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  • The Transformed,

    Thank you for your good wishes; yes quite a bit is going on right now that (sigh) is taking up a lot of my energy--I want to be able to spend that energy giving my best in a chart, as I feel a great responsibility for doing in-depth work and not being hasty about it when it comes to something as crucial as working out problems in a relationship! I should be back here next week and will do whatever I can in the meanwhile...take care!! Those resources are really excellent and have helped me as well.

  • Hi, The Transformed!

    Here is your chart: You have a strong personality, strong emotional nature. Stability of purpose is your strength. You give, and expect, love in return. An idealist, so consciousness of feelings, thoughts and actions following that is vital in relationships. You have an investigative mind. Freedom-loving kindred spirits with an adventurous attitude benefit you. Your energies function well when on the move. You may be prone to say what you think before considering the consequences. You need a solid foundation, so watch out for taking unnecessary risks. You are sensitive and acutely conscious of your surroundings.

    Next, his chart: He is a curious combo of independence and dependence. Sensitive around other people, but also likes to absorb them as well. Afraid of being hurt or fooled, so he may develop an analytical caginess once his trust has been broken. Otherwise, he can be quite loving and affectionate. He delights in observation and detachment. His loyalty is to abstractions rather than to individuals. Not especially constant in love, but would be surprised by reactions to that habit. He relies more on intuition than on logic. Mental processes may be colored by his emotions, so he may seem hesitant to voice his opinions at times. He is capable of being imaginative in his communications with others. He may be attracted to flatterers. He shoots for high goals, but may be weak on groundwork. Self-learning comes through his relationships. He can give too much early on, which sets him up for disappointment. He needs to let go of expectations. He can be cooperative, but also gullible.

    Your combined relationship: Pressure to 'perform' in this relationship can result in unbalanced emotions like anxiety and aggressiveness. Focus on each others' sensitivities and try to keep your relationship as balanced and harmonious as possible. This relationship is a learning opportunity for both of you. Let the opportunity to learn you deserve love happen! Go beyond the fear of losing control, and lower expectations of yourself and others to make it possible.

  • Cuspglyph,

    Thank you so very kindly for the chart! I truly do appreciate it 🙂

    I am trying to rightly divide and absorb what you have said about particularly 'his' reading and our 'combined'. You are spot on with mine; a kid at heart I am trying to grow and mature into being more of a realist although it can be difficult at times; I always expect, look for the best; the glass is always half full.

    Our relationship is in it's infancy stages,although we have loved each other for nearly 30 years, however we have come to be re-acquainted within only the last 10mths after being apart 28 years living our own separate lives/families. We believe that we are soul-mates and we feel a sense of 'completeness' when we are "together" (which consists of phone conversations & skype as we are 800 miles apart in diff states). Our desire is to be physically together one day.

    I am concerned about the following statement you make concerning 'His Chart' "He delights in observation and detachment. His loyalty is to abstractions rather than to individuals. Not especially constant in love, but would be surprised by reactions to that habit." He has been married twice; and I have once however we both know that we were meant to be together. Twenty-eight years ago was love at first sight, but our life circumstances then did not allow for us to commit at that time; circumstances are different now and we feel as though our love together is the love that we've waited our whole lives for : ) Being the analytic that I am, I am curious how I should interpret this statement in 'His' chart implies??

    Any additional insight would be helpful 🙂 Thank you again, Peace, Love & Light be yours!


  • The Transformed,

    It simply means he is idealistic, and honest with himself about what he values, and how that works out in a practical sense.

  • Hi guys I hate to interupt your situation in fact I just wanted to get everyone;s opinion here since this was all about Scorpios but I really need some insight to my situation. It is in the forum entitled Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings and if anyone wanted to do a reading my birthday is on May 6th 1992, 9:28 pm and my ex's birthdate is on November 1st 1991.

  • and @cuspglyph may you please do a reading on me and him once you read my forum entitled Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings and I would like you personal opinion as well. Id really appreciate it, thank you so much god bless 🙂

  • Hi Asia,

    Right now I am out of town and the tools I use to do readings are at home. But I will get back to you when I'm there, which should be around Sunday. Stay tuned!

