Reading request

  • I would like to request a reading. I'm selling my home, wondering if this will happen soon? I've followed all advice from realtor, trying to go with the flow but admit its been hard for me. If you have any insight into my love life I'd be interested.

    Thanks in advance for your time & energy on my behalf.

    Blessed Be

  • amused59

    Your house will sell in 6 weeks is what I receive. The bid will be a bit lower than you like, but enough to make a profit from the sell. Does your house have some yellow walls in it, or do you have your sights set on a bighter living space, like wanting more sun to shine through?

    Your love life feels blank to me, meaning that you have a clear slate to start again with all the knowledge you have gained from your past exreriece.

    I hear the name of a man named Jim here , yet not sure if he is in spirit or living, but he is near to you. John comes in here also, this tells me that you will not be alone for long and can look forward to happier times to come. I feel a vacation on water for you like a cruise coming soon also, you will really enjoy it.


  • Thanks Shuabby. My house has almost all yellow walls- staging color & yes I'd like lots of sun shining into my new house. As long as I have enough to buy a smaller house I'll be happy.

    John is my late husband's name, he also went by Jack. Are you sensing him or someone new?

    Regarding the vacation on water, could it be in a kayak or actually being on a boat? Either sounds fun to me!

    As we all are, I'm looking forward to happier times to come.


  • amused59

    John may yes be your late husband, as at times I do not know if they are in spirit as the information comes so fast. Look forward to Jim as he really came in around you. He will be someone new whom you will enjoy. Yes, the vacation surely can be on a boat . I envy you there.

    Have some fun for me while your at me. lol


  • Shuabby

    I was wondering if I'll meet Jim in my every day life as I'm not interested in using on line dating. I'd prefer to meet someone in person. Yes I'll have fun & let you know when I meet him


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