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  • I am a Capricorn with Scorpio in Uranus. Does that mean anything?

  • Hi Libra42,

    I would be more than happy to help you. What is his birthdate, and what is your birthdate? I use Destiny Cards as well as Eastern and Western astrology for a charts in a relationship.

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • My bd is 10/14 and his is 10/23.

  • I would need the years as well for the complete charts. Thanks!

  • Hi Cuspglyph, Yeah!!!!! I know exactly what you mean! That drives me insane! They would have a stroke if we sent them a message like that but we're supposed to be okay with it. It would be really hard to give you advice on this because I do not know him personally. There has to be boundaries that are to be respected in any relationship with any sign. I have been through this same thing more than once with scorpios. The first time, I found out he was a player and very sneaky almost like he collected women. The second time was with a different person and he honestly wasn't cheating but did not take my feelings into perspective and when I mentiioned to him that if he wanted this type of relationship, he wouldn't find it with me, that I would never do him that way and cause any unnecessary worry, he started hiding it. He was making me think he stopped but he didn't. Other people would tell me and he would still deny it. It was crazy!!! You will just have to decide what it is that you will put up with and won't put up with. If they respect you, then they will honor your feelings, if they don't then it's good to know now. If they stop and you check to make sure they're not hiding it, that must be your secret. If they think you're checking up on them after they really stopped, then a wall may appear. I'm not the type to waste my time checking up on anyone but sometimes if there is something you can do to prove to yourself that this other person is taking advantage of you, then you have to be tough, scorpios can be very sneaky. **********Don't let me scare you please, he may mean nothing at all and just not realize that it sounds weird and may respect you if you casually bring it up as something that bothers you. *********I just have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to scorpio men and other women. They love the attention they get from other women and will deny it to their grave! Some of them can't even talk about it without smiling.These are the unmature ones that I'm talking about. Good luck with him, I wish you the best. Have you read the other posts on scorpios? I'll keep in touch. (Sorry to be in such a hurry, have to start getting ready for work.)

  • Hey turtledust! Sorry I've been away for so long. Christmas and two children birthdays, it's been hectic. As far as betraying him if you ask someone else to do the work needed, business is business. If he isn't responding then I don't feel you are in the wrong for hiring another contractor to meet your deadline. Yes, he may get his feelings hurt but when he didn't respond, he left it wide open. He left you hanging even if he didn't mean to. It also sounds like with his surgery he may not be able to fulfill his promise if the rain interferes with the days promised. If you are needng this work and it will help you with the tax cut, then you MAY need to seperate the friend and business sides of it and do what is best for you. If you will suffer later only because you wanted to spare his feelings, you may regret it later. Just weigh your feelings on this. If he is a true friend, he will understand that you had a deadline.

    Personal experience, even if he gets mad and you need his work again later for something else, he'll be back... Don't sweat it... : )

  • turtledust, I just read your comments again, I'll get back with you later on the rest of it, have to get ready for work. xoxoxo

  • Libra42, I am so sorry you went through this!!! That is just wrong! You sound like a wonderful person with a huge heart and he is the one losing out, not you! You gave it your all and stood by him for a very long time. Enjoy yourself time now and take care of you. You deserve to be treated better and it sounds like he will continue making the same mistakes over and over. As far as feeling bad about listening to his voicemail, you found out what you needed to know didn't you? He didn't tell you, you had to find out some how. Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't check up on other people either but as I said in an earlier post, sometimes you have to do what you have to do for your sanity.

    I'm proud ot you, you are taking the high road. That is a very hard thing to do in a case like this. What is your sign? Are you an even tempered person? I'm not devious but if it had been me I probably would have told him I know about the other women, without telling him how I knew of course, but I would make it clear why he was losing me and I may have contacted some of those other women and tried to spare them a long broken out heartache. Maybe. Sometimes, they won't believe it even if it's slapping them in the forehead and they may get mad at you and say ugly things. You never know, they may thank you. I personally would want to know. I wouldn't expect him to change because he's so caught up in it but just maybe if he knows he lost you because of his choices then it may prevent him from hurting so many others in the future. It really depends if he learns from his mistakes or not.

    You are definitely the bigger person and it will come back to you ten fold. Just be careful in your next relationship, usually we are drawn to the same type of personalities and when we are at the lust stage before love, we fall for things we never would usually accept. Strength is needed and a lot of self talks. I wish you the best in your time of self recovery. Much love and prayers.

  • Someone earlier asked, "What are your feelings about long-term relationships and love/sexual attraction?"

    I'm a Scorpio, but I can really only speak for myself. I don't find long term relationships to be frightening, but I can be hesitant and as Captain pointed out to me, I tend to fear it will all crumble apart. That's more of a me thing than a Scorpio thing, I would add.