  • Ok thank you so much I really appreciate the time you are taking out to do this. God Bless 😉

  • It's my honor. I feel better knowing I can share whatever knowledge I have learned about relationships through metaphysical studies.

  • just got back; train derailed and fortunate to not have been in a serious accident--but this is a week of upheavals in general. will get back to this site later, i'm late on some practical matters!

    Hang in there, Asia!!

  • Asia,

    Here is your chart: You have an adventurous spirit, tremendous courage and drive and are great at initiating things. Be more aware of your feelings around others. Be careful not to trip on your own tongue in expressing yourself. A strong-minded partner can handle that. Self-knowledge about your own needs and desires is crucial. Let life's experiences help you in being around others, and tangible facts about them rather than idealism. All of your senses are in high gear for you in love, and you need time to experience and absorb them.

    Next , his chart: He knows his own mind, and has a desire to express it. It's important to him to influence others mentally. He dislikes others prying into his personal life intensely, but can be prone to gossip as well. Little sense of public opinion, but wants to keep the good opinion of the world. He's attracted to those who appeal to his need to teach, or can indulge a Pygmalion fantasy. He is at his best when doing something useful. He has an investigative mind and may have a gift for stinging wit or the cutting remark. He is intense, shrewd, and may harbor a desire to 'get back' when hurt. Fortunately, he is also capable of adjusting his sensitivities to others when he wants something from them. He needs to be in control of his relationships. Openness and receptivity to others when he feels emotionally insecure is necessary for progress. Self-trust is the key.

    Your combined chart: Practice being comfortable with each others' feelings in this relationship more. Both of you can learn more from give-and-take experiences, to have a better sense of what is real and concretely workable between the two of you.

  • Thank you so much for these readings, Ive heard it takes time. I really appreciate but do you think he still cares for me at all we havent contacted each other at all. Did you get to read my Taurus Girl Confused about Feelings forum for the story behind all of this? What is you personal take on the story?

  • Hi Asia,

    All I can do is show tendencies in his chart; I can't make predictions. It's up to you if you want to deal with his way of doing things; people don't change unless they want to. Interesting an ex of mine had a similar chart...but he had an 'ax to grind' in having a relationship with me. Once I realized he needed this more than a mutually respectful relationship, I let it go. He wound up with a girlfriend who did just the opposite of what he expected me to do--and wow, he 'changed' all right!! But he needed their neurotic behavior, not a healthy relationship. So I guess he got what he really wanted, and I'd say it was only fair to let him find that for himself. As I am a practicing Buddhist, I try to let go of expectations and get to know the person as is, to be able to deal with them more realistically (and productively). That way there is no unnecessary pain from disappointments or illusions. I have a different relationship with him (he is still a human being, after all) but the dynamics are different, based on mutual's helped me greatly to feel more able to speak up when I need to, and vice versa. It's also freed me to find someone else better for me in a romantic relationship.

  • Hello Cuspglyph:

    You are so helpful to do charts for people. I wonder if I can infringe upon you to do one for me?

    My DOB: 8-15-1964 - Born Seville, Spain - 2:11am

    His DOB: 10-25-1960 - Born Denver, CO - Time unknown

    Many thanks for your insight and generosity!


  • Hi LoveSerenity,

    Thank you...i enjoy doing these charts to help people. I don't mind at all doing one for you and for your guy. I am honored that you would ask me. I was a little concerned about some people thinking it was about predictions, as I am no psychic. But being able to do charts is such a valuable tool in understanding and working with problems in relationships, it's great to be able to pass that knowledge on.

    Stay tuned!!

    : )

  • Dear LoveSerenity,

    Here is your chart: Your animal nature is strong--that can burst forth, or be controlled and directed to make you a truly great person. It is human beings, and enthusiasms, that matter to you. Nobody can really help or hurt you except yourself. You are a magnetic person. Ardent, shrewd, intuitive, and likely to go far with these traits. Attentive to details, with a practical focus. You want to enjoy emotional security in relationships. You may get physically upset when criticized. A need to be self-protective. You are creative, engaging, stylish. You have a lot more mental power than most people; this can cause problems in relationships, so realize that most others are not as intelligent in emotions as you are. Tap into your feelings more and be less analytical for more success in relating to others.

