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  • I am a Taurus sun, with Gemini moon and Aries rising. My 'BOYS" husband and son are two

    weeks apart in November and your right their both Scorpios. My son of 13 is very manipulative

    secret and demands we respect his privacy. Thls is typical of a boy his age but as his opposite

    sign, I teach him how not to harm others in thought word or deed with a detailed description and

    he absorbs and may ask a question for confirmation. On the other hand my husband is a

    Scorpio a year and a day apart and when we are apart we feel like we're missing something and hate being apart from one another. This doesn't mean sparks don't fly because Taurus

    sun will stand up till they give up when defending our integrity. My husband has been my

    toughest teacher and my greatest ally. Of course, like cuspgal, my husband has five planets

    in Libra making arguing a fine art on his part. I know they can sting, but nothing good comes

    without some thorns. FYI: Most of my family are Scorpios, or have Scorpio rising. They can

    sometimes be like long hallways with many doors, all locked but when compromised, their

    is nothing there. Sound familiar?

  • I was married to a scorpio and they are really a trip very unfaithful ruined our daughters life he really wanted to get revenge because i got a divorce, he thought i would just sit and wait for him to come back which i did not want that he gave me to much hell and i will never forget it. The other bad thing is is that our daughter is a scorpio and she has turned into her father sneaky a lier and i reall dont trust her much.

  • by the way i am a saggitarus he is a scorpio on the sag cusp

  • I am sorry your marriage didn't work out but I have a daughter with two major planets in

    Scorpio and has an Aries sun and two planets opposing Scorpio in Taurus. She is one

    tough cookie and she has big *****! I am living proof that if you raise her right no matter

    how hard your rewards will come. Scorpios study , watch and mentally take notes in

    their head. She'll mature enough by 17-25 or so and will come to you with either an apology

    or a thank you MOm for all you've done. Dad is/was blah, blah, blah and you'll look back at this

    time as a learning experience and bask in the glow that you did a great job as her Mother.

  • All of my long term and best relatonships have been with Scorpios , My soulmate is a scorpio ,he helps me stay grounded ,i in turn help him to be less intense. and learn the art of forgiveness. Our passion runs wild., of course I give my all heart ,body ,and soul to those I LOVE. I have all the traits mention about our sign my B- Day is FEB 24 Pisces

  • Monkey4934: Your Moon and Ascendant -- as well as your Mars, Venus, Saturn, etc. -- are determined by the date, time and place of your birth. You can obtain your chart here (quick, easy, and at less cost than many books), or buy one of the books that will help you to create your own chart. Each planet, what house it lies in, and how those planets aspect (relate to) each other affects who you are and how you relate to the world -- and how the other people in it perceive and relate to you. Hope this helps.

    I agree that, in general, Scorpios are argus-eyed observers, we love to help others, we love our privacy, we may forgive -- but probably will not forget -- an injustice done to us (depending on whether or not the good outweighs the bad in the relationship), we tend to be humanitarians, which is probably what attracts some to Aquarians (and visa versa), we do have intense emotional natures that others find intimidating, and we acknowledge and talk about the darker side of human nature (with which many others are also most uncomfortable).

    As a Scorpio on the Sagittarius cusp with both my Moon and Ascendant also in Sagittarius, I am generally all too honest and straightforward (Sagittarian influence). I am not manipulative and calculating, unless I am dealing with someone who has shown themselves to be that way, and even then, it is extremely uncomfortable for me. I would much rather live in an honest way WITH honest people. However, because of the particular aspects of my chart, I have had (and probably will continue to have) numerous situations with very deceitful types. Someone else in my life -- Sun in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio, Ascendant in Capricorn, Mars in Aries -- is a supreme manipulator. It took me years to see/acknowledge to myself how absolutely deceitful and manipulative this person is. Funny thing is, people always see this person as a wonderfully kind and caring person. Someone will, no doubt, think of 'bad karma' at this point. To that I say, "P'shaw!" I really don't believe in the whole karma concept. I have come to conclude, rather, that we all go through various experiences in our soul's process of evolution. We all have easier lives -- perhaps because our soul is not yet strong enough to deal with more -- and more difficult ones -- because we all get our turn at different places on the wheel of life. No matter what our experience in this life, we are ALL here to both teach and learn from the experience and one another.

  • I am a Scorpio with Sagittarius rising which I truly believe reigns me in sometimes! My best friend and her husband are also Scorpions and a younger friend of mine(we refer to each other as kindred spirits) is also a Scorpio born exactly 25 years to the day after me. These are the closet people in my life other than my husband who happens to be a Leo. The one thing I have found that is common amongst my Scorpion friends is loyalty. We are loyal to our friends to the end. Perhaps it is because we are so selective to begin with. If you ever get to be close to a Scorpion, then count yourself blessed because we will be there always!

  • Sorry spelling is usually one of my better qualities LOL - I meant closest not closet LOL

  • I'm a cusp too 10/23,

  • My rising is Scorpio, my sun is in Scorpio, and my moon is in Virgo... funny thing is, when i was growing up my birthday showed up under Libra most of the time when I read my horoscope. That had me very confused for a long time.

