Help with my love life please

  • Last summer my best friend Nathan McNabb and I (he's a Libra, I'm a Virgo and a few weeks older than him) admitted that we had feelings for each other but didn't do anything about it because of the bad timing (I was going off to my second year of college in state and he was going off to his first year of college out of state). There, he met a new girl and they've dated (I'm not sure if they've broken up at this point), which I've accepted. But I still have feelings for him. Now, he won't talk to me at all, even if I text or Facebook chat him and I know that he sees everything I've been sending him. (I've texted and messaged him once since I got back home for the summer as he was already home).

    What I'm wondering is if he's really trying to cut me out of my life and doesn't want to be my friend anymore, or is it that his girlfriend doesn't want him to talk to me. I will be so grateful if you could help me.


  • Hi Majesstic

    He is having difficulty with his new feelings for you and the distance between the two of you now. He also desperately wants to focus on his studies and doesn't want any other influences distracting him. I feel he'll only casually date while he's in Uni, and that eventually he'll start talking to you again when he's able to cope with it. I honestly don't get that this girl he dated is his "girlfriend" either. It's just that he is worried about having too many irons in the fire, and won't focus on any more than one thing at a time at this early stage of his study.

    He thinks of you often, and will come back to you. It's whether or not you're available when he does that is the question. I do see an accidental meeting which could feel a trifle awkward. That's normal considering what has gone before.

    Patience is the key for now, but you also need to put your own life first in this transitional period.

    One last thing: He can't have you as his friend because he doesn't feel that way about you anymore.

    Hope this helps!



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