me. most of the times, I try and MAKE a relationship work more than walking away or hiding and no replying. I wonder if that's where my Moon in Libra comes from. my behavior in relationships is that I try and compromise and make it work until it's dead and sometimes even then after!

    does anyone else do this?

  • I've also noticed that I need a lot of trust and loyalty with any relationships(family/friends/intimate). I need to make sure that you are not going to stab me in the back or walk away from me when things get tough. It also takes me a very long time to open up to anyone, but once I love you, you're in my heart forever.

  • My sun sign is Scorpio with a Scorpio rising sign which makes me a double Scorpio with no outlet to fall back on. (They say you're more of your rising sign then your sun sign). I've dated most every sign and compared/contrasted the differences in nature between them. There are too many variables to go by, but just go on instinct. I've dated a Scorpio male and know many of them and to me, they feel like a brother and too close to home. I think they're quirky, frugal, can be difficult, can be neurotic, can be snappy/moody, jealous, possessive and trying to teach a lesson in their own way. They can also be bossy, controlling and seek to be heard and correct in their views which can make them stubborn and cold. On the brighter side, they're very dedicated, loyal, passionate, sincere, friendly, intense in their convictions and can be persuasive. The males can sound like they're whining at times at talk with a slow and structured pace. They just mostly irk me since I can pick up their sign like a radar detector. I dated an Aquarius and there are two kinds, the silly, humorous outgoing types and the dry, serious analytical types. I dated the first type and was intrigued by the differences of nature, but it was not productive since he was wish washy and didn't ever want to settle down I found out. He had too many phobias which ruined any relationship he was in and was not exactly sincere about his feelings and actions. Very defensive, stubborn and had to have his way. Not good. Aquarius and Scorpio isn't the best match at all (air and water). No security here and they wonder off always looking for something else that doesn't exist, grass is greener theory. At least this was my experience. Aquarius seems like they need a lot of freedom to be by themselves for awhile and reappear when they're ready. Scorpio is about security, especially financial, or they will be worried about this area deep down. They worry about most everything and then dig deep to always find an answer like a detective. They've an issue with trust and doubt things many times. They're positive people though and withdraw when needed for peace and harmony. I hope any of this helps address some personal characteristics and am happy to expand on anything further.

  • Yes, I knew a friend who is married to a Scorpio male and he doesn't let her go out with her friends on weekends because of possessiveness and jealousy. Makes sense everything you wrote above and I couldn't agree more with you. I'm a full Scorpio and can relate to this behavior. It's okay for a Scorpio to flirt but not for the other person if this ever occurs. Scorpios trust themselves but has doubts about their partners. They're supposed to be the most insecure sign of the zodiac but hides it cleverly. It's what it's!

  • Thank you, I couldn't agree more! Anyone should only be so lucky to have a mature Scorpio, in their 40's, like you said. Youthful is a perfect word to describe one and it's like we are getting younger, more passionate about life, relationships and maturity. We have such a desire to learn about one on one relationships and are so intrigued with new people that we meet that we will pursue them well and do all that we can to keep things going smoothly. I love Libras and Leos, but I know too well that Scorpios and Leos can argue and buck heads due to their stubborn and intense natures. They either love one another immensely or are boiling with frustration and anger with each other. Too powerful people that are stubborn and know what they want! Libra, on the other hand, are extremely opinionated and critical. They say it as it's which can be very insulting and humiliating to say the least. I have to close hold myself back from striking as well or I could really let them have it. But, I don't because it's someone precious and dear to me, and every single time, the Libra feels a bit of remorse and guilt and comes back, hugs and kisses and makes you feel like a queen on a thrown. It has been like this every single time so I predict this behavior. Scorpio can be way too intense, spiritual and deep for the Libra which makes them feel uncomfortable. LIbra is very trusting and will let you help them out and give them some advice if it's for their own good. They can be stubborn too but will give in a bit at times. They're so sharp at what they say and attract people like a magnet. They have nice taste and are very tactful when they choose. They're like Jekyl and Hyde in my opinion. Gotta love them all and work with them. They also need a pat on the back every so often and to be given kudos for all the work they accomplish. So dedicated and loyal to friends and family both the Leo and Libra are.

  • WE EXPECT UNDYING LOYALTY TO FEEL A SENSE OF WELL BEING OR FEEL THREATENED. Just like a Scorpion in the desert and hopefully not in your home!

  • Hello all you scorpio's...this is going to be long but I would really appriciate if you read it and help me out!

    I am glad I found this thread cause I am in need of some insight! You would think I would understand the scorpio man after being in a relationship with one a double one at that for 12 years but this one has me for a loop. I met the first one very young and unscared by love so I think that made all the difference. Anyway! I am currently interrested in a scoprio man with a cancer moon but he as me very confused. He has been in and out of my life since about October. When we first starting dating be were great, he seemed really into me, i was really into him and then I was unable to attend his birthday lost, big mess. Even though he will not tell me this really bothered him, could tell by facebook posts and comments his friends made. He always had a backup girl and from what I told he only invited me knowing i wouldnt tolorate a backup plan and I didnt come through. This haunts me! Since then we have been very off and on. More off to be honest. He swears me off to all his friends but eventually comes back into mylife. Until the last week it seemed like he was only coming back in after a night of drinking for sex and nothing more but the last few days I have been seeing a lot of him. He is going to places he knows I will be and even called to come over saturday night. We watched a movie talked about some personal stuff, which I found surprising because he is so secretive and it seems like maybe he is ready to give me a second chance. But this is where I am unsure. Is he just interrested in me for sex? Is it more? I know people say ask him because scorpio's are truthful even if it hurts but I am not sure this is true for him. He is very about image and ego and will tell me he doesnt want anything serious, just to keep his guard up. He has even told me that I am unattractive to him if he feels I am getting to close, when obviously if that was true nothing would have started between us. So what do I do? What do I think? Is this a second chance at something real with him, or is he just in it for sex? One last detail, I know other women have been in his life recently so its not like he cant get any someplace else. Not to mention those intense scorpio eyes can get the pants off most women. Please any oppinion/ insight/ advice is welcome.

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