    Sexual attraction is a fluid concept for me. Sometimes some men are sexually attractive, because they look like Clive Owen. Other men are sexually attractive, because of who they are and what they represent. Their personalities and values contain something I admire and find desirable. I'm not sure if that's what you were looking for, but that;s what I think about those subjects.

  • Hi Cuspglyph! My birthdate is October 14, 1958 Libra is my sun sign. His is October 23, 1967 Libra is his sun sign but he acts more of Scorpio than Libra at times. Thanks for the reading...

  • Hi ConfusedScorpion. I am Libra and he is Scorpio! I thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I feel very vulnerable. Because he showed up at my place Sunday (unannounce needing a place to crash and lay his head) and didn't leave until Thursday evening. I felt for him because I still have love for him. But we got on each other nerves and bickered most of the time. Mind you, I am on vacation for 2 weeks. We were both broke. He said he was here only as my friend, when last week he was here and I was his lady and lover. He text the majority of the time and answered his phone. I was really glad he was here with me but it felt that he wasn't here to be here with me. He wind up sleeping in the other room eventually making excuses up that his back was hurting from sleeping in my bed. There was never a good time to tell him what was going on with me. Because most of the conversation was all about him. I was going to tell my girlfriend tonight what happened because I needed someone to talk to. She called me stupid and didn't want to hear anything else. So I ran her around on her errands and shut down. I did call him later after I drop her off. When I called, I only got his voicemail. I guess my girlfriend was right, I got what I deserved. It is the day before Christmas Eve, and I really must start taking care of my own needs a lot better. You see as much as I like to think I am tempered, I wear my heart on my sleeve for those that are closes. I am very hard on myself when I feel I let myself be taken advantage of. I find it so easy to express my true self here because no one will know who I am, just that I have been very foolish. Thanks again ConfusedScorpion. However, 2011 will be a lot different. I feel that this will be my year to turn everything around. Including letting go of past hurts. I have read many self help books but that Scorpio has been my kryptonite. So if I Libra am diplomatic and gracreful and that is my sign too be. So be it, I can say what I mean without being mean. Or I don't have to say anything, let the Scorpion figure it out as I avoid him.. So I am done with my mistakes for the love I gave to him. I know I deserve much better. And love is what I will give to myself..... Thanks again....

  • Hi Libra42,

    Thank you so much for the complete input about both of your signs, etc. Now I can do a fuller composite chart about your relationship. In the meanwhile, try to turn your loving energy towards yourself this is powerful and shouldn't be dissipated unwisely for others' sake when they don't appreciate it.

  • Libra42!!

    Here are your charts...

    First of all, your chart: You are ardent and intense, and benefit from someone around you to balance out your enthusiasms. You are independent-minded and mentally expressive.

    Second, his chart: He expects to appeal to people at face value, with an acute sense of what his audience desires and needs to hear. He is able to get by without much effort; liable to self-absorption in moods, loves the nice things in life and knows how to get them.

    Your combined chart: You have diplomatic skill, and can weigh the pros and cons of a situation before expressing them, but be careful not to vacillate too much on important decisions. He is more prone to making cutting remarks while communicating, and can have a stinging wit. It is hard for you to abide with a contentious atmosphere in relationships. He tends to have something of a Pygmalion-like attitude in relationships, wanting to take the lead as teacher or desiring to be a student with his relentlessly inquiring mind. You have a way with words. He can be temperamental without considering the consequences of what he says, and weak on follow-through in actions on promises made. When people disappoint you, look for the learning experience. He needs to have a spiritual foundation and look within--he will not learn to treat others better unless there are consequences (and consistent ones) to his actions.

  • Hi DivineMuse!

    I was curious about that area...what moon sign are you, ascendent, Venus, Mars? That can make all the difference. Ditto the actual birthday and year, since those aspects can contribute to 'what kind' of Scorpio one is.

  • cusphlyph

    Your previous reading for me is greatly appreciated. Going through a confusing time with these two individuals and need some clarity.

    Will you do another reading for me? My DOB is 9/02/68, his is 5/18/70.

    Thank you very much.

  • Sure, matureVirgo!

    My pleasure...

  • Hi Maturevirgo!!

    Here are the charts for you and your guy, plus a combined relationship chart.

    First, your chart: You are conscious of the frailties of human nature, and you do your share to improve theirs. You have a fixed devotion to your purpose. A keen sense of good taste that is a social asset. You are frank, yet considerate of the feelings of others. You have self-confidence in your ideas even when being reserved. You are constant in love. A born diplomat, you weigh the pros and cons of a situation, but that may make you vacillate about making decisions. You have courage and leadership ability. You don't want to take a back seat in relationships.

