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  • Hi dmp28748!

    I would be more than happy to do charts for you and your companion...stay tuned!!

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Here are the charts for you and your companion, Dmp28748...

    First, your chart: You are a pretty matter-of-fact person. In love, constant and loyal and your genial nature makes friends easily. A born diplomat, weighing the pros and cons of a situation may make you vacillate when making a decision. You need to watch out for flatterers in social situations. Your energies function well when you are on the move.

    Second, his chart: He is visionary and idealistic, and pride is strongly marked here. Under his sureness, a very sensitive person with a great need for gentleness. A keen imagination and real sense of the frustration and tragedy in life. Intellectually voluble if emotionally inarticulate at times when his feelings are deeply stirred. Friends and sweethearts will have to accept him at face value until they learn the hidden depths that are there. He shoots for high goals but needs a solid foundation; a tendency to take unnecessary risks. He may need a reality check in order to be able to deliver on what he promises. A freedom-loving approach to life. May compromise happiness to avoid being alone. Needs a balance of socializing and contemplation in solitude.

    Your relationship combo: A loving, supportive relationship with a spiritual foundation is important for the success of this relationship.

    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!!

  • Cuspglyph thank you for my chart but I have to say my husband is very insecure about my out going personality. I just dont understand and I don't like it. Can you please tell me why is that I get the nasty stares from women no matter what I wear and the the looks from the men. It crazy is there something in my sign that makes me a magnet for that.

  • Cuspglyph thank you for my chart but I have to say my husband is very insecure about my out going personality. I just dont understand and I don't like it. Can you please tell me why is that I get the nasty stares from women no matter what I wear and the the looks from the men. It crazy is there something in my sign that makes me a magnet for that.

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  • Classic135075,

    It's not your "fault" others don't understand or respect your sex appeal...they are the ones who need to learn how to do that. I've had the same experiences myself; it's more about what they can handle at the time than anything else. Maybe it's a good idea to simply bring the issue out in the open in general, and have a dialogue about that. They can only learn from it and keep it in better perspective. Sexuality is a loaded subject in this culture but you are not responsible for their hangups.

  • Thank You !!!!

  • You're always welcome!! : )

  • Hi Riya, from what I've learned ( I am also a scorpio female) is that male scorpios like to do the courting. Especially if they have been hurt in the past. It needs to be their idea to want to be with you. Try to let him do the talking about your relationship. I would try just talking about other things unless he brings it up. He's trying to figure out what he wants in life since his wife passed away. It is obvious you are at the top of that list. When kids are involved, you have to make sure you are making the right choice when you become involved with someone and that is perfectly normal for him to do this. Just enjoy the time you are together and let him text and call you. It wouldn't hurt to contact him sometimes, but let him do most of it. If he feels like he is the one directing where your relationship goes, he will be by your side before you know it. Have you read all of the posts on calling all Scorpios? Of course, they're not all alike but you will know if he falls into the categories mentioned. Good luck!

  • You have a lot of insight into the Scorpio male mind, ConfusedScorpion ; I've had that experience of letting him 'call the shots' in my own relationship with my Scorpio guy!

  • Cuspglyph, they can be very confusing sometimes but for the most part, so easy to read. I'm glad you agree that they like to chase us. I guess it's the thrill of the chase, I don't know... Hope your scoprio man isn't as bullheaded as mine. I love him but I can definitely want to send him to the moon sometimes. LOL!!!

  • Hi ConfusedScorpion,

    What gets me is his "just being honest" thing--hard to tell if he's testing my tolerance of that sometimes. Sort of a "tough luck'' attitude. Doesn't feel cooperative. Like when he told me he had knowledge of a local dance studio via his female tutoring client, and then texts me "Stayed up all night with client; going to sleep now!" Huh?

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  • As a scorpio, I've found that I tend to break the "scorpio rules" about what is expected of the typical scorpio. While, I can get information from people, I love to let others know that I am privy to private information. I find myself warning others or even sharing for further insight, rather than keeping a treasure trove of secrets...which might be expected of the Scorpio.

    I do have certain secrets that don't escape this "vault" but I found that information is better shared than "stored." Usually those secrets pertain to me as opposed to other people.

    I'm guessing that's an atypical Scorpio trait and thought I should share in case there were any other Scorpio that were like this.

    Very interesting thread.

  • It's helpful to hear things from the Scorpio's point of view...but how else can we truly understand and improve relations with them?

    Anybody with Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius? Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius? Intriguing combos indeed!! What are your feelings about long-term relationships and love/sexual attraction?

    Thanks for all your input!!

  • Cuspglyph

    Could you do a chart for me and my friend. He is a scorp and it has been a rollercoaster ride.

    His dob is 11-14-72 and mine is 9-02-68. Any help will be very appreciated.

  • Hi matureVirgo!

    Sure--stay tuned for your charts...

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Also, anyone born November 4 who can give me some insight about themselves and these issues?

    Specific birthdays have relevance I'd like to understand better. Thanks!!

  • Hi ConfusedScorpion - - I posted this else where but thought I would put it here - might be better. before I bother anyone else with my bigger questions - I thought I would ask you another question about my Scorpio friend. I am a bit ticked off. He was supposed to do a little work for me (he's my friend but I am paying him to do the job). Well - we had it set for last week but on Sunday he called me and said it was looking like rain and he needed a couple or 3 days of no rain to do the job. So I have been watching the weather report.

