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  • i know what your saying, i know its my nature, but it happens. This is why i love scorpio women, you know whats going on.

    Just need to find me one 🙂


    Good luck and I'm sure you will find one eventually

    😄 it just takes time.


  • Dear Scorpwolf,thank you for the really cool post! Having dated only one man in my life it's really really cool to find out how scorpio would click with other signs.It's the Capricorn in particular,that I'm very very drawn to.I couldn't quite understand what you meant about the Scorpio women and Capricorn men in your post.Could you please explain?I really appreciate it.!Thanks:)

  • Do not meddle in the affairs of scorpio's, for we are subtle and quick to anger!

  • I've stayed away from my Scorpio fiance (11/4/54) since he still corresponds with his female "friend" (5/23/67) online, and the last I saw online (by accident) was that she resents my presence in his life to the point of him capitulating to her anger. I think her Scorpio moon may have something to with that attitude; while Geminis can be really social types, she seems to need to 'possess' every male friend way past initial acquaintance!! It's been almost over a month and a half, and I've 'played it cool' long distance (same state, just different city) with e-mails about my need to focus on my work, etc. It's hard to tell why he wants to get together with me where I live--and take me back to his place after I got mad at him for not only insisting I accept his arrangement with her, but 'work on' staying together as well. I'm an Aquarian, 1/30/61 and the only sense I can make of this attraction to both of us is that his moon is Aquarius. Any insights?

  • absolutely...I am a scorpio myself. I am very surprised that you were able to understand us so well. That is why you are surrounded by them. The need to be understood is absolute for a scorpion.

  • october is here november is near

    scorpios unite!!!

  • One Scorpio with Taurus Rising reporting for duty!

  • lol


    i just want to wish all my fellow scorps a wonderful birthday

    a spectacular holiday season

    and a glorious 2011!!!!

    be well stay safe

    and continued peace and blessings to us all 😉

  • what do you make of a Scorpio guy (11/4/54) who proposed last year to me ( I was born on 1/30/61), and sudden collects a long string of female "friends" who seem to resent or be freaked out by my presence when he introduces me to them? he claims "no one person can fill all of your needs" as an explanation to why he suddenly is making so many (exclusively female) friends..but now I'm not sure whether I am just being kept around to sleep with, while he gets his romantic/emotional needs met by them. he seems to not like it when I make friends with a guy, and even we both know I wear my engagement ring so they know I'm taken. In the meanwhile, he's bragged about inheriting his "killer charm" from his late (and philandering) father and doesn't hesitate to approach any woman who happens to cross his path...I've tried to leave him, but then he acts as if it's all in my head...I'm afraid of being used; as if this is some sort of setup for me to 'prove' I love him by going along with this.

  • How are scorps with forgivness?!?! I was in a rship with a scorp, he ended it and I said something hurtful about his past rships and it hurt his ego. After that he started being distant and told me to leave him alone, but has still communicated with me since then. He is leaving and I sent him a farewell gift and he said he liked it. I do miss our rship and we had a great connection talked about marriage and getting a home together...there was miscommunication on both parts but never any cheating, abuse, etc. Do scorps ever return to past rships that were good, is this a mind game to see how much I do love him, or is he just going thru depressed mode....he does seem to be a different person now....

  • from my experience, they seem to go through moodiness but expect others to put up with that as part of being "real" with you--ditto other stuff--rather willful guys. They will test you to see how much you can put up with, but seem threatened if you are 'too' self-contained (they want to know your vulnerabilities so they can feel secure about their own--they just won't reveal them to you as quickly, if at all) or self-made (especially if you are a woman). They perhaps need others to see them as 'hurt' so they don't have to be responsible for hurting others themselves, and can blame them for their own problems. it can get rather perverse at times. he is capable of deep appreciation, but it seems to happen when they are forced to be without your easy availability to them. Do you know his moon sign? that can help you figure out what he focuses on that is emotionally important to him. Ditto his Mars and Venus, as well as Mercury (how he communicates). Do you have his birthdate handy? I can give you a more fleshed-out picture of this man with these aspects known.

  • p.s. It's interesting that my Scorpio guy has his moon in Aquarius, as well as Mars...and Venus in Scorpio. He's definitely got "mother" issues via his moon sign. His Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio makes him prone to "friends with benefits" relationships; I had to make it clear when we started out as friends (he claimed to be hurt in his last relationship by a cheating girlfriend and avoided all dating for 20 years after that!) that I didn't want to sleep with him and get my emotions mixed up in that, especially with the 'oxytocin bonding' thing that happens for me as a female in that situation. He finally started calling me his girlfriend and our relations were good for him because I was able to deal with his inability to 'perform' due to (he told me) his anxiety about being rejected by his mother for being a male...we've been through a lot but he seems to want to keep going--unless I don't tolerate what I am going through now.

  • hey cusp his dob is 11-8-76, mine is 8-28-82...thanks! I notice that he will tell others how he feels and not me. His friend told me that he expected us to last longer and that he took our break up ruff but yet all I get is harsh words, coldness, and distance and sometimes he will respond to my calls or texts, I understand he has a lot going on as he is faced with a move to a different coast and leaving his son, but its virgos nature to be supportive and I don't think he has ever experienced that.

