Need help solving a crime

  • Can someone give me a reading on this situation: My mom and her friend/roommate just noticed that they have jewelry and lots of money in a change jar missing. Our friend, he had jewelry and change missing and my mom has some necklaces missing. my sisters boyfriend is currently living there as well, and we suspect that it was likely him who stole the items. detectives are suppose to come and vestigate shortly. will they find the culprit? Is this person the thief? if so will he be put to justice? if he isnt guilty then who is? no one else has been in the house lately. Iv been staying at my boyfriends apartment the last few weeks and I know it wasnt me!

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  • Has your mom or your sister acused your boyfriend yet? I'm picking up that that's going to be considered. The police will not do much but with a police report your mom can get the pawn shops to check if they have any of the items.. It definetly is someone close to you and who has access to a key or just knows how to get in. Your mom is not going to let this rest---she IS going to solve it. I know you are concerned but this has no imediate resolve. Let this go and stay out of it---it's not worth the stress. It will be resolved. When it is--you will be glad you stayed out of it. BLESSINGS!

  • we figure its someone we know, but who is it? How can i stay out of it if it involves someone I know? my family suspects my sisters boyfriend, since this seems like a recent thing, since our friend remembers seeing his change jar not long ago. My sisters boyfriend lives there, and actually he is her ex now, cause she broke up with him last week.

  • Stay out of it because that's the direction you are moving towards--remember? Becoming an independant adult. Wasn't it a goal to "escape" family drama? Where YOU the one robbed? Your mother and her home is the "victim". She WILL solve this. Be clear about your intention. This is not meant to make you angry confused or upset. Spirit just is guiding you through more opportunities to move away from family dramas. You do not have to FIX eveything. Be good to yourself. Concentrate on your own dreams and new life starting now. I'm not just trying to make you feel better by saying this will be solved just fine without you. It will. I did see that if you get too involved that old drama will kick in and someone is going to rehash old stuff. This will all pass without your worry if you just let it. BLESSINGS!

  • I understand what you are saying but if the thief is someone close to me such as my boyfriend or his best friend that lived with us there, and he living with my boyfriend now at the apartment. if either one of them are guilty, it will involve me and effect my life. iv been staying with my boyfriend, and i have intentions on moving in with him. he keeps asking when im going to move in, since im here all the time anyway. but it will change everything if one of them are guilty! i dont want to be around someone who would do this awful thing to my family. I would like to know if im under the same roof with a traitor. and if my man was ever guilty of something like that, ill dump him for sure. if its anyone else, well then it wont effect me. i technically still live at home, so yes i feel invaded as well. to know someone is going through our stuff and stealing.

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