Need a reading from anyone please!

  • Hello all just curious if someone can give me a reading. It has been a very interesting year and im trying to find out what changes will come. Thanks to all that responds or reads this.

  • Sorry my birthday is 12/04/1981. Ive seen posters use this so im adding also.

  • MWright754, I will be happy to give you a reading if you give me more insight in to what exactly you are seeking in regards changes and your future

  • Hello FirstMann I was looking for insight on job changes, my marriage and children. Thanks for your time.

  • MWright745,

    I did a 3 card spread for you. 1=Job; 2=Marriage; 3 = Children

    The Queen of Swords in position 1 suggest that you need to keep realistic expectations about the future. Rely on your experience to help you make the right choices and decisions. Key here is to rely on the lessons you learned in the past and to keep realistic expectations for your future. Don't discredit how much you know and how much have gained in the past few years.And also "don't overestimate how much you can do in 1 year and underestimate what you can do in 5 years"

    The Hierophant in position 2 suggest that in regards to your marriage there may be a lot of trying to conform and follow convention rather than follow ones on truth. Is your marriage situation working or not working for you is what matters not what others think. You have to make sure it works for all parties involve and make any changes you need to without fear of breaking the norm or being different. This could also suggest that your whole marriage is based on a need of approval from a culture standpoint in regards to choosing a situation because it was what you where supposed to do rather than you what you or the other wanted. But either way it seems to suggest that conformity and following the same ol same ol may not be serving the greatest good for all involved.

    In regards to your Children the page of swords suggest that your interaction with them will be or has been challenging due to the fact that they are not into falsehood and doing things just for the sake of doing them. They need truth. Lies and illusions provoke them. Very mental child with insight that causes them to see through illusions. This makes interactions with them challenging especially trying to get them to do things that they don't "see whats the point is'" They need lots of truthfulness, from you, and need to see you living ethically in all areas of your life especially your marriage .

    Hope this helps and gives you some insight.

    Love and Light

    Frist Mann

  • Thanks a lot. I understand the first to Im just not clear on the children thing. Is it that you see children in the future? I only ask this because we dont have any yet but have been trying for some time now.

  • If the Page of swords doesn't stand for a child then it suggest that you need to embrace this difficulty using the tools of honesty, reason, integrity, and fortitude, if you do this towards this challenge, it will be a spring board for growth and expansion.

    It could also suggest that if the marriage is working for you both without the children then keep trying and refused to be discouraged and you will be able to get children. You do not want to bring children into an environment that is not full of intimacy and truth. Not the child you will possibly have.

    Hope this helps.

  • Did any of this reading make sense to you?

  • Sorry about the delay man. Yes I actually do understand what the reading is saying. Doing some serious thinking now and I really appreciate your time on this. Peace and love to you.

  • blessings to you and yours.

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