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  • wow, really?

    Here's mine - March 3, 1981 at 3am, in Pasig City, Philippines

    His - October 24, 1979, I dont know the time, in Olongapo City, Philippines

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Hello Cuspglyph,

    Would you mind do a chart for me and my guy? My DOB is Nov, 8, 63 my mate DOB July 8, 54. Thank you in advance is most appreciated!

  • Thought I'd check out this board as I have a 4 year old Scorpio son. He's a character and a half and 180 degrees from his Leo brother! (which is just fine with me)

    I'm a Cancer and my hubby is an Aries, so there has always been that Fire/Water dynamic in the family. He is at that "mummy mummy mummy" stage which is lovely for me but not so hot for my husband.

    So, all you Scorps out there- anything you would have liked you parents to know as you were growing up? Any specific issues to touch on or avoid? I was just wondering... insight with you mysterious characters is always appreciated.


  • BTW- Gregory Austin Goldman Phynn was born 10/23/2006 @ 14:15 eastern DST just FYI.


  • ConfusedPisces33 and TheTransformed,

    Stay tuned for your charts...

  • Dear ConfusedPisces33, here is your chart: You are conscious of large values in your own progress. Adaptable with a sense of others' emotions. Willing to take a chance even when you are timid, with a certain bravado. You do work things out in your mind beforehand before joining others, but may unwisely expect them to do the same for you in fair relations. You are an independent, original thinker and once your mind is made up, it is difficult to change. It is important for you to be careful in choosing the right company in relationships that contribute to your feelings of harmony as much as possible. You love to give of yourself, and find plenty of takers. Be careful to look at the motives of others realistically once in while. You present an intriguing allure to others that attracts them.

    Second, his chart: Pleasure means a lot to him, and he arrives at success by his own charm and efforts. He can appear fickle and ardent at the same time. He has a rather contradictory emotional nature; his ideals fail to keep him for their expression in very independent ways. He tends to be high-strung and impulsive. His is an investigative mind that stops at nothing, and may have a gift for the cutting remark. He can have a dominant personality and have a hard time taking a back seat. He needs to be careful not live in denial of carelessness in his habits. He may become an escapist and the cause of his own difficulties. He appears to have a worldly air about him.

    It is very important for you to choose the right partner for more than material reasons. Focus your passionate nature on learning to take care of your own needs first, and you may need less from your partner than you think, making it easier for you to a truly balanced relationship with confidence and inner well-being.

  • p.s. sorry about some typing errors in the last statement! Hope this reading helps...

    Next time--I can do the reading for The Transformed tomorrow

  • my reading is so right on the spot!

    as for his, the cutting remarks and the impulsiveness are correct. dont know about the others as I havent seen those in him yet.

  • Oh my god... we just had "the talk" - but he was saying good bye.

    he finally opened up and told me how he felt about me but that he felt that it was not mutual and he had decided to give up. he found this girl who wanted him and he decided to give her a chance, hoping she will help him move on.

    in his eyes, he had been courting me since last year, but either I didnt take him seriously and just laughed it off, or I ignored his sweet gestures. He said it was too painful for him to continue banging his head on the wall 'cause I was so insensitive 😞

    he gave me a chance to explain my side of things and I told him how the roller-coaster treatment had affected me, how I had wanted him too but was confused by his hot-cold behavior (which he explained he did when he felt I wasnt reciprocating).

    but then, he had made a choice and he stands by that - he gave his commitment to this girl, and he won't leave her, regardless of our revelations.

    oh my god, it hurts so much! 😞

    do you think we still have a chance in the future?

  • Dear ConfusedPisces33,

    My heart is with seems he was more concerned with what he wanted at the time; you haven't done anything that justifies his attitude towards you about your feelings for him. You told him how it was for you; it's up to him to care about that and make the effort to put himself in your shoes--not just his own. Mutual caring is what makes a real relationship. He needs to think hard about what he values in a relationship, and not just assume it will happen automatically for him.

    He may just be rationalizing his move...but if you are not so readily 'available' he may have second thoughts. He doesn't know yet the ups and downs of a long-term relationship with this new woman.

    He may realize it isn't what he hoped it would be. Try to avoid being a shoulder to cry on if that happens--if he wants a relationship with just you (and you with him), she has to be out of the picture. He needs to learn on his own what consequences his rash behavior will have in order to grow up and make a mature and genuine decision about who to have a loving relationship with.

    Good Luck!!

  • p.s. he needed to be more upfront with you when he was unhappy, rather than 'disappear' could you be responsible for knowing that when he didn't communicate that to you directly? that is putting an unreasonable burden on you to be a "mind reader".

  • yeah, i guess he's not one of the "evolved" scorpios. He just kept his grudges to himself and blamed me for his pain, when I totally had no idea what was going through his mind!

    i had asked him directly a few times if he missed me - a question I thought was not too much of a risk emotionally, but would give us a chance to open up. But he always said NO.

    it hurts, but I just have to accept that we probably were just not meant to be... 😞

  • Dear Cuspglyph, just curious, will you be back??

  • The Transformed,

    My current schedule has changed unexpectedly, but I can still help you...check out Robert Lee Camp's book "Love Cards" and also Sharon Jeffers' book "Cards of Destiny" for a handle on destiny card-based relationships!! Combined with Chinese astrology as well as Western astrology, it can give you a much clearer perspective on what helps love work, and what issues can't be avoided with a partner. Another fantastic site where you can get free charts (and get this--interactive charts!) is Astrodienst.

    Love, Michelle : )

  • p.s. that's my first name, but that's probably how close i feel to the neat people on this forum!

  • As a scorpio myself I can tell you we are very guarded people . We are also very passionate people. We dont stay with anyone we dont love. We crave lots of attention but dont want people to know that. It doesnt take much to ignite the passion side of the sorpio if you know the right buttons to push of that varies by the personality. Dont forget even though we crave attention, we value our alone time as well.

  • Well said. One thing that has stood out in my mind about my own relationship with a Scorpio is that his mother 'did too much for him' and he felt he was not allowed to find out for himself what his real needs were.

  • Hi Cuspglyph,

    Sorry that you were not able to provide me the reading/chart 😞 Hope that there wasn't something too troubling. At any rate I pray that all is well in your life. Thanks so much for the information provided.

    Take care of yourself 🙂

  • how about staying with someone you dont love to SPITE someone you are in love with but who you think has scorned you?

  • Could anyone give an insight in my situation please. Please don't judge me though xx

    In July 2010 I met at work a Scorpio, the heat was instant and electric and we started flirting/talking.We spent every lunchtime together and we learnt that we were both with our partners. Him not living with her as they were going through difficulties and me married (although not happy). As weeks went on, we became slightly physical but never full on (if you catch my drift). It would only happen every 3 weeks or so - not often. Our friendship was developing more and more. He would blow hot and cold at me (and still does). We are now helping one another in work (setting up business) he talks about wanting to start a business with me. Today as we speak, we are closer than ever - speaking virtually everyday on the phone. I spend time with him at his house everyso often (but the reason for going to his house is only for business reasons) but we speak on the phone socially. Things have only stopped being physical recently because he said he we were becoming too close and it wouldn't work between us as he is 11.4.67 and i am 3.31.82. We would want different things in life. We are still technically with our respective partners but I want him so bad but just don't know how he feels about me and if he would ever leave his partner for me? Any advice or a reading would be so lovely and helpful...thanking you all in advance xxxx

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