Hi everyone general reading please

  • Hi everyone I would appreciate if some one could do a general reading for me? thanks 3/13/88

  • Hi dfrance,

    I did a reading for you, I pick up on feeling to help you look at what you are feeling, to better understand what you are going thru.

    Looks like you went thru a rough patch which have left you feeling ill nature (not happy and gruff


    you are ready for a new beginning, bringing joy

    your still carrying the burden though

    you carry that around (a jealous feeling)

    I'm feeling you recently just broke up with someone

    the break up didn't feel equal from both sides... (try not to judge harshly, find peace)

    once you find peace... you will be ready and open again for joy

    that will bring some success

    that will also bring a new beginning

    which will bring pleasure after feeling down

    but it's important to be active, I got a feeling you can hide in a shell (that's not a bad thing but you live life by doing)

    So find peace, enjoy the happiness and enjoy what you are doing

    Hope that helped

  • Hi tarot nick thanks I would like to know if you can pick up on in terms of career and love?

  • My strength is more picking up what your feeling, right now I felt you were more worried about the relationship you just had, because that came thru strong. Lines 1,2,3 are feelings of the break up and 2 that you are ready for someone new. 4,5,6 is you need to make peace and not harbor ill will, this will allow you to open up for someone new. The next lines are you are going to meet someone and have happiness.

    Hope that helps,

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