An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, July 16, 2012: You were Perilously

  • I’m going to divide today’s program into two, the first with Archangel Michael on current events posted today and the second with Archangel Raphael on healing the world prior to Ascension posted tomorrow.

    Here AAM discusses the story of President Obama signing an executive order regarding emergency communications and shows it to a routine story and nothing major. He identifies North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and General Ro Yong-Ho as being in containment. He says that Bashar al-Assad is not but is in a lesser form of restraint.

    He addresses the apparent disconnect between himself and SaLuSa on containment and describes how something like mass arrests could tip us over into a destructive scenario reminiscent of Atlantis. Thanks to Ellen for a very quick turnaround.

    An Hour with an Angel with Archangels Michael and Raphael, July 16, 2012 – Part 1/2

    Geoffrey West: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow, founder of the 2012 Scenario.

    I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for Graham Dewyea. Today’s guests will be both Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. So with that, I’ll turn things over to you, Steve.

    Steve Beckow: Thank you, Geoff, and welcome, Archangel Michael.

    Archangel Michael. Welcome. I am Michael, Archangel of Peace and Warrior of Love. I welcome all of you to this time of peace, to this time of renewal, to this time of movement, to this time of love, to this time of Ascension and shift.

    So, dear hearts, where do you wish to begin this day?

    SB: Lord, before we welcome Archangel Raphael later in the program, I’d like to ask you about some late-breaking news stories that seem to deserve comment. One is that there’s a story up on the 2012 Scenario site that President Obama has signed an executive order turning control of communications over to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Could you tell us what this move signifies, please? Why would the President hand the internet kill switch to DHS?

    AAM: That is an incorrect understanding in this interpretation. He is handing over the responsibility for if there is a national emergency, such as a tsunami or an interruption because of war or civil unrest. But it is simply his fail-safe switch, if he was taken out of responsibility. This is not something unusual. This is something that has been in place for many, many presidencies.

    SB: When you say this has been in place for many, many presidencies, this provision that DHS, or another authority, would take over from the President, is that what you’re saying?

    AAM: It is only that they have the responsibility if the communication systems are inactive, so that they can put emergency communication provisions in place.

    SB: All right. So, where’s the breakdown in understanding? Is it with the person reporting the article or is it with myself?

    AAM: It is with both. It is based in a fear situation that there are still dark forces or actions of the cabal that are being taken to take away your freedoms. That is simply not the case. This is a protection of your freedoms.

    SB: All right. Well, I’m glad to hear that. The next news story that I invite your comment on is: the North Koreans have removed their military chief Ri Yong-ho. Can you tell us the significance of this move and whether it relates to containment? And could you also tell us a little bit about the progress in removing or containing military dictators generally?

    AAM: It is well underway. It is well underway. And yes, this is one example where containment — and you are seeing several — but this is a very good one because the North Korea situation has been volatile for a very long time. And it has been under, shall we say, the control of a very select few, and a select few who had, hmm, a burning desire to create chaos or to engage in violence. And as you well know, that is not to be permitted. It is not to be the way in which the human collective is progressing.

    So, it is a sign for you, and you’ve asked for signs, so it is a significant indicator that, in fact, this shift is taking place and that the people, not only the individual that is contained, but the situation, because it is not simply the individual. As we have said to you in other discussions that we have joyfully undertaken with you is that there are situations that are also being put in containment. We do not discuss them in great detail because there are security issues and we do not want people’s defenses or offenses to be raised. But the situation of volatility and of aggression is being removed, eliminated, taken care of.

    SB: All right, Lord. Is Kim Jong-un also in containment?

    AAM: Yes.

    SB: What about in Syria? Is Bashar al-Assad in containment?

    AAM: No, Bashar is being worked with right now.

    SB: In what way?

    AAM: There is a very thin wall around him.

    SB: What does that mean, Lord, a “thin wall”?

    AAM: When you are in full containment, whether you are an individual or a situation, the only reference point or understanding you have is as if you have been placed in a container, a cylinder, a box of light. But there are those who, in our judgment or estimation, are being worked with. And that includes all kinds of beings, human beings. This is what we are talking about today.

    And in those situations, there are veils of light that are placed around them. So it will feel to them, and if you were to truly observe with your third and fourth eye you would see, as if they are in a round veil, so that it is diaphanous, but it is a form of penetration that is not so restricted as full containment.

    SB: All right, Lord. You said some time ago that we could expect the Syrian situation to be over soon. Were you saying that at the time because of containment?

