Can I get a reading? Please and thank you.

  • I recently discovered that I am am pregnant from my last relationship, and the ex is emotionally and verbally abusive so there is no chance that I would take him back. However, I had made a reading on him and it looks as if he is going to return into my life (in which I fear). I do not want him to know about the pregnancy nor speak to him. I have let my family members know I do not want this expressed on any website they may be on since I fear he is going to find out if that happens.

    Can I have a reading on the father of this child and if he is really going to return? I really do NOT want this to happen. Maybe I have misread my reading I had given myself? I hope so, however a second opinion would be great.

    Please and thank you,


  • Hi LoveDetox,

    I am being told that you need to stop worrying. You most likely did read something into the cards that was not there as you are so emotionally attached to the situation. What made you think he would be returning? Did the 6 of Cups appear? If so, it could have meant so many things. For starters, it could have just been a reference to the baby -- there are two small children on that card. And since the baby is a product of this past relationship, the 6 of Cups was a reference to that past. Technically, your ex has already appeared back in your life as he is a part of the baby. You have also allowed him back into your life energetically as you are so worried about him coming back due to the baby. Remember that where are thoughts go is what we manifest in our lives. If you don't want him back in your life, then stop thinking about it and just focus on the love and joy of the happy news of the pregnancy.

    I pulled cards for you myself and they were all about focusing on love as well as the pregnancy. Love is the opposite of fear. And my cards with reference to the past were about releasing it. There was also a message that in worrying so much about this ex of yours you are effectively giving your power away to him without him even being there.

    Motherhood is a beautiful gift as well as a huge responsibility. If your ex is truly abusive then it is within your right to protect your child from that. However, you must also make sure you are not punishing the child for any lingering anger or resentment you have toward your ex. He or she will ask you about their father at some point in their life and you will have to answer as to why you kept him out of it.

    Last, but not least....CONGRATULATIONS!



  • Thank you Watergirl,

    Actually the Death Card came up when I had done a reading. I was worried that he would come back but perhaps I have misread it. Thank you for doing that reading for me. I am quite worried about many things right now, and I am sure it is my emotions moving around and heading off the chart. I cry over silly things lately. Thank you very much for the reading and the congratulations. I too am very happy about the pregnancy and I would never punish my child for his or her father. I do not do that with the one I already have from my ex-husband. I can never imagine treating my child terribly, I love him too much for that.

    I really appreciate your help and reading Watergirl, thank you again, as I am ever grateful to you,


  • UPDATE: He has returned and I have also lost the pregnancy.

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