    I am seductive and sexy, I am Compassionate and helpful, I am Jealous and devious,I am very intelligent and wise. I am a Graceful dancer and singer, I am extra artistic and Funny...I AM MY WORST ENEMY. I find my self obsessing over love, love, love, I want to love, I want to be loved, I want love to be there forever...

    I do love , I am loved but for some reason i am still feeling empty; at times I hide inside my head for a while and stew over situations, all situations and end up anxious then try dream my self up solutions and still have yet yo find the answer

  • I really hope my daughter changes because at this point i dont trust her she is so like her father her dob is 11-12 she will be 18 this year and she really scares me with the way she has turned out to be i did not raise her to a lier or to be so sneaky. she has even started to blame for the divorce which she knows he father was a whore and no dam good.

  • I really wish at this point that i had never met him he is the worse scorpio i have ever met!!!!!!!!!

  • Delitefuldee - Your daughter would probably be deceitful and blame you for the divorce at this point in time no matter what sign she was born in. I had the same with my kids. You are the one who is there for her. You are the one who cares. Kids this age rebel -- especially against the same-sex parent. It's part of the process of cutting the apron strings. I remember once hearing Bill Cosby say that they get this way so you won't mind it when they leave. Let's face it, if they stayed cute and adorable, we would never want them to go. Love her anyway (Believe me, there will be times when it won't be easy!) and give her some space and time. In another ten years (more or less) things will be better. There is an old saying about children, "When they're small, they walk on your toes. When they're big, they walk on your heart." Best wishes, and Good Luck.

  • Delitefudee, i agree with areopa, i am a 27 year old and i was very upset with my mom for a long time, im sure not for the same reasons as you with your daughter but for 5 years i refused to speak to her then one day i woke up and realized i only have one mom and I should love her no matter what s**t she has put me through

  • Delitefuldee...Betrayal is very difficult to deal with at anytime in our lives. It's not his sign that made him do it, it's his own inner journey. I'm a Libra/Scorp/ Scorpio....I have moon...mars...jupiter...and venus. With moon and mars together, it gave me a terrific temper and vengefulness in my youth, but has mellowed with age & wisdom...:). My husband of 23 years left me at age 50 for what I thought was "our" best friend (15 years younger than me) but in reality was "his" best friend. We ran 4 businesses together...and he walked away from it all...leaving me with a mountain of debt and 17 horses to care for. It took me 3 years and a lot of counseling to finally say "thank you" to him for leaving. I've since come to believe that everything happens for a reason and we are always where we are suppose to be to help us grow in this lifetime. One of the things I found that helped me in the process was to have a composite chart done of my x and myself. It didn't change anything...but it help me to understand why things happened as they did. It might also help for you to have a composite chart of you and your daughter done as you can see the dynamics of your relationship. My daughter is a Sag, and we went through some trying times around the same age as your daughter. But like Aquileqia & Aeropa said....when she reached around 26 things changed, and we have a great relationship now...she is 38. My main advise to you is hang in there....things always change. We have the choice to learn from our experiences or to stay stuck in our misery. My heart goes out to you in your time of struggle. As hard as it is, try to believe that it is all for the best and you will be in a better place because of it. Best Wishes!!

  • i want to thank you all for your thoughts, she has been to therapy they have told me do to her not having a true relationship with her father she is now looking for love in other males which has resulted into her having a baby at a young age and now she is pregnant again which i have set up for her to have an abortion i can not take care of any more babies i have told her i do have a life of my own and that is not part of it any more.

  • thanks libradance i might just do the composite chart for us do you know of someone or can you do it? she is 11/12/91 and i am 12/18/55 he is 11/21/51 look at thier birthdates lol!!!!! oh he left for someone we knew also infact i knew her first and get this she is older than me and needs him to help support her and her 30yr old daughter and grandson, he want do for his own his son my stepson want even talk to him he accused he and i of fooling around he is really a sick being

  • I'm a Scorpio.

    People think I'm hot n cold!

    People think I'm quiet, but most of the time..I just don't want to talk to them(which I suppose is almost arrogant? is this another scorpio trait?)

    Very sneaky(I can keep secrets, plan surprises), passionate(about everything I love) and emotional..and I tend to attract people all the time(strangers sitting next to me on buses when there are free seats--making friends at uni without any effort on my part)

    I would love to know more about this! also how do I find out my rising sign?

  • I'm a Scorpio woman that was married to a Aquarian man. I think the greatest difference between us is that I felt things more deeply than he did. Scorpios tend to over feel things which can put others at a loss as to how to deal with us. My advice is to be attentive when the attention is wanted and to not be offended when he clams up. It's not you. We Scorpios are moody by nature...personally, I can't stand when I'm moody but it's a trend I can't seem to shake so I just retreat and regroup. I enjoyed the levelness of my Aquarian spouse, but I didn't always understand it and sometimes felt like he didn't FEEL enough. That was a misperception on my part. Scorpios don't mind honest if you can express your feelings to him in a nurturing, non-judgemental way, you will gain insight to his moods. Hope this helped a little.

  • Petahgree -- Your rising sign, also known as your Ascendant, is determined by the time and place of your birth. It should be on your birth certificate or you can ask your mom (she might remember). You can get your birth (also known as your Natal Chart) chart done through (quick, easy and fairly inexpensive).

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