Lovers card and 2 of cups

  • Hi I wanted to know what is the difference of the lovers card and 2 of cups? Also what do they might mean in a love reading? thanks

  • CanIhaveatarotreading,

    Hi again. Different readers might interpret it differently but as for me this is the way my guides use them.

    Lovers card - Usually denote romantic relationships or soul mate relationships or intense emotional relationship.

    Lovers Reversed - Bad relationship, abusive relationship, relationship that might end.

    2 of Cups - Denotes more of a partnership relationship. This DOES NOT mean it isn't romantic or can't be emotional but it does mean that it is usually a partnership. You help teach each other lessons, emotional growing. Depending on each other things like that.

    2 of Cups Reversed - Bad partnership. One sided. Controlling. Going to fall apart, etc.

    Hope that helped.


  • Is the two of cups more a card of a friendship or a business partnership rather than based on a relationship?

  • 2 of Cups can be a friendship card or a relationship or a business partnership, it just depends on the overall message and what you were asking to begin with.

  • Are you trying to give yourself a tarot reading? Or are you just curious?


  • I am just curious about both cards cause I was reading online about what both mean and it seems like they are somewhat similar in a love reading.

  • Yes. They can be. It just depends on the tarot reader who is interpreting them. It comes down to the details of the relationship. Some people categorize their relationship strictly as a love relationship, others might see their relationship as more of a love partnership. It can depend on how the guides want to send the message too. If they see the relationship as a partnership than they would use the 2 of Cups to speak about it. I hope that helped.


  • Thanks for the help really appreciated it.

  • No problem. You might want to check out the Disirnott Tarot Reading thread because I replied to you on there already.


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