Aries men & one night stands?

  • Im a 19yr old aquarius and ive been seeing an aries who is 10 years older than me. He is from a different town but is staying where i live for a month. Everything was fine for the first 3 weeks, he was keen to start a relationship with me even though it was going to be difficult with the long distance thing, then one night i stayed with him, i was willing to sleep with him, he was at first then said no, & the next afternoon he decided that our relationship wasnt going to work and made up any excuse not to progress forward, i was heart broken and didnt talk to him for a few days even though he continued to text me and talk to me like nothing was wrong & then this past week (his last week in my town before he goes home) he is being a major hypocrite & has changed his mind about sleeping with me, but i feel like i shouldnt because i gave him the oppurtunity to but he turned it down so why should i bother now, and hes just being really pushy. i dont know what im suppose to do. is he REALLY into me or is he just after that one thing before he leaves?

  • Aries men tend to be full of shit for some reason. I had an Aries guy who lied to me about his nationality AND religion. Luckily I found this out before I even kissed him so I would question whether he really is from out of town to begin with. On the other hand my father is an Aries and a very good man so I guess it just depends on the person. Trust your gut more than anything. Your 19 and hes 10 years older and from out of town that should be enough of a red flag for you there.

  • Aries Love their independance...When they are in their twenties and early thirties they mistake this as they shouldn't be in a reationship. They play the feild but start to realize that being with a new person every week has no substance and begin to search for love. In the transitional period it may seem like nothing is differant and they continue playing the field. Only thing is they aren't looking for one night stands at this point, they are looking for a compatible mate and they don't have a clue how to separate sex and love yet. In time they learn and when they finally find the one who completes them there is no more room in their lives for playing the field. The one who manages to snag an Aries should expect manogamy but be understanding of their need for independance. If you can manage this He or She is yours for a lifetime. Aries are also intent on helping others and become such caring individuals it's hard not to draw close to them.BUT it also depends on their upbringing as well.

  • Thats all they are good for. My ex is an Aries..

  • Eh...I wouldn't do it. It's a little shady. If he's into you he can hold off on the kink for a little and it shouldnt kill him.

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