    Second, his chart: Any disappointments for him come through his emotional nature. He is involved in a continuous search for others who are sympathetic to his needs. He is a favorite with women, and loves it! He needs to learn to be more self-reliant rather than rely on others for this kind of ego boost. He considers every angle before making decisions. Playing the field is more fun to him than commitment. He needs variety and sparkle in his social life. A varied social life is important to him. He needs amusement, and is nervous without it.

    Your combined chart: You are mentally focused for useful pursuits and lifelong learning experiences. He is a stern idealist seeking justice for his own interests. He can be selfish and impatient when others don't 'keep up' with him. You need to learn to put yourself first more in this relationship. You both learn about your relationship values through experiences. He may not be interested in marriage, preferring to explore the realm of relationships through friends and lovers.

    Honesty in communication about what you need and want is crucial for you to have a successful relationship. It is important for you to have shared interests and a common goal for the greater good.

  • Im a girl and I've been friends with this Scorpio guy for about 6 yrs now. When we met, he had a gf and I was single. When he broke up with his girl, I had a bf already which lasted for 4 years, during which we kinda lost touch.

    I broke up with the same bf in 2008, and he came back into my life a few months later. We met up and it was like the years did not pass, we were like close friends who regularly saw each other. He wanted us to meet again after that, but I was still brokenhearted and didn't want a new man in my life, so I avoided him until he left the country. By the way, he's an overseas worker and is only home about 3 months every year.

    Late 2009, he was back home again and got in touch with me. This time we became closer than ever, though the topics were non-personal. I was surprised when he gave me crystal earrings set in white gold for my birthday, and that started me thinking about our status - if he wanted me as more than a friend.

    But he went hot and cold on me - sweet and teasing and calling me on the phone one week, then ignore me the next like we weren't even friends. I got tired of it and stayed away until he again left the country for work. But this time, he kept in touch while away, though the communication was irregular and the tone was always just friendly.

    When he got back home late 2010, the same cycle happened - he'd be really sweet (sweeter than last year), then ignore me afterwards. But he started sharing more about his past, his dreams, his pains - things which I never realized he'd been going through. I appreciated him sharing those with me, and I told him so.

    Then his dad was hospitalized and I visited him there a few times to keep him company while he watched over his dad.

    For a while after that, he became really affectionate, like calling me his "love", make references like Im his wife or something, tell me he missed me when he was away, etc. I was surprised at the change in him at first that I commented on it and asked him why he was being so affectionate all of a sudden. He didn't respond.

    One time, he brought up my birthday (which is coming up in a few weeks) and I teased him about my gift. He said he forgot to get me a gift because I dont flirt with him. He said I should flirt with him so he'll remember to get me something, but later said that he did get me something and he'll give it to me later.

    After that, I tried to respond and be sweet back at him (which isn't in my nature, as I once told him), he wouldn't respond in kind - either he'd change the topic or he'd totally ignore me and not reply at all. Which confused me, so I pulled back and stopped being sweet again. That's when he started being sweet and affectionate again.

    One time, he interrogated me about my ex and I answered all his questions honestly, even my non-belief in marriage as a result of bad family and love history. Another time, we were talking about what we want to do in our lives in the next few years, and I was telling him of my travel plans and new hobbies I wanted to pursue, and he told me I was greedy and selfish for wanting so much more when I was already getting so many blessings. I asked him if he didnt want anything else but work, and he said he wanted to get married next year (but he didnt say to whom).

    Then I went out of the country for 3 weeks for business. During that period, he was quiet, became cold again and told me point blank that he didnt miss me at all.

    I was hurting a bit, but when I got back, he "ordered" me to go visit him in the hospital where he was still watching over his father. Bristling a bit, but deciding to take the mature path and not call him out for it, I went to the hospital.

    When I got there, it was like nothing happened and he was sweet and attentive. Then he gave me a perfume set which I was a bit embarrased to receive because it looked as expensive as the jewelry he gave me last year, so I placed it on the table next to me after saying thank you.

    He picked it up after a while, then said he wanted to test if it smelled good. He sprayed it on my arm and smelled it. Then he showed me the perfume he got for himself - which was the male version of what he got for me - sprayed it on his wrist and made me smell it. Everything felt a bit too personal and sensual that I was uneasy for a while, but decided to take everything in stride.

    I thought we would be back to normal - close again, after that. But no, he became more distant than ever. Now, he wouldnt even reply to my text, he ignores me when I send him a message on instant messenger.

    Im so confused! What does he want from me? Did I do anything wrong????

    Help please... any readings on this guy? 😞

  • Ooopppssss... sorry, I didnt realize I had written so much....


  • ConfusedPisces33,

    There is no such thing as "too much" written when you have been through so much with this man.

    With your birthdate, hour and place of birth as well as his, I could do a reading about your relationship that also includes destiny cards and chinese astrology. I'm here to help out!

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