    AAM: Yes.

    SB: Returning to Ri Yong-ho for a moment, if he was placed in containment, why was he removed from his position rather than being left in?

    AAM: Because as the light began to penetrate him he became unhinged. And we do not leave people who have, either for a short period of time or a longer period of time, become unstable by the power and the strength of the light.

    SB: It’s my guess that you do not speak about a person in containment, say, without their permission, as with John Roberts and Jamie Dimon. Am I correct in that hunch?

    AAM: That is absolutely correct.

    Even in containment, we do not override or disregard — let us put it that way, because we are already overriding them — we do not disregard what they in their heart wish the human collective to know.

    SB: Can you tell us for what purpose John Roberts and Jamie Dimon would allow their cases to be discussed?

    AAM: They have volunteered on a soul level to allow their beings to be disclosed simply because of the impact and the signal of hope that it can offer for so many.

    SB: All right. Sierra Neblina has said that many terrestrials and starseeds are being used in the containment effort. She described how the people being contained are woken from sleep, taken aboard the ships, counseled on what is to follow, and then returned to their sleep in a bubble of light and love. Can you confirm that these details of her description are accurate for us, please?

    AAM: This is one form. But understand, when full containment takes place — because what you are looking at, and this is often why we do not discuss it with the human beings, but when you look at it what is going on is a range of potentials; so that is one range — but let us suggest to you that when full containment takes place it is not with discussion previous or following, it is simply containment, full containment, and the individual is not informed until after they are placed within the light box, as it were.

    Now, there are those who have been, as you say, in the intermediary range. These are those that are being placed in bubbles or surrounded by veils of light. So yes, this is accurate, but it is not … there is not one standard protocol. This is one of the tools that is being used. That is correct.

    SB: And at some point you’ll be discussing the other tools with us? Is that correct?

    AAM: Yes, we will. We will be happy to!

    SB: [laugh] Okay, Lord. Thanks.

    AAM: As we say, we are cautious. You do not always tip your hand, as it were, and neither do we. Because this is a massive undertaking, and it is one that has need to be done subtly. You see the results, you witness the outcome, you feel the shifts in energies, but we do not give forewarning.

    The forewarnings have been already issued, for decades. And in many cases they simply were disregarded or unheeded. And, so, that is all right. That is the human will and the range of human choice and the element of free will. But if we are going to undertake this shift and to do what is necessary we will not be giving printed invitations beforehand. Let us be very clear about that.

    SB: So, we passed the Divine deadline and the Company of Heaven is now mandated to intervene, is that correct?

    AAM: We are intervening as directed and allowed by the Divine Plan and the Divine Mother/Father/One, yes.

    SB: Now, recently Cobra said the following on his blog site. “The containment as many channels describe it is not possible. There will be actual physical arrests of the cabal taking place. The positive ET forces will only assist from the distance with their light healing and balancing technologies to insure they will happen with as little violence as possible.”

    Can you comment on this remark from Cobra, please?

    AAM: This insistence on the part of various human beings and channels that the violence will persist, so no, we are not going to comment on the human proclivity or the desire to stick to this story. But what we would ask is that you simply take it into your hearts and allow the energy to sit there, and simply decide within your own being, do you really wish the human collective, or as a sect, and a very small sect, of the human collective, do you really wish to pursue violence? Do you really wish to hold on to this scenario?

    Because you can make it come true, dear heart. We do not interfere with your free will. So if you persist in this, and if you decide to do this, then you are perpetuating the very paradigm and illusion that we are attempting to eliminate, and that we are in partnership with you to eliminate.

    Let go of the need to be right.

    SB: Lord, are there some parallels with Atlantis occurring now? The scenario of the mass arrests, does that have a correlate to what happened in Atlantis that brought that land down?

    AAM: Never, never have you been so close to exactly replicating — and when I say close, I am talking about the last decade, the last ten years, perhaps even fifteen to twenty – you have never been so perilously close to repeating the tragedies and the folly of Atlantis.

    In that situation, with the full presence of many starfleets, your star brothers and sisters, and with the technology and the wisdom and the science, and the healing wisdom, the temples of truth and honor and wisdom and universal law, still, the free will reigned and we did not intervene. And look what transpired. And it set things back thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

    And as you recall, dear Steve, very recently this channel spoke to you of what she did not disclose to you of disturbing information, that she was worried about in her conversations with me. (1) And it pertained to this, and the concern that the plan would be set back yet another period of darkness for another thousand years.

