Shuabby, Moon50 or AstraAngel, either or you available for me a love reading??

  • Hello,

    I need some insight into a relationship a long distance relationship I've been in for a while now. My initials are CW and his are JB. I believe that the love we share is real and before I get to far in. Can you tell me if there are any fidelity issues/concerns here? This is the first time I have been engaged in a long distance situation and it is a challenge to say the least. Do you 'see' any areas of concern for me here; any at all!

    Appreciate your energy, in advance! Much Light and Love surround you,


  • Hi TT,

    Your JB comes across to me as being a rather serious, studious type of guy who is loyal to a fault. If there are any fidelity issues, I think you may be the one who MIGHT stray - and please don't take that as an insult! - we are human after all, and make mistakes, give in to temptation, etc, especially when loneliness takes its toll.

    I feel he does have someone else after him, but I get an image of him smiling to himself, shaking his head and batting her away. When this man makes his mind up, he makes it up and no-one can change it, at least not too quickly.

    You are a very lucky lady to have him, but you also need to appreciate how lucky he is to have YOU (he needs no reminding because he values you more than you value yourself).

    Relax, and visit him as often as you can. This is the real deal here, and I'm getting lovely feelings of devotion and permanence as I type this.

    You really are two very amazing people, who are suited to each other, and are being tested for the current time. You will come through it, so long as you believe in yourself.

    Good luck!



  • Hello Moon50,

    Thank you so kindly for your insight! I am most appreciative and humbled by it. Interesting your point on me possibly "straying"; I can honestly say I have no intention of 'straying', personally have been betrayed in my past and would not want to invoke such pain/disappointment on anyone else who has given their trust to me. Although he and I do have a very special bond; but there have been little things that have made me wonder about him which I why I ask for this insight. He tells me that I am his 'everything', but I must admit I have trust issues due mostly to my past hurts/betrayals, in marriage mind you 😞 Actually in process of divorce right now. At any rate I adore this man and am afraid that one of us may push the other away at some point; me perhaps resultant of my past scars and perhaps he due to the fact that we are quite a ways from each other and I know men have needs, LOL! And if that were to happen and I found out about it, it would do it for me. So I just wanted to see what activity/energy is occurring around him in that regard.

    Can you tell me more about this 'woman' that is "after" him ? Could this be why I have a 'funny feeling???


  • Moon50,

    Also, by the way, he is a Cancer, too 🙂 My perfect match!!


  • Bump 🙂

    Any insight from Shuabby or Astrangel??

  • Shuabby, may I have your insight on my post her please? 🙂

  • Hi again Transformed,

    Sorry to take so long!

    Trust issues come from within, meaning that from past hurts, we tend to manifest a similar result when we are faced with something which may seem too good to be true. In your case, you need to let go of the past and trust that your man will remain loyal to you.

    If this helps, I received advice about an issue I have with my current relationship, and the response was that I need to let go of the past, open my own heart to love, and to TRUST. And that means to trust in a positive future, not in the negative which always comes from the past.

    Release the past; that is your biggest stumbling block.

    As to the other woman around him: He knows she is simply someone who is flirting, and also trouble. Your man is not stupid; he knows what he risks by giving in to those male "needs". Remember too, women have needs also! To err, after all, is to be human. Sometimes we might be faced with a situation where we've said - as you have above - that if such and such happens, we will end it. But really, if you believe what you have is real (and YOU need to believe it rather than what I am seeing) then, for the sake of sounding a bit biblical, forgiveness is divine, both for yourself and the significant other in your life.

    And one other thing just sprang to mind: Why do you think you deserve to be betrayed? That is a belief that needs to be eradicated.

    So, my parting messages here are:

    1. Release the past

    2. Forgive and forget

    3. Start believing that you deserve loyalty and love

    4. Move on from the chains that are keeping you back

    And on that note, I will make an effort to apply these messages to my own life!

    Good luck; I wish you all the best ... which you DO deserve 🙂




  • Hello Moon50!

    And Thank you so kindly 🙂 What a beautiful Soul you possess and reveal! I am privileged to entertain your company and your insights are a gift to my Soul! Thank you sincerely for that 🙂

    Your 4 steps of Admonishing are truly liberating to my heart and speak volumes to me. I KNOW and have KNOWN that these are the very things that will set me "Free"; it is the finding the practical path to achieve them in reality. Meditation has proven some benefit; just trying to remain consistent with that is challenging some days.

    You are so correct and I love your reminder about Forgiveness and it being Divine; you are so correct; betrayal just is so painful that it makes you want to run and hide to avoid ever feeling such gut-wrenching pain again. I am a water-sign like you (as is my man); water denotes depth and we feel things so deeply and intensely. I know the gift in forgiveness; or should say I have grown to appreciate it more than I had in the past, in the area of infidelity; it really takes work for sure, but the desire is strong for me to never allow myself to be trapped in unforgiveness.

    Interesting inquiry you pose to me of "why do you feel you deserve to be betrayed...?" Consciously I do not, but SUB-Consciously may be another matter! I believe that as a young girl who experienced rejection and lack of love demonstration from her Father and always feeling like I wasnt good enough or needed to try harder to deserve or earn my Father's love that perhaps this woundedness resulted. This SUB-Conscious (UN-Conscious) belief that perhaps because I am not good enough that I am therefore deserving of betrayal (which is a form of rejection). I think we all struggle to some degree with SUB/UN- Conscious UN-truths from our past that rob us of our happiness and wholeness in our TODAY!

    Thank you though Moon50 for bringing this out/back to my awareness and challenging me to ponder the appropriate answer and even voicing the appropriate answer yourself! I DO DESERVE fidelity and love! I need to transform, if you will, my thoughts/focus to be more upon what I DESIRE my outcomes to be and not my fears of un-wanted outcomes; remembering that what we focus our thoughts/expectations upon will be the very thing we attract!

    I will trust more this Love I have and seek to spend more time together!!!!

    You have blessed my heart this day Moon50! I am grateful!

    I speak Love, Devotion, Divine Health, Prosperity and Peace into your Life Moon50!!!

    Can I ask for your insight yet in another area please? Can you tell me what do you "see" with regards to my Financial future??


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