Hello dears,would like to request a reading

  • i would like to request a reading about my future in my career side and in my love life...theres been a lot of confusion regarding that...i am finishing my college education this year but i am planning on going on entering a completely different field..my birthday is sep.15th,1990...even a general reading would be fine...thank you for your time

  • Hi chytra,

    My strength is picking up on your feelings to help you look at your choices that you made. Know you have the inner strength to make it thru.

    You are going thru a change, a battle with boldness; a feeling of challenges

    your at a pause right now of that change and your feeling anxiety

    your ok with that change but worried... your questing yourself;

    first question is did i do the right thing, you have conflicting ideas, which i think lead to quarreling

    you recently met a guy, He's a wild kind of guy... gambler... not for me to infer but I don't get a good feeling about him....

    your other question is YES you have the strength to get thru and be a strong person, believe in yourself.

    That last card is important because when you don't trust yourself you can get stuck in indecision. You can't move forward or backward and you get stuck. The feeling of what should I do... did I make the right choice.... that kind of feeling. Your going to run into that again...

    If things don't work out right away... that feeling is going to intensify

    A little gas on the fire, either your going to meet someone new or if its the guy above... there's going to be some instability in a friendship... guy problems.

    So you are going to test yourself to see how strong you are... life tests you, learn what you did so you don't make the same choices

    Last card is a warning about a guy... so I am not sure if its one guy or the type of guy you chose... you will know.

    Sorry not a fun reading but I know you have the strength in you to do what you need. It's ok to be bold but trust your heart, plan out all the details, that will help you not question yourself... you will be ok... you may have to learn some lessons, but look at your choices and learn from them.

    hope i helped,

  • Thank you dear but I recently haven't met any guy nor have I met a guy that I romantically like. .. Even in friendship,I do not allow people to take advantage of me,not anymore....I am bold but yes,I have my doubts....its the entertainment field in another country u c...I know its gonna take effort and a lot of luck, I am worried if ill be successful...? Do u think I will be successful or attain fame? And theres a guy on my mind right now who I haven't met in person yet...I have been thinking a lot about him...do u think there's a future there? Thank you for your reply

  • Sorry,tarot nick. ...my friend typed in as I was saying and instead of entering in my login,she typed into hers...sorry about that..v both want to pursue singing/acting

  • chytra,

    I'm not sure if it's the way I think or if that's just what I pick up when I do readings. I pick up what your going thru now with feelings. We make our own future with the choices we make, so when I do a reading i put up on what you are feeling now. I usually only get a small glimpse of what can happen. So I try to help with the reading to get thru what you are dealing with now, its the journey that's exciting. For the reading I picked up strong feelings so I hope i helped.

  • there are a few things that i amnt clear about though...you said you get a bad feeling about who i might have already met or ll meet....how will i know who it is that you are referring to? hes a bit on the wild side? i myself am slightly like that and i prefer men who are dynamic...but i hate gamblers.....thankyou for the advice...

  • Hi chytra,

    That's why I said I shouldn't infer... meaning put my own two cents in... everyone is different. One the guy you just met can have a mean streak, those type of guys personally i would stay away from, but that is just me. From the quick glimpse I got from the reading you have a tendency to pick that type of guy, not saying that is bad... again everyone makes there own choice. But I would say step outside yourself and look at what choice you made. Do you always pick the same kind of guy... and get the same results? everyone has good in them so pick out the good parts and look out for the bad parts... the bad parts hurt... trick is to learn and not make the same mistake twice....if you keep getting hurt then try and mix up the combinations.. to get a better result. if you keep that in mind then i can smile and i did my job... as in I made you smile....

  • i havent met guys like that yet and i fall in love very,very ,very rarely...yes,i am drawn to a very unusual combination but i will look out for the guy that you are talking about and take your advice into consideration properly before i jump into anything....you said i had the strength to get through the obstacles in my career side...i sure hope so too,its definitely not an easy field and i realize that i have thicker skin than most....but will luck be on my side inorder to attain fame? i suppose time ll tell..thank you for your time

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