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  • I'm a teen Scorpio girl, and I already see the dark manipulative traits coming out in me.

    My rising sign is Aries and that makes me a little more straightforward and less secretive.

    All I can say is no 2 Scorpios are the same.

  • Ohhhhh, cmon!!!! All things Pisces has like 34 fuckin pages!?!?!! R we gonna let ANYOnE else WIN???!!!!!

    Scorpios unite!!!!!



    Lisa >>>>>Oz>€

  • i've been married to a scorpio for 11 years and in the beginnings of a divorce. there is no peace, contentment ... he is secretive, deceitful and lies continuously.. there is no trust.. and temper! ! run if you can... and don't lok back....

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  • i am a mellow scorpion/sun 10/29/42., i was like you say at one time, but i am now just a mellow, loving older lady. yes , still attractive, with lots of younger thoughts and feelings, but the sting has mellowed. my aries husband of 45 years is probably thankful about the sting..i still lust for the sexy mature men, but only think about it, never try it, no guts. keep the faith girls, you will mellow out...but not completely, thank heaven!! any other mellow seniors around??join in ok??

  • I'm a Pisces (2/22/75), Cap rising, and a Moon in Cancer. I have a friend I met a work who is a Scorpio (11/21/79).

    The day we first met, I had just started my job and was taking a break. She came in and plopped down beside me and started talking. I had a very intense urge to put my arm around this woman and pull her closer to me. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. Like I had done it a thousand times before. The words coming out of her mouth must not have been very important, because I still have no idea what she said.

    Two years later, I'm helping her in her department with the heavy lifting because she can't get her help to do any work. If I remember correctly, she asked for my help once, and somehow it's become a part of my daily routine. Go figure. You can't tell me Scorp's aren't sneaky.

    I don't mind, though. She's also managed to get me to fall in love with her, and we're 'just friends'. Of course, it doesn't take a lot to get my heart, just to keep it.

    I have to say, this relationship is very extremely frustrating. Simply because of the fact that we can't talk to each other. Not about anything personal. For my part, I know that this thing is very intense, and to speak of it might unleash something that well has the potential to destroy us both.

    She knows how I feel. In depth. Ten pages of every single thought I've had about her, every feeling I have. I write well. And probably too much. But these feelings I have are so intense that if I try to communicate by speech, she's going to wonder what the hell Gilligan's Island has to do with anything. So I wrote. And now she knows, and she knows I'm not into casual sex. I won't sleep with her unless it means something. And yet she hasn't spoken of it. Neither has she run away.

    I'm fairly certain that most of the things I do for her weren't my idea to begin with, but like I said, I don't mind. I'm more of an 'actions speak louder than words' kinda guy, and I'm all about proving myself. I also have the tenacity to keep pushing forward, even though I don't really get to spend a lot of personal time with her to really move this thing forward. She likes to segregate her life and keep her friends in separate compartments. She likes her secrets.

    Question is, should I keep pushing forward? I've put two years into this thing. It seems to be creeping forward, but creeping is all it's doing. I don't ask her for anything. I don't want to drag anything out of her that she isn't willing to give. I don't want to take her secrets, I want her to give them. Is it a trust thing, or do I just not belong here? Is she waiting for something? And what the hell am I supposed to get her for her birthday? It's only two weeks out.

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  • Hehehe. Never mind. She answered a couple questions for me today.

    She didn't know she was...

    This is gonna be fun. 🙂

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  • leave him be flowsco

    a libra/ scorpio mix may be fun in regards to the physical but it is obvious you like him a little more than just that-- if you didn't you would have forgotten him already

    he is more than likely hiding something if he isn't talking to you-- or may not be as interested as he has put on-- remember libras are flighty so don't expect him to be there just because you want him to be

  • My best friend is a Scorpio and I love her to death but I said something off the wall which made her mad and now she does not call or want me to call her. I am really sick about it b/c we used to be such good friends and back in the '80's she even named me the Godmother of her oldest daughter and son...that's how close we were!! I have since left her alone and could havesomeone take me to see her but I'm afraid she may not even let me in her home. We've known each other since we were in our early teens and used to do a lot of things together b/c we enjoyed each other's company. In fact after we had gotten grown we made a popular game that we sent to one of the famous game manufacturers but b/c we could not get funding for copy rights we saw our GAME on t.v. It was called 'Shopping Spree'. Yea, we made that game in the good ole DERBY town of Louisville, KY in her project apartment and from scratch.

  • casper

    this isn't a reading-- but as a scorp-- you must have said something completely off the wall for her to be that upset or she could have been having a bad day and what you said could have just been the straw that broke the camels back

    if there were other things you may have said in the past but she did not make a big deal about or let them role off her back-- this could have been the icing on the cake

    for some of us it takes a while b4 we let what you say affect us but once we are through that is usually it

    i am a little more forgiving-- unless it is a reoccuring thing that we have discussed

    sorry to say most scorps aren't that forgiving when they feel they have been hurt /wronged or insulted

    if you really care about her i say try again

    be humble & sincere in your apology and remember actions speak louder than words with us so whatever you say MEAN it

    if she accepts make sure you never do it again if you do don't bother coming back

    good luck

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  • Casper, most scorpios I’ve known tend to be the non-forgiving and grudge holding type. Well, sometimes they forgive, but they never forget – which means in reality they never truly forgive they just let you think they did.

    The sad part is, most disagreement are based on misunderstandings and not true antagonism. Scorpios tend to be unable to differentiate between the two.

  • A true Scorpio lady friend will forgive everytime until you push THAT button....chances are she might have told you about it many times before and because you said it anyway and made her feel bad, she has taken her distance (that's the sting working). If you truly apologize and give her the space and time, she'll probably come around. All depending again on what was said.

    Hurtful things should never be just blurted out...with Scopios you have to respect them by taken them aside and say...I'm sorry for being the one to tell you this ...but ..... Understand that Scorpios are faithful friends and will treat you with the same respect that you are offering so if you do or say something non-friendly, you'll get it back in return but not the same way. In this case, silence is the tool.

    Good Luck 🙂

  • hmm, this explains a lot ... i'm a libra but my Venus is Scorpio and I behave in exactly the same way with people who "cross me." I forgive but don't ever forget and if you keep doing something I talked to you about I will calmly tell you off and then never speak to you again. You cease to exist. For me, you have made it very clear that you do not respect me and are not a true friend therefore, I have no time or place for you or your drama/hurt in my life.

    It takes a lot to get close to me so once you're close I'm loyal ... which means I trust you completely with my feelings and heart. A close friend is to me, someone I love, like family. But that trust must be earned, and once lost, is lost for good.

    Intense! Now I guess I know it's the Scorpio "sting"!

  • You cease to exist are exactly my works thmilin. I told you we are on the cusp and we have some of the traits. And I have no best friends. I have good friends but the best went out the door when I was just out of high school and was stabbed in the back. So I tell everyone I don't have any best friends they will do you in. But I have good friends and the rest are acquaintances. And if I write you off then I don't even acknowledge you in my space let alone breathing my air. I can become very cold.

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