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  • I'm a 22 year old Scorpio Male 11/20 with Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Rising Signs and Scorpio in Mercury and Venus as well. All I can say about Scorpios is that I find myself thinking constantly... and more often than not I don't even know what to think probably because of my conflicting signs. All things aside I must say I'm proud to be a scorpio and having everyone else intrigued by our awesomeness. 🙂

  • Scorpios are complicated at the very least. I live a lot inside my mind wandering through the mazes. If life is boring, I find something exciting in there. I am unaffected by what other people think. I like to think of myself as a Scorpio eagle . There is nothing pastel about me. I live in vivid color. When I was young, I thought everyone was like me and I couldn't understand how they managed to get into the messes they got into. As I got older, I discovered that there is no one like me. I analyze everything. Even you. I want to take you apart and see how you tick. I know more about you than you even realize is there because I'm an empath and intuitive. I make you nervous because I stare at you and watch your body language until I've got you figured out. I don't make a good first impression. People think I'm too quiet and reserved. It's not because I am. It's because I'm trying to figure you out. I've been known not to accept job offers or dates because you're sending the wrong message to the Universe. I like you until you cross me and then I can make your life miserable and I will. I'm not fond of bleeding heart Cancers or Fish. They stay in troubled water too much of the time. On the other hand, if I like you and sense that you're sincere, I'm yours forever. There's no one more loyal than I am. I will give you anything you need and be at your side through thick and thin. If you are my love interest, I am monogamous. If you stray, I'll leave just like that. There won't be a discussion.

    I might look like I'm asleep but I'm always thinking, planning, analyzing. I look at everything important to me from every possible angle and before I act I know what every outcome will be. I'm rarely surprised. I am the master investigator. What I don't know, I'll find out. Do not lie to me, I will know. You might fool me once but you won't fool me twice.

    I'm difficult to know. If you take the time to untangle me, you'll love me. But, I'll never let you as close as you want to be. There are things about me you'll never be able to understand. I am passionate about everything. If there is no sex, I will transfer that energy to other things. Hopefully, they will be productive. Sex is long, hot, and intense, just short of torture or maybe beyond. If you don't want it, stay away from me because I want it and I want to be in control.

    There is nothing wishy washy about me. When I want something, I go for it. My intensity will drive you nuts. I can work through the night on something I'm really into. I get bored if I'm not interested.

    I might not go to church with you because I don't believe in organized religion. At the same time, I'm spiritual. I believe. You might never know in what but I believe in something greater than words. The forces of nature and the Universe.

    I have a Sagittarius rising so I'm a more palatable Scorpion than most. I'm social. I have a Gemini moon so I less likely to put up with emotions. I think, I don't feel. I like the world I'm in. I am many faceted. You will never know who you will see next. I love to tease and the more you don't like it, the more I'm likely to tease just to see you react. I love watching people.

    These are just a few of the things that make me a Scorpio and a damn good one at that. I'm married to an Aquarius with a Sagittarius moon. It makes for an interesting combination with my partner's moon in Pisces.

  • If you don't know, why did you post under a Scorpio sign?

  • That was to the person 11/20 who wanted to know if they were a Scorp. If you have to ask, you're not.

  • Hi i am not a scorpio but I have to ask...All my life I keep having re occuring issues w scorpio women. Ok please stop pointing your stingers at me i am really a gentle spirit but I keep meeting scorpio women that want to seriously hurt me for no reason. Its always based on jealousy. Why? I am not trying to provoke anything I just cant figure out why they want to hurt me. My dad is a scorpio and hes a good person. so is my grandfather and my best friend and daughter and son have scorpio moons and the love of my life is a cancer man. Why do scoprio women want to mess up my life? I have dealt with them trying to sabbotage my relationship and do things against me spiritually. I am starting to feel very bitter about this. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.

  • Wow 1117, I think you pretty much said it all... except one thing. You know that thing with the mind constantly going? Well, how on Earth do you make it shut up so you can have some peace with yourself once in a while? grabs own head and squeezes really hard

  • To Score who wanted to know about 11/13 ?? s That is my birthday and I sure am enjoying all of this scorpio talk!!

    Intensity. Passion. Secrets. Depths. FEELINGS. Loyalty.

    Oh yes. It's all mine. The object of my Obsession will be picked apart and analized in every light. How he talks, walks, eats, dreams, works, loves, plans....I want to know it all.

    I don't ask it all at once...I don't want to scare him away. But I WILL ask, or work it into the converesation some how. Or just OBSERVE. That really is one of my talents.

    He has no clue how much I know about him. I freaked him out when I told him I had a dream that he had a problem with his truck tire and to please check it. He did and the tire needed replaced! It only served to add to the intrigue. Soon I will put him on the spot in a subtly off hand way. I will ask him if I scare him (he will say no) . I will ask him if I annoy him (he will say no)

    Then I will ask him if I do anything at all for him........ That's what I REALLY want to know.

    But I will only do this when I feel the time is right... I can wait.

  • Dear Lovinmylife,

    Are you hiding something? If so, we can tell. If there's something superficial about you, we can tell. It all comes from wanting to take you apart.

  • Heart of Jade - Music and meditation help. But it just doesn't stop, does it.

  • No 1117 I am not hiding anything or being superficial. Thats still no reason to wish evil on somebodys life. What good comes from wanting to take someone apart anyways? Scorpios arent the only signs that pick up on things either. Such as hostility or arrogance perhaps?

