Advice needed please...

  • Hi, it's me again.

    I'm in middle of nowhere, and my mind is filled with "should I" questions. It's a bit hard to explain full story. So, would you please give me a reading?

    I - march 26, 1985 - and he - Oct. 15, 1985 - are co-worker. I like him, and he doesnt like me more than a friend. He knows it, but still want to be friend with me (kind of close friendship). Should I keep this friendship, or should I keep distance?

  • You mean he wants sex but no love or commitment? You are being unrealistic about your chances here. Astrology predicts this is best kept as a casual fun friendship. You won't get any love or devotion from this guy by offering him sexual favours. He has told you that he doesn't feel that way for you. If it would be too painful to have him as just a friend, then cut the connection completely. It has no romantic future or happy ending.

  • Hi Captain,

    We are normally just friend. And there's no physical. We had fun - talking, sharing stuff, and hanging out..

    I once told him that that friendship will never work, and i want to stay with my own for a while. He didnt want too. He wanted me to stay. I guess i should not tell him that and do what i have to do..

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