Strange dreams

  • Yo, I've been having dreams that're strange because theyre so detailed. I'd like to know if anyone would be able to better interpret them.

    The first dream, I'm in a grocery store with my gf and Im riding in the front part of the shopping cart. The cart has some groceries, and I'm very intent on finding Lime sherbert. I get so intent I pay more attention to the aisles of icecream. Once I realize there are many icecream aisles, and that each couple we pass is staring, I turn around to look at my gf, only to find a group member from a college project that didn't pan out. We get to an end of the store, and a short distance away are some acquaintances waiting specifically for me and my gf, while talking on a payphone. My old group member pushes me away and toward these acquaintes. I'm all of a sudden in control of myself and walking toward them on my cellphone, telling them I was right there in front of them, and calling the group member my gf's name while she just stood stationary. They shortly stopped talking on the payphone, realizing it was me.

    The second dream, I'm in what I assume is a Checks cashing place, flirting with a woman I know to be married, pretending I'd like to be friends. She says to me, you know you can't flirt with me like this if we're going to be friends. I say I know, but then leave as she calls someone on her cell phone. As I get home to a house I grew up in, a car full of boys attempts a drive-by and continue down the street. Somehow, in the dream I assumed the husband called them in. I run to a house I used to visit of a friend, that nearly had his way with me at a younger age. I somehow got inside to the restroom through the side of the house, and there was an unclear girl in the tub. As I began talking with her, he came in and chased me with a cleaver. Well I ran out the other door and to a closet that just happened to not have a wall at the back, and lead to his backyard. I looked over to my side (I don't know which), and and saw two backyards that both had watchdogs. I took a bit thinking about how quick I had to be to not get bitten while running through both. I heard the boy with the cleaver from the first house coming closer to the closet, yelling trying to find me. I went for the first fence, quickly crossing the yard. The large dog barked, but didn't get up. The same happened when jumping the second yard's fences. I got to the house on the other side of the boy's house and fences, and it was an old acquaintances'. After knocking a couple of seconds, the mother opened the door just as the drive by car comes back down the street. I get to a phone and call the cops. Then I woke up.

    Thanks to anyone who can help..

  • WOW !! So Intense ,,,I think YOU need to stay out of this persons life , that you are attracted to ....Because it appears that you will be having

    to Use that Cell phone or Payphone that keeps coming up in you dreams ,,,, FOR HELP ~ !

    Pay Good Attention to your dreams as you are been WARNED your your Conscious .

  • shouldve listened. too headstrong. live and learn.

  • at least although I have had strange dreams they are not scary. As a child I dreamed that my cat was bigger than an elephant and we could actually hide in her fur, as an adult I dreamed I was in a friend's garden and met some shapechanging animals, they started off as rabbits with artificial claylike looking fur, then when I stroked them they changed to full sized tigers, one walked off into the other part of the garden the other sat on my lap, both these tigers also allowed me to fuss them just as if they were normal domestic cats, and I did not feel any fear at any time also although there were other people here they either did not notice or see this little scenario

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