  • cusp, it seems that alot of male scorps have one thing in common, a failed/hurtful previous ex had been married before(why in the world did he marry her????, anywho) of course it didn't last not sure if they was cheating but def no respect from his wife...well I treated him with support and love. He would often say he is not settlling for less any more so that told me how he felt about his relationship with her. There were many time I could tell he tried to get upset with me but he couldn't really because there was nothing wrong i did, almost like he was looking for my mess ups lol. Interesting my scorp also had some issues with his mother, he felt she did more for his sister and kind of left him out in the cold at times. wow!!!!

  • Cutevirgin,

    Thank you for the input; now I can do a composite about compatibility between the two of you. I include other things like Destiny Cards and Chinese astrology for a more complete reading. Stay tuned! I enjoy helping others get a better understanding of the challenges and complimentary elements of a relationship, and knowing whether certain areas will be one or the other can at least provide a clue where things need working out...

    Love, Cuspglyph : )

  • Thank you Cusp!!! you are appreciated...smooches!!

  • Hi Cutevirgin,

    My pleasure!!

    First of all, your guy is the independent type, and can be rather cavalier in his disregard for public opinion in respect to his private life; judicial in estimating what the world expects. He is ambitious and demands recognition of his talents. He is eager to impress his concepts to anyone who will listen but very set in his opinions. With his Mercury in Scorpio, there will be some verbal sallying and he has a gift for the cutting remark. His Venus in Virgo will make him attracted to the idea of 'playing Pygmalion' in a relationship, either as teacher or student, and also wanting to make sure everything is 'in its place'. His Mars in Cancer will make him self-protective and wanting to cover his actions; he is afraid to take emotional risks and can get upset when personally criticized ( or so he imagines himself to be!), his typical approach not head-on...but that has more to do with his own issues than with you! His strong independent nature can make relationships a challenge for both himself and his partner. He's got a "grass is greener" mentality, but this can be a sort of 'insurance' against disappointment with what's in front of him and his ability to deal with it (himself again), while not wanting to let go of what he has, either! He needs freedom to express himself to feel loved. The combo of your Destiny cards in a relationship show an equal desire to be in relationships, with intense energy, but you both need to learn to put yourselves first and love yourselves truly, to avoid unnecessary feelings of self-sacrifice before

    this union can succeed.

    In your reading, there is a spirit of adventure and a feeling that you are misunderstood in your ideas. Your idealism in love is noble, but that may leave your partner baffled if he can't grasp that concept for himself. Your Mercury in Virgo gives you an admirable ability to attend to details and be thorough. Your Venus in Leo gives you an enjoyment and appreciation of glamour in your environment, but beware of flatterers in love. Your Mars in Scorpio gives you intense energy that needs to be channeled to be effective in whatever areas you choose to focus on for success.

    You are often tested in romantic relationships and have great endurance with the difficulties of life. Commitment is very important to you. Remember to give yourself permission to follow your true passions for your own happiness.

  • Wow!!! Everything you said about him seems to be true!!! I do have a protective nature and he has told me things his ex has done to him and I try to protect his feelings, but he does not see it that way. he sees it as controlling. I said something about his past relationships and he took it very personal because he took it as a judgement. I do take love serious and that was my first serious relationship and I do not care to jump in and out of relationships and he has not been in alot of relationships either, but I do believe I am paying prices for what his ex did. Do you see us as a couple or getting back together, was there a connection there?

  • In my own relationship, my Scorpio guy kept projecting his mother issues onto me until I let him know it wasn't helping our relationship (his Mars is in Aquarius, so at least he could see that in a broader sense) rather than getting too upset and alienating him (and feeding into the illusion that all women were like his mother or other experience with a female he was unhappy about). It took him a long time to admit he was just acting out of a need to protect his fragile male ego and his part in past relationships, so that wasn't easy but worth it for what developed for us in that particular area.

    My own guy also has his Mercury in Scorpio, so at least I knew what to expect in terms of how he communicated verbally with me and not take it the wrong way; my own Mercury is in Aquarius so we can have a "Mexican Standoff" situation when we don't agree with each other--sort of an 'agree to disagree' thing where we have to give each other space to clear our minds and figure out what we have in common ground to be around each other again. The element--fixed for us--is involved in that scenario. With your guy's Venus in Virgo, he is sensitive to being looked up to as 'leading the way'; you might see this as an opportunity to show him you are willing to hear him out before acting on anything. It might calm him down some, and reassure him you are not trying to 'control' him. One thing I have benefitted from in my own relationship was when my Scorpio let me know his mother had never asked him what he needed, so me asking him if he needed or wanted something before I did it did a lot to get him past that paranoia! He was then able to see me as a team partner in his problem with that past pain. But he sure took a while to let me know that; I guess he felt he need to 'vent' safely before he could act more like an adult and tell me that!

  • thanx a bunch!!!!

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