    And then, you, my beloved listeners, friends, you have shaken your heads and said no, and you have said yes to love, and yes to healing. And you have asked all of us, from the depths of your souls, to do whatever it has taken, to help however we could, to not have this repeat of Atlantis.

    And since the boulder reached the top of the hill, and the love of transition came through, and continues…. But yes, dear heart, you have been, and you still are, by the way, perilously close to repeating Atlantis.

    SB: And can you tell us what the impact of the population engaging in mass arrests could be in this possible scenario of repeating Atlantis, please?

    AAM: In Atlantis, there were many issues, as you know. But the biggest issue, as you would put it in human terms, is you forfeited and you forgot your divinity. And the ego reigned, and science and technology became the god. And the divinity within was disrespected in those that clung to their beliefs. And the divine qualities which ruled Atlantis for a very long time were tossed aside, and force and control became the way in which ruling took place.

    Originally, Atlantis was very cooperative. That was why so many of your brothers and sisters of the stars were present. There was a cooperative exchange. It was a desired place to visit, to expand knowledge, to share technology, wisdom, healing, beauty and love.

    When those qualities became less than, the star brothers and sisters attempted to counsel, to intervene in positive ways, in peaceful ways. And then they began to remove themselves, no, not to return home, but to a distant, observing place — as we all did. And many who held the divine qualities and who were the priests and priestesses, those who attended and worked in the temples, those who wished to save their families, many were invited aboard ship, because it was known what would happen.

    Very few, very few accepted the invitation of their star brothers, not because they did not know what was transpiring, but they were so committed to the dream. And there was a great deal of denial that such devastation could be perpetrated on such a magnificent place and the populace, and there was a belief that if they held the energy strongly that it would halt those who were on the path of destruction. But it did not.

    Many of you who went down with Atlantis, your hearts and your souls, your very core, was devastated. In some ways it was similar to the time that many of you witnessed with Yeshua, but even more so.

    Many of you have returned at this time, not only to be part of Ascension, but to be the guardians, the stewards, to insure that that level of hysteria, of control, of violence against the collective — and, by the way, against your star brothers and sisters; we have not even begun to talk about that — so you returned to be the custodians and to make sure that this was not a repeat, that that thousand years of darkness did not occur.

    And you have been working diligently, all of you, and we know that many of you feel that you have sustained injury, that you feel that there have been many times, not just once, when you feel that your hearts have been broken, that the faith and trust have been broken. And there is that part of you, and it isn’t just about the here and now, it is also an echo from Atlantis. That is why you want to arrest people, because you say, don’t let them do this again!

    And what I am saying to you, to each and every one of you — because I trust you, we trust you, we love you and we are helping — do not let your hearts and minds be turned back to revenge, to violence, to vengeance. You are so much further along than that. Do not turn back.

    SB: All right, Lord. Thank you for that. I think my last question — I may have one after this — but I think my last question before inviting Archangel Raphael in is — and I apologize for feeling the need to ask this question, Lord, but I know readers and listeners see this kind of thing and want answers — SaLuSa, as late as Friday, July 13th, said that arrests were going forward. He said, “You’ll soon be aware when the arrests become widespread. It will be the first big step towards clearing the way for everything else that takes place. The main point is that it is commenced and will suddenly burst into large scale action.”

    Again, some people see this as a disconnect between the celestials and the galactics. Could you help us understand this comment of SaLuSa’s, please?

    AAM: Well, it is a disconnect. And seldom am I so frank. Because our last desire, ever, is to pit one being of light against another. This was never intended to be a channeling duel, and we will not permit it to become so. But we would suggest that this is — that you ask the channel who is conducting this information to simply ask again.

    SB: Ask again? The channel doesn’t usually ask…

    AAM: Yes, but there is no reason why he cannot.

    SB: Okay, all right.

    AAM: Ask again.

    SB: All right. Okay. But you confirm …

    AAM: We are asked the same questions again and again.

    SB: Yes! [laugh]

    AAM: It does not hurt our feelings.

    SB: Oh, I understand.

    AAM: It does not hurt your intergalactic feelings. So, understand, there are times when a channel will reflect back to the populace what they are wishing to hear. So, ask again. Go deeper.

    SB: All right. I’m just trying to think if I understand completely … but you confirm that — you didn’t say that you had spoken to SaLuSa, but that he has been spoken to?

    AAM: That is correct.

    SB: All right. Okay, so…. All right. Okay, I’m going to leave the matter there. (2)


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