    He told me he was not going to take a trip to help a friend of his move because next week he was going in for surgery. So here are 3 days of sunshine and then almost 2 weeks of rain and I was supposed to get this job done before the end of the year for tax purposes. So I called him a couple days ago - got machine. Emailed him - no reply. Called today - voice mail went right to machine. Well - day after tomorrow its gonna be raining again. Then Christmas etc. I am about to call to see if someone else can do the job but now with the rain, it won't get done.

    Perhaps he did take the trip to help his friend move. Perhaps he went in for surgery earlier than he anticipated. Perhaps his GF gave him issues about talking to me again and he's laying low. Should I consider myself "blown off" or wait to see if there is a valid reason for his lack of communication? I have to tell you - I don't buy many excuses anymore and I really tend not to have much patience for BS - my Geminii almost ex-husband gave me enough of that.

    I find it hard to believe that he is blowing me off. He said he was "on my team." which I thought meant he was my friend. so what do you think? He said - I don't have to be afraid to call him and to "not apologize" for calling - that he likes to hear from me.

    I was so scared that he was really mad at me that I would call and say "sorry to bother you but I wanted to tell you....etc." - he says I am not bothering him and he likes to hear from me - but sometimes I have to wait days and days for him to return a call that seems to me would take a minute of time. On the other hand, when he does call, we talk for at least an hour or 2 and maybe he just has not had an hour or 2 to spare to talk. Maybe he does not want to call and say "hi - bye." I don't know. This "disappearance" is kind of odd though.

  • MatureVirgo, here are the charts!

    First, your chart: You are a well-integrated personality, dedicated and with a keen sense of good taste that is a valuable social asset. Frank, yet considerate. Constant in love. A born diplomat, but may vacillate in weighing the pros and cons of a situation. Attracted to those you can play a teacher role with. You have leadership ability, endurance, and courage.

    Second, his chart: Pride is strongly marked in him. He likes adulation but unless he knows in his heart that he deserves it, he will have no respect for the applauders. Can speak in expectation that others agree with him at times. Under his sureness, a very sensitive person. Friends and sweethearts will have to accept him at face value until they learn the hidden depths that are there. He needs to do a reality check before making promises he may not be able to deliver. He needs a decisive but patient partner who lets him weigh the pros and cons in activities. He may prefer to avoid confrontations at all costs, and use his charms or be passive-aggressive to get what he wants.

    Your combined relationship: Good communication and honesty is important in this relationship.

    Try to have common goals. Take care to avoid sabotaging your relationship with false or unreasonable expectations. Lessons are learned through relationships and loss, and reinvention of self and life. Determination and steadfastness as well as consistency in words and actions is crucial for the success of this relationship. Self-doubt may be a strong factor in making progress so combine love with wisdom about that when communicating. He needs a solid belief system he can rely on. A spiritual practice can be beneficial for him in practicing comfort with his feelings for self-confidence in expressing them with you. He will do well with structure.

  • I'm Libra Sun with Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising. I'm feel so many mix emotions at this time that I am vulnerable and can't sleep right now. I been exclusive to a Scorpio Sun for 10 years. I am coming to terms that he is incapable of loving me. I am bit ticked off that I allow him to waste positive time and energy of mine. I wanted honesty, respect, and love. He has no clue that I obsessed for clarity to communicate about us. He plays mental games to get what he wants regardless to whom he may hurt. Very selfish. He is hot then cold, sweet and distant, mysterious, and then open. I been with him this long because I love him. He is so charming, magnetic, intense, passionate, and sweet. Also, hidden qualities that surface are calculating, hidden agenda, mysterious, prideful, blamer, and a womanizer. Still, he can be a good person with great ideas. I feel lost because I am questioning what is true. Thought I understood but I am being avoided and blown off. This is not my proudest moment because I have broken into his voice mail without his knowledge. Just to discover I am being rotated. There is at least 5 or 6 of us. So unfair. And boy do we sound the same. That explains why he keep his voice mail full. He doesn't want to hear the BS. I am upset because I needed him to be upfront. I been loyal and exclusive. So I give my best and my return seems to be crumbs. We didn't start off like this. God, he must lost the respect for me. It was mutual support and respect at one time. He could have let me go. He should be very grateful that I try to be my best and not be a vindictive spirit. In lieu of bad karma and hurting others, I had a good mind to forward the voice mail to all parties and expose his #%/*. So I choose to air out my feeling here instead of holding it in. Since, he does not have a clue what I did or what I know, he probably think we broke up because he thinks I sabotage us and I'm emotionally unstable. The saying look for snakes and get bit. True!! I know what to do already. I'm not going to pretend thou that I don't have feelings. This emotional roller coaster feels like I got blind-sided. Now I must show diplomacy and bow out gracefully while I accept the betrayal. I have to be the bigger person and be nice when deep down that's not the plan I have in mind. If I want good karma this is the plan for my blessings. This is where I am after putting all my eggs in one basket and not keeping my options open. I want to understand WTH? The process that lies ahead will be better in the end but just getting there, the time to go through it is what I am not looking forward to. It can be challenging doing the right thing. Part of life I guess. I accept him as he is. He not the guy for me now. I am left here with unanswered questions, feelings, and would it really make a difference? Part of me wants to let him know what I did but this is not my first time. He wasn't very happy about it way back then. Man, I must have had rose-colored glasses on all alone. My no means I am proud of what I did. But can anyone imagine how well I must know or observe an individual to figure out the 4 digit code. I am in disbelief that I did it twice (no means am I bragging). After realizing it worked the nervous energy I had made me question me. Like are you serious? Do you really want to do this again? That I am stooping to this level. I'm looking for some feedback.

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