Please help me solve a crime!

  • Can someone give me a reading on this situation: My mom and her friend/roommate just noticed that they have jewelry and lots of money in a change jar missing. Our friend, he had jewelry and change missing and my mom has some necklaces missing. my sisters boyfriend is currently living there as well, and we suspect that it was likely him who stole the items. detectives are suppose to come and vestigate shortly. will they find the culprit? Is this person the thief? if so will he be put to justice? if he isnt guilty then who is? no one else has been in the house lately. Iv been staying at my boyfriends apartment the last few weeks and I know it wasnt me!

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  • Hi vettech,

    Police will find the culprit. It was someone who was either a visitor or stayed there. The word "boyfriend" does spring to mind, though it may not be your sister's boyfriend responsible. I also receive that it is someone no-one has thought of, or wouldn't suspect in a million years.

    Hope that helps!



  • I doubt they'll find who took the items. Someone has been going thru stuff, unless it was common knowledge where it was (someone living there.) Locks need to be on bedroom doors. I have a feeling there are some crossed boundaries.

  • Is there a younger female involved?

  • Hello sorry it took so long to reply. well the situation is this. my boyfriend and his buddy were living with us. and my family is suspecting one of them. my sister had a boyfriend move in that she only knew for a few weeks. my sister dumped him and he is gone now. i dont know if the police will ever catch the thief. i dont know who did it but i want to know.

  • Are there any young people - children - around the home?

  • no there isnt. my moms jewelry was stolen along with her roommates jewelry, and his change jar, baseball cards,etc.. the only people other than immediate family that has been my boyfriend, his friend and my sisters boyfriend.

  • It might just be that I am picking up that the thief is very immature.

  • well anyone who would steal is immature, so that doesnt help much! lol im sorry, i didnt mean anything personal towards you, im just being sarcastic today, im sorry im just frustrated with how everything is going lately, with my boyfriend having to go over the road, money is tight, this home care company i applied for 3 months ago is still processing my file, they had lost it before. she says she has intentions on moving forward with me, but im losing my patience, i need to work/make money like now! i owe my mom tons of money cause she paying my cell, car insurance, and iv been staying with my guy, so he technically supporting me as well. he even gives me money every payday. iv helped him out in the past so he is returning the favor, which is sweet of him.

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