This message is for Shaubby

  • Hi thank you so much Shuabby I really appreciated it I am more relieve knowing there is a job out there for me. Do you see anything about my love life ?


    I do not do tarot but am a clairvoyant reader.

    The job will come to you in an unexpected way, as if though you hear of an opening just from being in a group of people you might hang out with. I feel as though you are down now and stopping the flow of energy needed to put forth job searching.

    Don't give up whatever you do as I feel that in the next three months you will have a job to your liking and I remote view at times, for you it seems that the building is old and has large stones in it looks like they are gray to me. This may be a building setting beside the bld you will work in as it feels empty now to me. Do you live on the East coast? As I see it clearly here in your future.

    I see you happy and being around people that you like in the work environment. I do not receive what it is you are pursuing in the career field as it feels somewhat unusual to me. Or it is a specialty.

    I hear the name of Susan and Saltorio coming in around you also, they will be helpful to you down the road.

    Be strong and you will be blessed.


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