Blmoon... Strange...!

  • I spoke to the Scorpio on the phone today and he seemed very keen on telling me about where he stands with his wife... how he is going to found a company to divide assets, etc. that it will take a few months... and he will move to another apartment... that she will be very well off, her allowance becoming a salary and and and... I had not asked...! What does this mean? Why does he tell me all that? I thought "ok, so now that I know that, what do I do?".

    We discussed plans to meet twice in Autumn, one of the weekends he suggested does not work for me and he is going to tell me next week if my suggestion works for him...

    Tomorrow it will be three years since I contacted the Bard... I know he remembers...!


    Radiant Sun

  • This post is deleted!

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