  • Scorpio is the only sign we need, the rest of you should just get cancer or AIDS or something.

  • I'm a gemini sun/ capricorn rising/scorpio moon. Gemini & scorpio don't sit particularly well together. Scorpio is my base personality which most people don't see. I'm jealous, vengeful, sneaky, strong, secretive, intuitive, depressed, don't like being criticised or told what to do, usually get what I want, judgmental, sexually obsessed, empathetic, need a challenge in a relationship, have a life-long interest in the occult. sigh my head hurts.

    Lovinmylife, I've seen scorpio women in relationships who have 'squashed' their partner's spirit - happens if you don't stand up for yourself. Scorpio women can be very strong and controlling. Maybe find a gentler soul to pair up with:)

  • Thanks fire monkey! That was actually helpful. ( :

  • Hello firemonkey...

    I am a Scorpian woman, with Gemini rising, and Libra moon, and your traits sound almost exactly like mine! (Surprise!) I am currently involved with a Gemini man, with Sag rising, and Virgo moon, and suffice it to say it's been quite challenging! Men are generally slower to commit anyway, and he is a Gemini to boot, so extremely slow in figuring out what he wants! We do have his sun and my rising signs in common though, which gives us enough similarities to work with. I can assure you, I have not attempted to squash his spirit, that's for sure. I strive to nurture the spirit in others... So don't get the wrong impression of Scorpian women, okay? (You too lovinmylife!) We may all share similar traits, but our birth charts will soften us around the edges, depending on what is where... I can assure you that Scorpian women can be extremely passionate, honest, strong, yet fiercely loyal and loving, highly intuitive, and some of us are actually quite open, if you are open with us too!

    Just thought I'd post a comment after your recent posts. I've been off here for awhile, and couldn't resist putting my two cents in... : D

  • Lovinmylife,

    I did not intend to offend you. As a Scorpio woman, I'm just saying there may be something you put out into the Universe that makes our sensors go off. Are you Capricorn? That could be it right there since signs next to each others have a tendency toward friction. My daughter is Capricorn and for some reason, I'm always suspicious of her motives. I love her dearly and try to keep in mind our differences. There is still an inexplicable tension between us.

  • Sorry scorpio, my impulsive tongue again. my defensiveness is not your fault. I was not kidding about starting to feel bitterly about the way I had been treated by scorpio women. I need to remember to not catergorize. You are not all evil I just seemed to run into the ones that are. The friction isnt because of you. It is my bad attitude over the horrible things I had been through. You were just trying to be helpful I took it wrong. Not your fault that there are lunatic women making you look bad. I actually admire scorpio women for being able to keep there feelings mysterious, where i cant seem to hide mine even if I wanted to. Not everyone likes in your face aries I just need to accept that. ( :

  • lovinmylife , well I just noticed all this talk about scorpio women and guess what , I have also felt everything you feel about them, they do sting, and I think we are just too soft for them and they need us for their nastyness other than that they are great are they not ????

  • We only sting if pushed into a corner. Will usually stay reserved on the outside while working out a solution to the problem on the inside. Being too soft is not a problem for Scorpio women, but being too needy or dependent on them for any length of time will certainly guarantee their distain for you. We ony become 'nasty' if the situation continues for too long. Be her PARTNER, not her child. We don't need to be raising our husbands too.

  • LOL! I am not a man I am a women! My problem was with a couple of females that were jealous of a relationship and they did everything to sabotage my relationship and do evil spiritual things against me and my whole family and it was all done in secret while she could be looking right at me smiling and pretending to be on good terms with me. This woman is truly evil and she was manipulative and completely psychotic and very dangerous. The second one was manipulative and same thing she was jealous wanting what I had with my man and tried to destroy me. Both scorpio women. I was trying to understand why I keep having problems with scorpio women never did anything to either of them except be happy with my man. And I am with you no one wants to raise a husband. Been there done that.

  • Hello out there...

    I think what we all need to do is keep in mind that not all people with the same sun sign are the same type of person. We not only have to take into consideration our rising and moon signs, which are a major influence on our character, but our entire birth chart. In dealing with all matters in life, our birth charts will give us a more accurate picture of our true Nature. Not to mention our origins, and our upbringing (the Nurture side of it all), which also have a major influence on us whether we like it or not...

    In an earlier post above, I mentioned my rising and moon signs, and how much they refine my Scorpian nature. I just did my late husband's Cosmic Profile (it was free), and found out that he was a triple Aquarian (Sun/Moon/Rising)! Boy, does that explain things! At first I guessed his birth time as in the evening, and he had Virgo Ascending, which didn't quite fit. So I entered the morning instead, and that was the most accurate description of his overall personality.

    When I did my own birth chart, I was astounded at it's accurate portrayal of my true nature. It made me cry though, as some of it wasn't so easy to hear! It also made me feel better though since it explained my true nature, which is hard to fight or change. It also made me forgive my parents even more knowing that it probably wasn't really anything they did that influenced me all that much once I became an adult.

    So I encourage everyone who hasn't already, to do your own birth chart. It was quite enlightening for me. So was doing my 6 year old son's and my late husband's Cosmic Profiles. Now I understand why my husband was the way he was, and how my son is and most likely will be when he grows up. It will help me to assist him along the way...

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