• Hi again,

    I am wondering if my daughter's health will stabilise this year. She has had quite a few gyneacological problems, and though her specialist has her on a regime that should help, she is in doubt about it due to research she did on the net. I've advised her to go back to our GP and ask him about her concerns and see what his opinion is, and if she needs to go back to the specialist. I am concerned as she'll be leaving next year to go to Uni and will be miles away from me and her father (we're divorced).

    Can anyone see if an end to these difficulties will come soon, and if not, will she be okay being away from all that is familiar while still dealing with it? I've felt like moving with her truth be told!

    Thanks again,


    Moon 50

  • I do not see her physical problems clearing up unless she deals with the deeper psychological issues that are behind it. Some sexual or 'being female' issues are causing the physical discomforts. Try talking to her about her fears.

  • Thank you Captain. I've been wondering about that, and how much I've influenced her fears, although I've tried to not make her afraid of being female. Trouble also is, that if I ask her about this, she'll go all gung-ho and say she's a-okay and won't talk! Ah well ... I'll try 🙂

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