Requesting a reading, Captain

  • Hi Captain, a few years ago I developed what I would call a "school girl" crush on a man I serve on a board with. He was married and seemed out of my league in so many ways. I put the idea of him out of my mind for obvious reasons. Just recently, we had the opportunity to spend 10 days together working on an event. He was divorced earlier this year. Much to my surprise, he began to show great interest in me with a whole lot of flirting. Anyway, every relationship I have ever had has been with a Libra man. It never works out. This man is also a Libra and my friends keep saying, "give it a chance, he is lovely, maybe it will be different." Looking for your insight, Captain. Me, March 10, 1966, him, October 21, 1965. Thank you!

  • This is better for a working relationship than for a long term love relationship. Your friend is on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, so he will not just exhibit sociable and charming Libran characteristics. He will show his Scorpion sting in private. The theme here will be rulership and your friend will want to assume the dominant role in the relationship. If you cannot make your sensitivity, understanding, and more mild-mannered and unassuming ways felt in the relationship, it may not be viable. Unfortunately in this combination, your important role often goes unappreciated, leaving you feeling mistreated from time to time. In extreme cases, the relationship can take on a sadomasochistic flavour. You must both be careful therefore not to settle into fixed roles in which you Leslye suffer at the hands of your more aggressive partner.

    Inequalities like this may occur in marriage, work, and friendships, but are not always obvious. The determining factors, surprisingly enough, are usually the attitudes - not of the more dominant male here - but of your quieter ones. Should you suffer from any low self-esteem, or regressively replay old submissive or rebellious scenarios from childhood, you may push your partner to act even more aggressively, for your psychological expectations will cast your partner as an oppressive authority figure (parent?) from your youth.

    The success of a love affair here however will depend more on your partner and on his willingness to dive to the depths of feeling with you. Should he hold back, or aim for a more superficial, shallow, or mostly physical type of relationship, you will grow restless and dissatisfied. In a friendship, less involvement may be more satisfying, with you both being content to enjoy having fun together. But the relationship may be relatively ineffectual at handling heavy depressions, should they arise.

  • Thank you so much for your reply, Captain. This is so helpful to me in knowing how to move forward. I only know the charming social Libra side of him but my track record with Libran men, my intuition and your insight will help me to keep this connection just on the professional front and not venture into a relationship. Up front I get wooed by the dashing charm of the handsome Libran man and then horribly disappointed by the lack of depth and understanding that arises in Pisces - Libra connection.

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