    Next, his chart: He has a judicious estimate of what the public wants in respect to his public life.

    He is eager to impress his concepts on anyone. Very set in his opinions. He has strong opinions and a need to voice them often, but he can also see others' reasons if they are not dishonorable. He can appear to be stubborn and inflexible at times but this is balanced out by his supreme efficiency. He has an investigative mind, an adventurous spirit. He will keep things to himself and cover his actions, rarely attacking head-on, but he is only being self-protective. He may take criticism too much to heart.

    Your combined relationship chart: You both may need to make an extra effort to access your feelings rather than being in your thoughts; the inner workings of a relationship may be a mystery to you. Mutual independence can be a challenge. Let down each others' guard more; let vulnerability let you be loved. Take care in expressing yourselves with each other more.

  • Thank you so much for the chart. How very astute and accurate I think you were about us. Amazing inisght. I am grateful!!!!!

  • LoveSerenity,

    Your happiness is my glad I could help you.

  • Cuspglyph:

    I was wondering if you would you be willing to do a reading for myself & my boyfriend of 6 months? I'm a Sag/Cap cusp with a DOB of 12/20/71 and he's a Scorpio with a DOB of 10/30/67.

    We've been together for 6 months (each married once before: him for 18 yrs and me for 15 yrs) and after a challenging February, things have really begun to fall together for us and it feels like we made a breakthrough this week...I feel like I passed all the tests...and he's finally turned his heart over to me. All the signs point to it...his communication pattern has changed- we talked usually once per day before bed & texted all day long but now he's initiating phone calls during the day instead of texting... he's very interested in how my days are going, wanting to spend all of his free time with me...and initiating all of our conversations of our future together. In fact when we were together this weekend he described the house he's buying now as just a transition house....that when we buy "our house" together we'll have this and this...well you get the picture 😉 (We had already discussed & decided months ago that I would be the one to move to his side of the state to eliminate the distance of 2.5 hrs between us).

    So life with my Scorpio guy is about as close to perfect as you could hope for between 2 human fallible beings lol...and yes we have our days like every other couple, but I can truly say I love him in a way I've never loved another and feel the loved returned in so many ways. He's taken the time to study me and I feel like he gets me in a way no one has. He tells me I'm the most giving & loving woman he's ever known, the best lover he's ever had and the only woman who has cared enough about him to ask him about his likes, wants & desires...and do things for him that make him happy without having to ask for it. He's a giver to those he loves and was married 18 yrs to a taker. So now he's experiencing life with a fellow giver...and he's happy! To me he's a dream come true, he hears me even when it doesn't seem like he's listening. I'll see the results of it maybe weeks later and it leaves me speechless. It's his understated way of doing things. And I notice each of those things and thank him for all of his sweet gestures. It's hard to put into words really. just that he's teaching me so much about myself and I'm feeling emotions on much deeper level than I ever have. On one hand it's disarming to be this vulnerable in love...but on the other it's truly magnificent to know that after all these years I've met and fallen in love with my soul mate 🙂

    Sorry for writing so much (yep I'm a Sag lol)...I guess I'm just curious if your chart would reflect this positive momentum & cohesiveness we have in our relationship. The astrology predictions seem to indicate that Sag/Scorpio isn't a good match, but at this point I would have to disagree 🙂 Thanks!

  • i'm an aries sun, libra moon, pisces rising.

    my pisces rising has drawn in quite a few scorpions or scorpion moons. scorpions are witty, sensual, observant, fiercely loyal, and extremely intriguing people. one of my very best friends is a scorpio sun, cancer moon, scorpio rising- in other words, the most INTENSE person i've ever met, and the hardest person to get to know. she loves aries, though, and i'm quite happy for that. 😄 she chooses friends very carefully- and i'm more than delighted to have made the cut. she is very much a lovely person, confident, family-loving, and unique. Scorpions are great. 🙂

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