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  • Last summer my best friend Nathan McNabb and I (he's a Libra, I'm a Virgo and a few weeks older than him) admitted that we had feelings for each other but didn't do anything about it because of the bad timing (I was going off to my second year of college in state and he was going off to his first year of college out of state). There, he met a new girl and they've dated (I'm not sure if they've broken up at this point), which I've accepted. But I still have feelings for him. Now, he won't talk to me at all, even if I text or Facebook chat him and I know that he sees everything I've been sending him. (I've texted and messaged him once since I got back home for the summer as he was already home).

    What I'm wondering is if he's really trying to cut me out of my life and doesn't want to be my friend anymore, or is it that his girlfriend doesn't want him to talk to me. I will be so grateful if you could help me.


  • This is the astrology forum so can you provide both birthdates?

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  • Astrology predicts no workable future for this as a love relationship. You have a common interest in harmony, both within your relationship and outside of it, and together you can be quite creative, especially in joint projects. Harmony may or may not be achieved here however because both your standards are usually very high. Your friend is a perfectionist who meets his match in you, and you both have first-rate critical minds. Despite a possibility of personal conflict, you two can perform well together when your ideals of high-quality work mesh. Without mutual respect and admiration however which are essential for the longevity of this relationship, emotional irritations and clashes may drive you two apart. The synergy here not only magnifies perfectionist and critical drives, but also a tendency to procrastinate - for you, this has to do with overconfidence and for your friend indecision. A love affair will be difficult here since you are so temperamentally different. Your friend's direct intensity can be offputting to you who has the more subtle and discriminating nature. You may also feel a bit threatened by his intelligence - an area where he needs to dominate. The connection you feel for him is not romantic but comes from a sharing of a common goal - you both are highly intuitive and want to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself. Yet you both need to ground your abilities and visions in concrete reality and daily tasks. Caustic disagreements over domestic space make the prospect of living together happily a very remote possibility.

    I believe your friend has seen first that this was not meant to be a love affair.

  • I just read this last post and I was wondering if my relationship is going in the same direction. We are of an older generation if that is going to mean anything. My BD is 9/16/48 and his 9/23/50. We like each other a lot. But we don't see each other that frequently since he works 2 jobs and we are an hour from each other. Can you give me any insight? Have been "dating" about 6 months.


  • Normally I would ask you to start your own personal thread but I will answer you here since Majesstic11 seems finished with the subject.

    Astrology predicts that this is better for friendship than a love affair. There is always a distinct possibility that the two of you will rub each other the wrong way, thus denying the relationship the chance to work and prohibiting things from jelling completely between you. You STA can offer your partner a common-sense, down-to-earth, practical approach and he can teach you something about sensuous pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation (if he stops working long enough). Thus you can both have a grounding effect on each other and it is only then, when this quality enters the relationship, that things will progress.

    In a love affair, you STA can be somewhat stern regarding anything you consider immoral but this attitude may soften under your partner's sensual influence. It should - but if it doesn't, he may start to chafe under your severity of judgment. You would do well to learn to relax and enjoy the spontaneous affection that this relationship offers. In marriage here too, your expectation that your spouse will toe the line can arouse resentment and bewilderment unless you learn to temper it. Your partner can be fickle and he won't stick around for long if you are too uptight for his liking. Quarrelling, selfishness, and controlling attitudes can tear this relationship apart.

    Friendship has less pressure than a love affair and may be based on the exploration of unusual theoretical areas. These ideas have a good chance of being commercially successful and innovative, since friendship and business often overlap here. Your common sense and his good taste make an excellent and ambitious business combination, but the two of you should guard against your tendency to be over-critical and his trendiness.

  • Thanks for your insight. Sorry, didn't know I had to start my own thread. Thanks again

  • I'm not a Libra but my mother is one and I've dated one... Libras tend to collect people and they never seem to permanently lose contact. I don't think he is doing it to cut you off or your friendship.

    I would put my money on a girlfriend not approving. A Libra's best/worst quality.. they are "peacemakers" always trying so hard to keep tranquility and balance. Sometimes they will sacrifice their own feelings and needs to keep the peace.

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